I make decisions really slowly. One may even accuse me of procrastination…

slow decisions vs fast decisionsLet me correct that: I consider most decisions I make a test. Experiment. Rough draft. 1


Yeah, I thought so. I thought it will sound foreign… But you will learn something, through this article, that is not common knowledge… and it is even new to me!

Decisions are an expensive activity for the brain. Any choice is. Important choices and unimportant choices equally use up a renewable resource, for ease of language, I’ll call glycogen, although it may not be that.

You wake up with more of that glycogen… it replenished itself during the night… If your sleep is restless, then you won’t have your full stores of glycogen: ever since that nurse moved to the next house, my sleep is restless. Even with the audios… Mind you, I have tried to sleep without the audio, and slept a total of 58 minutes that night. With the audio I wake up a few times, and dream or solve puzzles, or write articles in my mind, but I sleep and wake up rested. So…

And yet, I have less glycogen than if I slept through the night without working in my sleep…

But I digress… What I really want to teach you is…

I make fast decisions, but they are just drafts. I make them over a long time, until I get to a final draft that I can live with.

Recently I have been creating a series of draft decisions on how to make more money…. that has integrity for me.

Integrity is a big issue.

Integrity is being whole and complete, with no parts missing. Nothing hidden. Working from an empowering context.

“Nothing hidden, being truthful and honest, doing complete work, working from an empowering context, and doing very well what you do; doing it as it was meant to be done or better, and without cutting corners.

“In other words, HONORING ONE’S WORD: Doing what you know to do, doing what you said you would do and on time, doing what others would expect you to do even if you haven’t said you would do it, and saying when you are not doing this as soon as you realize you won’t be doing it or won’t be doing it on time.”


…integrity resides in the ability to constitute yourself as your word, to be true to your principles, and ultimately, be true to yourself. You’ll learn that integrity is not constrained by, nor does it reside in, rules, prescriptions, or imposed demands. Integrity creates an environment of freedom, power, and joy.

Now, I am sharing my process of making a decision because there is something… a lot to learn from it.

We live in a way where our principles, even our Self isn’t present most of the time.

But here is the rub: most choices, most options, most suggestions, even most ideas know nothing about our integrity… that without integrity nothing works… That without making decisions that come from our principles, from our declared Self, we are going to create a life that is neither whole nor is it complete, and it ultimately won’t work.

99.99% of business suggestions conflict with my principles in life.

  • I have a principle that I won’t do anything for money that I would not do for free.
  • I have a principle that I will give you 10 times value compared to what you pay.
  • I have a principle that I always have to get more out of doing any work than what I put into it, including when I assist or help someone.

If you can see the forest for the trees… you may detect the Anna Karenina Principle in action here.

The principle says: Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

This is the principle of the strait and narrow… I assert that it is the principle of living with integrity, choosing paths with integrity, speaking with integrity…

I have never seen a happy family… I would not know how to recognize it. But I have seen a few individuals who were in a state of whole and complete… and it is not by the looks of it, but by the feelings of it.

A person who is whole and complete isn’t giving off those horrible inauthentic feelings as most people.

Nearly every suggestion for ways of making money that comes my way is inauthentic, manipulative, and would make me violate my principles.

The business I have started, an online store selling physical products, has given me an awful lot of opportunities to look indecisive and ponder instead.

Selling physical products cheap and selling you at a higher price is not bad. In and of itself there is nothing wrong with it. Except that I have this darn principle to give you ten times more than what you pay for.

This is where talking to my trusted talking partners comes really handy.

Everything can be resolved in communication… but talking to yourself is not communication.

So yesterday, in such a conversation with my client and student I have finally come to a solution: context is decisive.

If I look at the physical products that make my energy products usable… then I can be true to my principles. Whew… that was a difficult birth.

But now I am happy.

I am setting up my site, Self-Healing.us/products as the market where I teach my stuff… and sell them with integrity: you get 10 times more than what you pay for… and I don’t do anything for money I would not do for free.

And I haven’t forgotten about a fourth principle: I will not teach anything I did not personally test myself. I will always speak from the Tree of Life… because that is who I am.

If you can say, at the end of a principle… “so help me god” and have no inner doubt, inner turbulence, then the principle is a principle.

Standards sound a lot like principles, but when you add “so help me god” you can tell the difference. Standards are rule, that pretty much no one, including yourself is able to obey and honor.

Another aspect of standards is that you are trying to enforce others to keep them… even though you don’t…

You cannot be much more inauthentic than that… lol.

I have been observing clients and students making decisions and not acting on them, making decisions and botching them up.

All kinds of decisions. Buying decisions, life decisions, direction decisions…

I have a hunch that without first cleaning up your integrity, or at least being in action about it, your decisions will be not from integrity. Leading you to procrastination or wrong actions. Both are off the path of the strait and narrow.

Now, with that all said… What can I sell you that has integrity for me to sell?

Good question… Lots of things… but the selling site isn’t quite set up to sell all I have….

But if you have been wanting to get one of those mp3 player headset I have been raving about… with or without an energy audio, you can, I think, do that on my new site, in the worst case you test it…

I have a sale going on to encourage sales… till the end of September.

Was there anything you’ve been really thinking of buying, and you only need a little push? Please let me know…

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  1. I am talking here about important decisions. To read one thing or another, to have one thing or another for lunch, and things like that have already been decided: I only have food that I can eat, and I only have books I should read one time or another. I don’t want to spend my precious glycogen supply on puny unimportant inconsequential decisions… but I bet YOU do!

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