You are either growing or you are shrinking

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BalanceOne of the major challenges for humans have is this constant need, this imperative to evolve…

In life you are either evolving or you are shrinking.

What’s the challenge really?

If you pay attention, every real or perceived threat to our survival, quality of life, or to our self-perception creates a strong emotional response. We call it fear, or anxiety, or anguish, or resistance… But no matter what you call it, it wants to activate the hide reflex.

You see, they say that the reflex is fight or flight, but it would be more apt to call the flight extreme hide, shrink, trying to fix.

Fighting is bad, because it’s ineffective, but so is the avoidance of any meaningful work.

grow-or-dieThe atmosphere in the world, entirely created by people that run the world and benefit from gloom and doom, as we saw it in the 1920’s-1930’s is hiding, shrinking, survival.

I am not only observing it, I am experiencing it.

I don’t read newspapers, don’t watch television, don’t listen to radio, don’t even talk to people, but document the emotion transmissions daily, and they drive people to worry about their survival.

The moment you are in survival, your effectiveness at survival diminishes.

It is counter-mind, but it is so.

evolve-or-dieYou can’t even maintain where you are if you are in survival.

This whole phenomenon: fear-mongering, panic inducing, worry-creating is like a snow-ball growing into an avalanche.

mass_hypnosisIt is also much like, on the individual level, like participating in a mass hypnotic performance, being one of the hypnotized.

Do you know that you cannot be hypnotized against your will?

When you have a feeling, that feeling starts a cascade of chemical reactions in your body, forcing you to hide, fight, become depressed, maybe commit suicide. This is what this new campaign is all about: causing mass suicide.

But if you know that the feeling is not yours, if you know that it was imposed on you, induced by an energy transmission, then the chemical cascade won’t happen, and you are free to do your life, maybe even go into growth mode.

The daily broadcasts by Dark Side… I’ll copy it here, so you see it… but it’s in the sidebar of the site

Why are you feeling BAD today?

Dark Side Transmission Today

Explanation and feedback: Your feedback is requested and appreciated! I am getting more and more proof that this is not personal…And I am getting feedback from people that don’t even know about this site… Wow.
How to use this information Use your awareness to observe that the thoughts and feelings suggested and induced by the DS are not yours. If you can’t do it, can’t observe, learn to slip out of the mind with my videos. Your life depends on it… Literally. Click here to get access to the videos

So, what do you need to be able to not be effected majorly by the broadcast…

I mean, it will effect you, no matter what you do. It is much like wearing a wet-suit and deep diving… it still effects you although you don’t get wet. You’ll have the physical sensations but not the emotional reactions.

  • Tool #1: Your awareness. This is probably the hardest: by the time you notice you are reacting, you already reacted… you need to dig your self out of it.
  • Tool #2: Heaven on Earth. It’s a bundle of 40 energies that effectively counter 40 negative emotions. The energies are infused in watery solution and you consume them with your daily water.I am also testing the audio version. It will be an mp3 audio that you can play next to your body: in your pocket, in your purse, as a necklace, and it will counter the negative emotions broadcasted at you.

I can’t imagine anything more specifically designed for what’s coming at you.

  • Tool #3: Learn to connect and connect at least a few times a day
  • Tool #4: shift your attention from self-protection to getting yourself into growth mode.

I’ll address this whole issue in today’s Context webinar, and I’ll report back on the blog.

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3 thoughts on “You are either growing or you are shrinking”

  1. Sophie, thank you… this video treatment is wonderful! Soon after I clicked play, a lovely wave of energy caught me by surprise, followed by a big release of breath… lovely!

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