Why Would You Want To Be Grateful? What is Gratitude Going To Do For You?

Gratitude puts you in the driver seat, activates abundance In this article I am going to teach you about gratitude. I will show you why you haven’t been able to evoke this powerful state, even though gratitude opens the gates of Heaven, opens your ability to ask for what you desire, and get it.

Chances are that your Original Design capacities have been activated. That means that your vibrational frequency is at 299, or will be in a matter of hours or days.

299 is the dividing line between being able to be a cause in your life and in your reality, or staying an effect.

Why is that? Because 299 is the first time you are able to activate the state called Gratitude/Appreciation, and that puts you in the driver seat, allows you to live your life as Cause.

With that said, here is how it is panning out:

I have been observing people’s reaction to the blessing they have received.

This is what I see:

People near to me that have received their “blessing” personally, at their request, stay in touch as long as they have complaints, questions, or issues.

They are in “child” mode, pure receiving.

They give feedback only through their complaints, no trace of acknowledgment, gratitude, or appreciation in their feelings, demeanor, or speaking. Remember, I am an empath and a clearsensar, you cannot pretend with me… but they don’t even try.

What about you?

Rising on the evolutionary scale hadn’t been your priority, and it has stayed that way. You want what you want. Being able to have it seems natural to you, even if all your life you were chasing it in vain.

Some can’t tell the difference. Your organs of perception are so dulled, that you can’t feel anything.

Maybe you have gone into a more interesting mode: bread of shame, or also called perpetration/withhold.

Although the vibrational level 299 is the level of gratitude and appreciation, something must be blocking and overriding that state. I am going to talk about that… because the truth can set you free, if you choose to.

Why Would You Want To Be Grateful? What is Gratitude Going To Do For You?

After all, in the world of scarcity, in the world of dog eat dog, in the world of under-299, being grateful is not a very good thing, unless you want more… unless you want to butter up someone, unless it’s a pretense.

In the world of under-299, if you say thanks, if you are grateful, that puts the giver one-up… you give them power over you (illusion, of course) and you make yourself vulnerably, or even owing them something.

I have observed that when you ask a group of people who likes to contribute, all hands go up. When you ask who likes to be contributed to, all hands go down.

The underlying dynamic, purely under-299 vibration, is that you did not earn what you are getting, and then you must be angry at the giver, or even hate them.

If by any chance you were given something that is not personal, like this activation of the Original Design, you will block it out from your mind, you will behave as if nothing happened, so you don’t have to feel gratitude. You may even get huffy-puffy, renouncing the whole thing, either as scam, fraud, or as something that violated your human rights.

What’s wrong (for you!) in this picture. Because I, or God, don’t care either way.

It was time, the world was ready, and I was there to request it. So it happened. It is like changing the tax brackets: nothing personal, but you get caught up. Or it’s like a rain: it falls on you, but it is not personal.

Ok, the question is: why would it be to your advantage to say thanks, to get moved to tears by the immensity of this transformation, by the generosity of Source, by your good luck, and really appreciate it?

Why? Because anything that you don’t appreciate you can’t use. Your ego will prevent you from it, because your ego still runs your life at 299.

It will be like the lid in the flea experiment: they put a bunch of fleas in a jar, screwed the top on. The fleas banged into the lid, so after a short while they only jumped close to the lid. At that point the experimenters carefully unscrewed the lid… the fleas continued to jump close to the top of the jar, but never got out.

You have this amazing vibration of 299. You now have this amazing capacity to feel authentically grateful. Gratitude puts you in direct contact with Source and allows your desire to be expressed and fulfilled. But because of your ego, you don’t. Until you say thanks for what you have gotten.

YOU are stronger than your ego. Now go, and say thanks. And mean it.

It will make the full 299, the full Original Design’s capacities available for you.

In this article I have showed you the underlying mechanism that robs you from the full use of your new capacities and start living the life where you can ask for and get what you desire. Gratitude is the secret, Appreciation is the secret. Without them you are an effect, not the cause. The secret is gratitude…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar