The gap between who you are and who you say (pretend) you are causes stress



The gap between who you are and who you say (pretend) you are causes stress. Most of us have lofty ideals and mediocre (at best) actions…

This is why noted gurus, healers, coaches, teachers have a low vibration.

You, the person seeking enlightenment, peace, healing, or success, expect the person who teaches you to know it all, be all, and never have any negative feelings, to not be like you.

The truth is that no matter where you are on the evolutionary scale, you will always have negative feelings.

The difference between someone with low vibration and someone with high vibration is what they do with the negative feelings.




realitycheck11Of all the sages, I only know what the Buddha said, and he said he got angry, he got sad, he had vengeful thoughts… so what do you expect from your garden variety guru, healer, meditation teacher, or whatnot.

But because you can’t make your own decisions, you are looking at outward “symptoms,” marketers call is “social proof”. Social proof is when you look at others to make your decision about something. Social proof can be manufactured, and you are duped, yet one more time.

People you put on a pedestal suffer. Suffer mightily, because of the gap between how they really are and how you expect them to be. The gap is killing them, driving them to drugs, alcohol, sex, power trips… all manifestations of misery.

You expect others to smile, to look successful, to appear cheritable, selfless, invincible, impervious to insults, damages, illness, feelings… you expect them to be not human.

And, unfortunately, you expect yourself to be not human as well.

You hate your feelings, you hate yourself, you hate your life.

In my programs, with my audio activators, you can slowly shed this misery by bringing who you are closer to who you want to be, really.

Why these activators work? I am not sure. But they work, and they work on anyone with a minimal desire to become a better human being.

No matter where you are vibrationally, meaning what is your current vibration, I recommend that you start with the Harmonize your Vibration activator. It works fast, and it increases your desire and your ability to do the work required to better yourself. Not in the eyese of society, but in the eyes of Source, the eyes of the Universe.

The Harmonize your Vibration activator starts harmonizing you, your vibration, your matrix, your behavior, your inclinations to the generous and wonderful vibration of the Universe. to read more

or if you are ready, here is the link to buy the activator you need to start your journey with.

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