Talk back to me: Are my audios subliminal? Do I have trade secrets? What’s in the audios?


Thank you for sending the audio.

The effect I’m experiencing – is that I feel more determined to accomplish my goals. I feel driven – as if nothing will stop me from seeing my goals completed.

I tried to explain your audios to someone, but she wanted more info. Without giving away trade secrets – you need to be clearer on what the audios are. Do you have subliminal messages beneath the nature sounds, is it just sounds, vibrations? People are unwilling to try something new unless you explain exactly what they are getting. Lots of people have tried everything under the sun without getting results, so now people are getting a little wary. Just my thoughts…


The audios, all my audios, are energy transmissions. I connect to Source (whatever that is) and download an energy that is for a specific aim.

  • Water Energizer
  • The Unbreakable
  • Bach Flower Energies… the exact energetic replicas, from Source, of the Bach Flower Remedies, the Heaven on Earth
  • The Carrier
  • The specific energies of the Avatar State Activators.

energies-2Sometimes I am in a narrow, sometimes in a wide connection. Some energies are local with maybe an inch of effective range. Some energies, like the carrier are like wide and flat. Some energies like the Avatar State Activators are as wide and as deep as the Universe.

I can download them while on a webinar, or I can download them and record my breathing and luckily to all of us, the recording maintains and preserves the energies, and with each pay of the audio the energy downloads again.

I use the nature sounds for two reasons: 1. I don’t think listening to me breathing or moaning is pleasant, I don’t like to listen to that myself. 2. It indicates which energy is in the audio.

The recordings, after I create them, are then layered, like a cake, with other energies.

For example the Heaven on Earth is layered with The Carrier.

The Harmonizer is layered with the Avatar State Energy and the storm audio.

The nature sounds are neutral: all the energy is in the layers.

I do not think or say anything during recording: it would potentially put me in the mind and add Tree of Knowledge and the limited perspective of the human mind.

I make a request and download what comes as answer.

An aside: Just like the Dark Side transmissions, these are pure energies or a bundle of energies, requested from the Universe. Energies can be intended for good or evil.

The Heaven on Earth’s component energies are all “homeopathic” in principle, i.e. they broadcast the negative feeling and that’s how they heal, and neutralize the bad feelings you have.

The Dark Side transmissions got about 3-4 times stronger today. Why? Because they are starting to feel the Heaven on Earth, the long range version, the audio I just gave to about 50 testers… and now they are testing it too. I am still holding my ground, though the battle of the forces of good and bad are on.

The audios work. Thousands have downloaded them, I have only one person who can’t get anything out of it… why? I don’t know. He is unable to experience his experience.

I don’t believe anyone tells me, ever. I need to experience it, I need to see it for myself.

I trust my experience.

I hope this answer satisfies the question. If not, please comment below.

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