When you are a mad scientist then the world is your laboratory…

I am sparkling today with insights.

Yesterday, just before the skies closed on the Days of Power energy, my friend reminded me to refill my cup again. And I did… and today my world is showering me with insights.

About your expectation and reality… The gap… the discrepancy… and how you don’t learn from it.

How do I know? I grew up immersed in the same culture as you… so my starting point was pretty much the same as yours.

And I notice that my expectation about how life works is challenged every day.

  • 1. I have a big bag of walnuts I can’t eat. Why? Because, it seems, it is illegal in the United States to sell raw anything… and the walnuts are cooked, or steamed, or zapped in a microwave… dead as a doorknob. My body says NO to them. Not to walnuts, only to deadened walnuts.Same with water… no to deadened water…

    Anyway, I have given half of it away to the Community Center, and the other half I am planning to give to the squirrels that live on the trees in my little forest here.

    Now, although there are, probably, squirrels in Hungary, I had never seen any in action, until I moved here. And it was exciting to watch them spying the nuts, stealing the nuts, eating the nuts…

    So I put out another handful this morning… only to find that the blue jays, clumsy beautiful birds with ugly voice, discovered the nuts and started to steal them… while announcing to the other blue jays the treasure trove.

    The squirrels did not announce anything… lol.

  • 2. I bought a small bag of Brazil nuts at Walmart the other day. Upon trying, it looked better than it tasted.So today I looked if I could make butter from the nuts.

    I have a strong food processor… and for five-ten minutes the task looked hopeless.

    I felt like an idiot, but then I decided to “not jump the gun” prematurely.

It seems that in life a state-change is not instant, and not gradual… it turned out much like making nut butter… it looks hopeless… until it suddenly changes.

Or with making water coherent… nothing… nothing… nothing… suddenly coherent.

But we, humans, expect the world to change gradually… or in an instant… but not the way it is.

So we are either confused, or resigned… but either way, we act ineffectively.

If your map of reality is faulty, inaccurate, and based on your hunches, your life will be an unending series of disappointments.

  • 3. Yesterday I had a person contact me to check if they had attachments. She did have an attachment on her head, but she felt it in her belly… Turns out she had seen “healers” who attempted to remove the attachments based on her feeling.

But your feeling is an effect… the cause is not often in close vicinity.

An attachment is like a snake… it enters your energy body, and goes to find a warm place to curl up and wreak havoc.

For her, the attachment entered on her head, and curled up in her belly…

No amount of effort to remove it in the belly will be effective. So the snake can grow, over the years, undisturbed… making you miserable, sick, sucking your Life Force.

I didn’t measure anything before i removed the attachment, but afterwards I did her starting point measurements, and they were extraordinarily high… I wish I had the number from before for comparison. I bet her number jumped higher… 1

If you look at my previous article from today: caring created a context that allowed people to listen to me differently. Temporarily, of course… Eventually they will return to the context that is default for them… and see me pontificating again. So if I want to be heard as caring, I need to generate that context over and over and over again, without resentment…

That will be my next challenge… And of course yours…

Because another one of human false beliefs is that things don’t change… that results stay… that people stay the same… see the same…

And looking in this context at your life, of course you are always disappointed.

Because life doesn’t stop… you do.

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  1. In measurements where the higher number means worse, what I mean here is the difference between 100 and the number you have… so a low number in inauthenticity is a high number in this context, whereas a high desire number is a low number… in this context. I don’t mean to confuse you, and if I have, I apologize. You can see that context is decisive.

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