The Matrix… one method of the Matrix is confusion…

Just for clarification: the Matrix is the same as the Chicken Coop in the novel, White Tiger…

As a mad scientist, my job is to distinguish the “things” that are in your way of direction, in your way of clarity, and to devise ways for you to go around them or through them. 1

One tool that has proven invaluable is isolation. Isolating what you want to see. Seeing it by itself. So you can see it for what it is, in all its glory…

In nature, to our eyes, things are grouped, things are undifferentiated and solid.

Your language supports that too… everything is the same as everything else, except not always. 2 That is how we see. We don’t see boundaries, we don’t separate out what we want to see, we always see things together. We say: it IS… but there is no “it” and therefore there is no “is”. If we said: It seems that … then we would be closer to reality… but we don’t say that. That would require humility.

The result: ineffectiveness. In the real world. With things, with people, with ourselves.

The eyes can be trained, the brain can be trained, and there are people who can see the “not sameness” but it is not politically correct to mention it.

There is no money in it.

Money is made from confusion. From the muddied waters. But don’t go into blaming just yet…

Confusion is a habit of most humans… confusion excuses you from taking full responsibility.

Confusion means you cannot see. And therefore you cannot be held responsible…

Why is that so important to people? I you are not responsible, then you are not to blame, you are not to punish, you are not to be called names.

And we are back to your precious “I” you protect at all cost. The price you pay is your precious “I” is your well-being, your money, your love and your happiness… What you’ve claimed you wanted.

Because unless you are willing and able to be responsible for how it is, you cannot have anything else. Bummer, eh?

The choice is: your precious “I” unchallenged, or growth, fulfillment, happiness, and the good life.

I know what you’ll say, but I unfortunately know what you will do…

In your world, in the world of “everything is the same as everything else, except that not always” you saying “I’ll do it” and then not doing it is as good as doing it.

You are casual, and you don’t know your ass from your elbow, or you are pretending… In the results it won’t matter. In your results only what you do matters.

It is not an accident that vibration 200 is a dividing line.

What is available, suddenly, at vibration 200, is responsibility and integrity. Not fully, but as a sudden flash of insight.

My methodology seems to be to bring everyone on the same level of confusion, where it is clear that unless you isolate at least one thing out of the mess of undifferentiated nothingness (that is a technical term!) you will continue on the unproductive path you are on.

In other words: I take people to the wall, the point of no return, where unless they bring something new to what they see, they can’t move anywhere, unless they “innovate”.

I do that with myself as well. And I do that with health issues or other mad scientists areas of life.

You must make something “unsubtle” so it shows its ugly face clearly.

Honestly, it is not as easy as it sounds. You need to start small and experiment. What buttons, when pushed, make the unhealthy, unworkable, disharmonious part get louder? Louder enough that you can see it, in isolation, in its alarming ugliness.

My middle name is NOT subtle… it is more BLUNT… but blunt doesn’t work. A blunt instrument doesn’t isolate well.

So I am learning new tricks as well.

Sometimes it helps to see what is the opposite of what you want.

If I want isolation, what is the inverse of that?

Collapsing, overlap, mixing, coupling… all driving to “everything is the same as everything else, except not always”.

Let’s see what the dictionary says:

Isolation is: cause (a person or place) to be or remain alone or apart from others.
“a country that is isolated from the rest of the world”
synonyms: separate, set/keep apart, segregate, detach, cut off, shut away, keep in solitude, quarantine, cloister, seclude, sequester More
“doctors isolated the patients”
breakdown, nervous breakdown, mental collapse;
informal: freak-out, crack-up, fit, tantrum;
disintegration, collapse
“she was heading for a meltdown and we chose to ignore the signs”
antonyms: integrate

identify (something) and examine or deal with it separately.
“you can’t isolate stress from the management context
synonyms: identify, single out, pick out, point out, spot, recognize, distinguish, pinpoint, locate
“I have isolated the problem”
Chemistry, Biology
obtain or extract (a compound, microorganism, etc.) in a pure form.
cut off the electrical or other connection to (something, especially a part of a supply network).
place (a person or animal) in quarantine as a precaution against infectious or contagious disease.
synonyms: separate, set/keep apart, segregate, detach, cut off, shut away, keep in solitude, quarantine, cloister, seclude, sequester
“doctors isolated the patients

The opposite, its antonym, on the other hand is not documented well in the dictionary. No accidents here: the whole human culture, the language, is hellbent on bunching us all together, so all individuality disappears.

And it has be expressed in the language.

The fundamental issue of humanity is: be an individual, or be the same as everyone else, or at least be what others want you to be.

And if you look, your whole socialization is about that. And you, by the time you get to me, have no clue who you are, independent of what others told you to be, expect you to be, taught you to be. So there is no yourself, other than the experience that you are not. Other than the experience of the “you” pulling on the leash, pushing on the cage, or lying down in learned helplessness.

Without the tool of taking responsibility, you cannot see that how you behave, or behaved historically, is still entirely up to you, it was always up to you, and therefore you can change it. At the drop of a hat.

That nothing in the universe demands of you that you continue pulling on the leash or pushing on the cage… you can just be free. It is not the leash, it is not the cage that keeps you imprisoned, frozen into one kind of being… it is you.

You are not a victim, because victim is a concept

You are not a victim, because victim is a concept. In reality there is no such thing as victim, and therefore your life is based on a mental construct that unless you drop, you are stuck in a concept… much like the Matrix, if you ask me.

You may have wondered what liberated Morpheus and his cohorts from the Matrix. Probably not… but if you had wondered, they took responsibility for their take on things, and could clearly see that it was simpler and it was theirs.

The hardest things to tell apart is what is yours, and what came as an infection from the Matrix.

What is you, and what is not you.

What is inner and what is outer.

What word is yours and what word is imposed on you. By the Matrix.

Your precious “I” is a construct by the Matrix. And every way you protect it, you say “yes” to the Matrix.

Nothing wrong, but that is not what you signed up for when you said: I want to grow… teach me. Mentor me. Guide me.

I am guiding you to lose the Matrix, like Forrest Gump lost his leg braces. Run Forrest, Run!

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  1. One of the crucial insight came from Kabbalah. Kabbalah says that what seems to be solid, what separates you from the Light is in fact sheets of fabric hanging there… All you need to do is tear them down, and there will be less or no “things” between you and the Light.

    For me this represented a new way of looking at the world, at things.

    Obviously this way of thinking is also very “new agey”… but the new age people only give lip service to it, while Kabbalah teaches to live it.

    Just the idea that it is a mirage, that it is not solid, that it is real, but only words, ideas, ways of seeing, that opened up the whole world of becoming a human being instead of a limited, entrapped, desperate human, closer to animal in spite of his big brain.

  2. In the Starting Point Measurements I measure how many words you use accurately in your main language. $2000-2500 would match high vibration… meaning that you see things and name things accurately. But most people have an accuracy of 200-400…

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