What should you work on to raise your vibration?

bach flower remedy bottlesYour Bach Profile… a tool for abundance

The first question everyone who actually wants to grow, raise their vibration, and stop being sick, dumb, and poor asks: so what do I do first?

Of course this is a good question… but until this week I really didn’t have a reliable answer. I didn’t have a good answer. I actually didn’t know…

But this week this is opening up, and I have been able to see some answers.

Of course when I have a chance to spend an hour or two with you, I rarely have a problem… but I rarely spend an hour or two with a complete beginner, unless they need a health consultation.

But my newly re-discovered tool, the Bach Profile is proving to be invaluable.

I am finding the Bach Profile an invaluable tool for personal insight.

As you know there are 40 Bach Energies, 38 from Edward Bach, the originator, and I added two he didn’t not find during his lifetime.

The underlying principle for the healing power of those energies is based on the homeopathic principle, where you find the symptom, and like will extinguish like… You find the matching flower, an bang, your symptoms disappear.

Of course there is a lot more to it… but this is the gist of it…

Does it work? the principle has a 30% truth value… so the answer is yes and no.

But… In the hand of someone who actually knows something and is competent (quite a rarity!) the tool can produce miraculous transformation.

I have never met anyone like that, but have read the book of one, a German woman…

Most people who say they are Bach practitioners know too little of what is true and are highly judgmental.

I have been working with the remedies since 2001, and in 2013, I got tired of the ton of muscle testing, and converted the essences into energies and combined them… Energies don’t mix like essences…

new healing modalityYou can read about it in my pdf report, New Healing Modality.

I can muscle test which of the active Bach Energies are a keystone or linchpin issue, the issue that once it’s corrected, the whole construct of you pitiful and unpleasant life collapses and you can start rebuilding it from a healthier foundation.

Why not start with building?

You don’t want to build on a structure that takes you to the wrong place.

Your keystone issue is like a set of rails going to misery. Unless you pick up the rails and reposition them, the destination is certain.

I liken this to the identity formation theory Landmark has.

This is what Landmark teaches: there are three turning point type events where you felt you were not a match to life.

That how you are is wrong and there is a way to win in life… That “way to win in life” got incorporated into your identity, even though you are not that… You invented that to fix who you are.

One of my favorite people has Agrimony as their keystone Bach energy.

Agrimony is the result of a decision that built the identity you now have.

You were different. People were criticizing you. They found you boring, or heavy, or a burden to deal with. So you took their advice and learned to put on a cheerful front, but it’s now killing you. It’s a mask, and you are wilting under it.

Different cultures, different areas of a country have different preferred masks… cheerful, jovial, always joking, pretending to be energetic, etc… these are all Agrimony.

Once one learns to show their real face, which is sometimes sad, sometimes energetic, sometimes pensive… their whole construct melts away and new rails can be laid.

Another characteristic people may have is Elm or Oak. Both of them were taken on much the same way as Agrimony: to prove to the world that they are useful, that they are not a burden, that they have the right to exist.

Why that issue would come up? It comes up for a lot of people… it came up for me. Where the world says: you are a burden. So you make it your identity to be hard-working… But working as a strategy to avoid being discarded has no joy, no fulfillment in it.

When this is your keystone “identity trait”, then dissolving this dutifulness gives you a chance to lay new rails.

There are 40 Bach Energies® and 40 possible keystones.

All the 40 energies are infused in the Heaven on Earth Remedy or are downloaded in the HOE audio.

But without knowing what to dissolve and actively helping it, the difference the energies make is not going to be lasting.

All soul correction work is co-creative… meaning you initiate and actively participate. You let Life, the Light do the rest of the work. You do your 10% in the physical realm of Malchut…

My one marketing client has Oak as his set rails… joyless servitude.

We have developed a trust based relationship and I can see as this is starting to melt the oak behavior, oak attitude away… almost imperceptibly. Unless you know what you are looking for you can’t really see it… but you can feel the traces of joy… that weren’t there before.

I have found that when joy starts to peak through the heavy “snow cover” of your 40 Bach traits, I am on track with you, and you are starting to be your own person.

Joy is your natural state… when all the fake stuff is removed, you are naked and joyful.

I even watch for it in myself. I have been noticing when joy is not there, and more often than not, able to listen effectively for what the words are saying… I do the Amish Horse Training Method… and when I can hear resignation, cynicism, blaming, or “unless I am different…” I can start to hear what has possessed me, what words I heard as myself… and say “that is not me” and return to joy.

I am getting better at it. I am now 40% of the time in my natural joy filled state.

Where do you think YOU are?

There are two parts to that:

  • 1. getting really good at distinguishing the voices as voices.
  • 2. getting better at extracting yourself from the trap they have set for you.

You see, high vibration doesn’t mean that you are masterful at everything. It also doesn’t mean that now you are free and clear from the traps society sets for everyone.

You still need to learn how to free yourself from the chicken coop. Minute by minute.

The job is never done.

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