Knowledge… how accurate is it? How safe are you, given the level of knowledge today?

I was looking for pictures for “accurate knowledge” on google… hardly any results. Then I looked for “garbage in garbage out, and I hit the jackpot”… I will put some of the best pictures at the end of this article… they are really funny… But now, let me get to the knowledge article…. OK, here you go:

I am reading Aristotle.

Why? It’s an excellent wake-up call. It knocks you conscious… It has knocked me conscious!

2400 years ago, when Aristotle lived, people, scientists, knew very little about much of anything. They weren’t less inquisitive, they didn’t have less theories, they didn’t argue less. They probably argued more…

They just had theories that are quite ridiculous by today’s standards, knowing what we know today.

Here are a few examples… Be prepared to laugh…

What is respiration? Where is the command center of an animal, including humans? What is the soul? What generates heat? What is blood doing? How does food turn into a human? What is death? What is disease?

The biggest difference and similarity between them 2400 years ago, and us 2400 years later is the arrogance with which we think we know most everything, even if our knowledge is just as inaccurate as what knowledge was in Aristotle’s time.

The biggest difference is created by a whole new class of people whose livelihood is threatened if anything further is discovered.

As my muscle test shows, you know only a certain percent of what is true, and you fill the rest with hearsay, theories, and your imagination. That is what Aristotle did, that is what you do, and pretty much that is what I do.

Now, let’s muscle test Aristotle’s knowledge, or truth value: it is 10%. Higher than most books, scientific papers today. Hm. that is very interesting.

A defining moment happened to me back about ten years ago, when Bill Harris (of Holosync fame) said to me: water is water… H2o.

That is when I got, in just one sentence, how the world is, how people are… and it resulted in me pretty much leaving society. I left everything to be with myself, to be with Source, and to seek for answers in a world where people don’t even have intelligent questions.

killing your baby slowlyI am also reading now a shunned scientist’s book on milk… The more you deviate from the “tried and true” and wrong path, the less “they” allow you to work, to be heard… that has always been when truth threatened a whole class’s livelihood and authority.

The book’s truth value is 30%. That is a high number. Taken away 95% of the book, the author’s own truth’s clocks at 50%. Interestingly, once bitten, twice shy, he hides his own truth among more socially acceptable, and less true facts. He wants to live… I guess. I understand.

The truth-truth about milk threatens about a billion people’s livelihood, and about four billions who just don’t want to change, because they like milk.

The book is about a certain type of milk, from a certain type of cow, that is harmful. But replacing those cows with different cows is expensive, very expensive.

If they did, you would not find gallon milk bottles at your grocery store for a dollar or two. So you would not drink it like it’s water. So we also would not have so many children with type 1 diabetes, so many people with autism and schizophrenia, and we would not bury our loved ones early who died of a heart attack. And I would not have to fear for my brothers’ lives. Or my own.

In my own work I don’t go by science, I don’t go by “common knowledge”, I don’t go by what anyone says.

I don’t allow Tree of Knowledge influence what I say to my clients.

Instead I muscle test. And add a question or two every time I discover something new.

And luckily I discover new questions to ask at a rate of one or two a month… because it is not the answers, it is the questions that move us closer to the truth truth.

My special condition of being an true empath, who can connect to things at will, and having had a life story that made me sick, physically, is the ideal condition to ask questions most people don’t think to ask.

And I ask my questions… reword them and reword them… Look from a different angle. And I also read a lot.

Your questions get better the more you read.

People who are not exposed to other people’s thinking, through reading, ask few questions, and cannot even think of more to ask.

And people who read for answers have a lot of answers, but still not enough questions.

Tai Lopez’s method of reading, reading for answers, reading for nuggets of gold, will not develop your capacity of curiosity, will not develop your capacity to be adaptable, will not develop your capacity to be coachable and guidable, because it pushes what YOU want to know, not what there is to know.

If you think that what you want to know, what you think needs to be answered, you are still locked into your puny mind.

Remember the Anna Karenina Principle. The principle of the strait and narrow.

When you demand answers to your questions, you may be miles away from the strait and narrow, and no answer there will help you get to the right path.

I observe this on my unsuccessful students. Their questions show me best where they are.

How to get them to ask different questions? That may be a good question, but it doesn’t belong to this article, or not really… But here is an answer you won’t like: they, just like our scientists, our teachers, our doctors, our politicians, would have to leave their arrogance and ask questions from reality instead of their head, aka The Tree of Knowledge.

So, returning to my unique condition of having lots of physical challenges that I can use as points of attack to the thus far undiscovered part of all-of-it, or all-knowledge.

