Love feedback or else… Make it a feedback loop…

The way to find the strait and narrow of happiness (See The Anna Karenina Principle) is to watch the feedback 1 … and self-correct. 2

Yesterday I added integrity to the starting point measurements. so far all people I measured ranked on 3 out of 100. Wow.

I had an exchange of text messages with a guy, whose vibration was low, and that is all he asked for. His vibration.

He is a Polish person, part of the Starseed Global Alliance to save the earth or something. To me it sounds like a computer game… to him: it is reality. 3

In the world of computer games your character, your integrity, your spiritual capacities don’t matter, but if it were a computer game, really, it would matter, and matter a lot.

In a computer game you can get killed.

But in an imaginary world of Global Alliance, nothing is at stake, and you can be as delusional as you want, you can imagine yourself a hero, and me a cheat.

That’s exactly what happened, by the way.

A fallacy is an error in reasoning. That is, it is a piece of bad logic. Just as it is a good idea to avoid eating bad food, it is also a rather good idea to avoid bad reasoning. Unfortunately, bad reasoning is all too common—it pours out of the television and infests the web like an army of venomous spiders. Perhaps even worse than the fallacies inflicted from the outside are self-inflicted fallacies. These can lead people to make poor decisions about matters great and small.

Fortunately, there is a defense against bad reasoning, namely knowledge.

I am starting to get a feel for a person and their intentions already from what they buy…

If they want to just know their vibration, they want confirmation. They don’t want to be measured, and they are ready to tell me that I am a cheat or a fraud.

Now, about being measured. We all hate it.

We all live as if all of life were a test, and we would be tested every minute. So much, that one of the principles (in the book “Chop Wood, Carry Water”) is “not everything is a test”.

And I agree. Not everything is a test. And yet… everything is a test. Every moment of every day.

That part is true. The result of the test is feedback. Guidance.

And depending on your relationship to feedback, it is either the best thing (in addition to being the worst thing) or a death sentence.

I haven’t been able to quantify your relationship to feedback.

How do I measure it? Like everything, I must be connected to you, so fully, that I can feel every little feeling you have as mine. In my body.

And then I ask the question: your relationship to feedback. I used to muscle test… and it was not good. So what I do now is I observe the body, observe the reaction.

There is always a reaction. Ranging from mild nausea to spasmic shoulders, closed throat, anger, or weeping.

Obviously I must believe that what I feel is your reaction to feedback. But if I didn’t believe that, then my whole work would be for naught…

I am measured, I am tested, I get feedback with everything I do too.

I am a “Forget Thyself” in my soul correction. My response to everything is extreme. The pendulum swings from one extreme to the other.

These swings are hard for the body, hard for the spirit…

One of the ways I can track my evolution in my soul correction is these swings…

I am, nowadays, not swinging far from the vertical. Whereas it used to be 80% all the way, now it is, averaged, is 4%. There are still a few swings around 30%… but overall I am doing well.

A woman I like to talk to asked for my phone number. And then, in the summer break, didn’t call. That made me swing to 30%. Why? I guess desire for a meaningful conversation, the desire to be valued is still strong in me, so I say it is desire that makes, that causes all those swings.

Desire for what? Desire for being enough. Desire for being smart, successful, pretty, whatever intangible people crave, but are not willing to do much for…

How do I know that? I watch myself.

I found the woman’s address and phone number on the internet. But to be the one to contact her? Hell no… What would that say about me? That I am needy? Would it make her more important than me?

So you see, I am not willing to do anything to fulfill my desire for meaningful relationships…

I first noticed this back in 1973. I was barely two years out of architecture school. I was way in over my head. But when the new boss said that I would need to go back to drafting, I said “no way” and quit.

That was the first time… And that is when I became a mad scientist.

What is the difference between a scientist and a normal person?

The scientist, the archetype, keeps their eyes open, their curiosity open, their reasoning capacity open while they do their experiments.

A normal person just does things, and learns nothing. A normal person explains away their results, and never improves.

A normal person wants to be loved in spite of what’s wrong with them.

Ayn Rand must have found this significant too, because it is a repeating motif in his Atlas Shrugged.

The moochers want to be given, the moochers want to be loved without having to deserve anything. They say (I paraphrase!): “if you give me because I earned it, it takes no sacrifice from you. If you love me for my virtues, that takes no sacrifice from you.

I want you to sacrifice your better judgment… so i can get what I want.”

We all have a moocher side to us, some more, others less. I have it 4%. In 1973 I had it 70%.

The work was to adjust my map of reality to how it is in real life: you need to earn what you want.

This is the principle under the saying: there is no free lunch. The currency you pay is work. Or you get pain.

Because Life is really fair.

I am looking at the past quitters in my programs.

The only thing in common among them is this unwillingness to grow. Unwillingness to take feedback as feedback, feedback as guidance.

It takes “thick skin”… and Ambition.

Ambition is that intrinsic motivation, that motive power that takes you through rough spots.

The job is to turn desire into ambition.

Desire is the stuff you expect to get without any work. The moocher’s unearned “pay”.

Ambition is what would make you work for what you want.

Both are energy, and one can be sublimated into the other.

The difference can be most succinctly expressed is the difference between earning, working towards, and receiving.

Moochers want to receive. While someone else’s pays the price.

It’s rough to go from moocher to producer. I’ve done it, or more precisely, I am doing it. I am not done. It is still rough. lol.

My whole coaching program is about this: can I turn you into a producer?

Producer of what? Producer of Life?

Only producers will ever have the experience of the excellent life, health, wealth, love and happiness.

So if you want the good life, you have to be willing to work on yourself, take feedback and guidance well, act on it, and practice, practice, practice.

Is it worth it?

As long as you think you can get it all, unearned, you won’t think so.

The success journal, that I started again last night, is an excellent way to start seeing that you earn what you get, and because it feels so good, you want to do more of it.

I went to bed, last night, with a big smile on my face.

Believe it or not, we are not naturally inclined to celebrate our small successes. And anything you don’t celebrate is as if it never happened… it gives you no guidance, no feedback.

As if you lived in a vacuum.

So how do you do the success journal?

Simple. Have a notebook by your bed. Before you turn off the light, jot down five things that you did during the day, that YOU consider a victory, a success, and accomplishment.

Just writing down is enough. If you can put “yay” next to it, it is even better.

I think it was the Yay that made me smile.

Watch out world, I am coming! lol

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  1. feedback: reactions to an action, a person’s performance of a task, behavior, etc., used as a basis for improvement. Includes the results of tests and experiments… All leading to refinement, changes, retry, etc.
  2. Videos like this are instrumental for me… knocking me aware, and return me to closer to the strait and narrow…

  3. Verbatim he says: I’m a star seed and part of some galactic council. I came here to bring Heaven on Earth and clear world from dark forces.
    144000 brotherhood

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