Is there an alternate reality? A parallel universe?

Is there an alternate reality? Are there paradigms where a version of you has a different life?

These and such questions have been coming up in conversations, movies, and books lately.

My answer is: I don’t know. I only know what I experience, everything else is Tree of Knowledge stuff… and I don’t teach Tree of Knowledge stuff, hearsay at best.

The next question is: what happens when you practice paradigm-jumping in order to get guidance?

Paradigm jumping is not my invention, I bought a program and learned it there. I do one thing differently: I connect to Source and jump. Why is that different? Because when you are connected to Source you are out of your thinking mode. You can’t connect to Source from the mind… and you can’t get any useful information from jumping if you stay in the head.

Two days ago I attempted to use paradigm jumping as a transformational tool for others, for the first time.


Parallel Universe gag

parallel universe

parallel universe

Parallel Universe

parallel universeI got lucky and there were only two students present, so I could experiment freely.

One of the students could not get out of her mind, and could not see anything in the other universe.

I did something I had never done before: I jumped with each student, individually, so they can benefit from me seeing what I see there.

In the other universe you have solved the issue you are struggling with in this one. Money, relationships, health…

So, how does it go?

  1. Even before you connect, you look at the area of life, or the situation you are struggling with. You ask the questions:
    • what is it that I am doing in that situation?
    • What is my attitude with regards to the issue in that situation?
    • If I asked others, what would they say, who am I being in that area?
  2. You reflect on those answers, until you see that the situation in that area has more to do with what you are doing, your attitude, and who you are being, than any circumstance. You need to see that you have a choice about those, even if you don’t know what other ways of being would solve the issue in that area.
  3. Only then are you ready to actually visit the parallel-universe and ask your self in that parallel-universe what they did so they don’t have the same problems as you do.
  4. But to make the question really pin-pointed, you need to see what it would look like if you were on the other side of the issue…What would I like to have in that area? This can be anything, but you need to see that it’s attainable with a simple switch… It is the next level, not a jump.Reality is never discontinuous. Reality has a thread, and you can’t go from the basement of your being to the penthouse… not even to the second floor with one jump. You need to get to the ground floor first or whichever floor is the next one up. This is one of the biggest mistakes people make when using any type of goal-setting: they create pie in the sky goals that have no connection to the present situation.
  5. Once you are clear about what you want the parallel-universe you are visiting be like, what success your other self has accomplished that you are struggling with, you are ready to make the leap.
  6. You now connect to Source, or at least to your Tangerine Spot. You settle into the connection, feel free to get any guidance, without using your imagination or your mind.
  7. Then on the count of three you jump, and observe your other self. You have a split second there, never any longer. That is all you need, by the way, to see the whole picture.If it takes longer than a split second, then you entered your mind, your imagination, and you are getting invalid, useless information.
  8. If you are not satisfied with what you saw, or can’t interpret it clearly, then do it again. Make sure you don’t miss the steps: 1. get clear what reality you are jumping into, i.e. the result you desire. 2. Connect strongly to your Tangerine Spot 3. Jump and see what you see. If you are sluggish, hesitant, a slowpoke, you won’t succeed at this method.

Some of the things I saw on the Friday call:

  • Be inspired and spirited (this was for my issue)
  • Be exhilarated and bold
  • Get busy with a project you can accomplish to gain some energy
  • Look at more directions than just one and take a few steps in your mind before you decide with direction to go (this is a guidance I got for one of my issues…)

We’ll do this exercise in the coming Context webinars. It’s mandatory that you have a headset, and that you know where your Tangerine Spot is, and that you can connect to it.

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