One of the issues I have dealt with, since I was around 10, is losing my hair. On the top.

I have had many theories on why, many no-solution “solutions”, and a lot of theories over the decades.

Not until I approached it from the nutritional aspect that I started to see some results.

My hair on the top is still sparser than in other parts of my head, but not bald or balding. I have also turned back the clock on graying.

Side note: Yesterday I had a conversation with someone, who is religious… She was stunned that I was an atheist. I am an atheist in spite of my close and conversational relationship with Source.

The conversation put me in deep thought: I didn’t get anything done for the rest of the day… My brain was processing something without my conscious awareness. No Tree of Knowledge was allowed.

And the answer just “fell out of the machine”. The atheist doesn’t relate to all of it as if all-of-it cared a whit. It doesn’t ask it to help, doesn’t ask it to guide him, doesn’t ask it to care… while a religious person’s whole belief system is based on this idea that the deity gives a flying f…

I talk to Source all day. Much the way you talk to a computer.

The computer doesn’t care. It is not out to help you, it is not out to get you. I answers when you ask it, and forces you to ask different questions when it doesn’t.

Source doesn’t guide me… even though I get guidance. But what guides me isn’t inside Source, it is inside me. Life inside me cares… Life inside me wants more life. You can call it Self. You can call it Soul. You can call it Spirit.

That means, that every conversation I have with Source is a 3-way conversation. My intellect, my “Soul” (or the Life Force in me that gives a hoot) and Source. My intellect is guided by this Soul-thing in me, to ask different questions. Guiding questions. And Source answers. When the question is stupid, it just hangs, like a computer hangs… it cannot say yes, it cannot say no. It cannot say “stupid as the stupid does”… it isn’t programmed to speak… lol. But if it were, that is what it would say… stupid as the stupid does.

When your arrogance blocks this Soul-part in you, your questions will be limited to Tree of Knowledge questions. And you’ll get answers, but the answers won’t help you.

Bummer, eh?

OK, returning to the original topic: I left it off at hair loss and graying hair.

So, one of the people I listen to, even though their knowledge is also limited to the limited extent their questions are willing to entertain: Dr. Joel Wallach.

His truth value is 30%. Not the same 30% as the researchers of cow’s milk cover.

If we could put together every person’s accurate knowledge, every person on the planet, excluding yours truly (myself) we would get 50%.

Many of those true truths possessors, don’t have the right explanation why what they know is true. Just like Aristotle knew and observed a lot, but the why of things was completely bunk…

Vitamin C is a great example…

Or the different doctors with different theories. Example: Dr. Eric Berg. His work is to diagnose your overweight by its shape, and then offer solutions that are different, depending on which hormonal activity is to blame.

But is he right? Is his explanation accurate? Unless it is, the solutions won’t be accurate either. And when I muscle test it, the truth value is 7%.

That is a 7% accuracy. Not bad, but definitely not good.

For example: Thyroid issues are nutritional issues. Adrenal issues are attitudinal issues.

Hurry, fear, trying to please others, playing by others’ rules, trying to abide by rules that cannot be followed. That is at the root of adrenal fatigue. None of it is nutritional… So he has to lie. Really.

If he lies well, and gives you non-specific-to-Adrenal solutions, and you get better, you’ll sing his praises. It has happened with one of my clients. But you are still going to be a wretched human, who tries to live for others’ sake, not your own. No chance for happiness, peace of mind, fulfillment there.

So Joel Wallach is off, less off than most… He tested and says: correcting Tin deficiency will help you regrow your hair.

Tin deficiency is rampant. Our food supply has hardly any tin… except in certain areas of the planet.

Look at older people: do they have lots of hair?

Ancestry, what you do for a living also matters: mental work uses more Tin than physical work. Even the treading water type of thinking, worry, anxiety… it is still considered mental.

And your diet.

I have added Tin supplements. I saw some results after about six months.

And then I decided to test… because the Tin came in a multi-mineral supplement. I needed to know.

First I ordered a tin cup… a metal cup with tin to protect it from rusting.

Tin, by itself, is too soft to use for anything much.

And then I ordered 98% pure tin pebbles. I muscle tested it: it is not for consumption. But I have been rinsing my hair with it.

The results are interesting. My hair is bushy, but frizzy.

Too much tin, muscle test says.

So I am going to lay aside my tin cup for now, and only rinse my hair with tin.

Because I have discovered an unexpected side-effect of tin-deficiency… But I’ll write about that in another article.

This article has gotten too long…

And if you have gotten this far, and have hair thinning issues, or premature graying, then please sign up to a notification list… I have just the thing for you to test.

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OK, and here are the funny pictures I promised you


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