Is science wrong? Are you smarter than scientists? Who should you trust?

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It is not enough to call yourself a mad scientist, I learn. You may be mad, but unless you know the scientific methods, you are just mad, playing around.

Science has a bad reputation nowadays, mainly because of two reasons:

  • 1. the public doesn’t know that science is rarely able to get to the cause of anything, so the expectations are too high, the disappointments are too low. it is more comfortable to listen to fake science, fake doctors, fake gurus. At least they don’t make you think.
  • 2. the fact that scientists are not independent of biases, self-interest, and such, renders their results highly dubious, questionable, etc. And in some crucial issues, this threatens the general public, like in the issue of A1 milk, the issue of GMO, the issues of pesticides and other harmful stuff we are forced to eat.

Now, there is nothing much that you can do about the second, unless you can change the system… good luck with that.

But the first would make you at least humble… the tools of science are imprecise, and not very flexible for a scientist to get anywhere near the truth…

It takes an uneducated, arrogant mind to think otherwise. Your mind. Most minds.

The number of data to hold in mind is staggering. Even to enter it into a computer would take days, and you have seconds to make decisions… so what are you thinking?!

Surprisingly, to me, my muscle testing is more accurate and more to the point than almost any science, including mathematics and physics.

The problems are both in the experiments, and in the conclusions.

Which means that we live in a world where clueless, uneducated, arrogant minds think they know a lot, and educated, full of clues minds know that they know very little.

We live in a world, at least in the United States, where we go outside to get answers to questions that have the answers within, and go inside for answers to questions for which all the clues are outside.

Sounds stupid, doesn’t it? It IS stupid. And the results of all these ill-gotten answers is a humanity that is wretched. Ugly inside and out.

Now, why am I writing this article?

Even if certain causality can be proven through animal studies, causality in human studies is … eh, what shall I call it? Anecdotal evidence. The only thing that can be looked at is correlation…

But health articles, popular health books, popular health trends speak as if they knew the truth. They don’t.

Left to my own devices, left to what I think is true, what I guess is true, what I feel is true, what I’ve read is true, I am more often wrong than right.

I have been doing experiments on myself. Why on myself? Because I am closest to the data this way. And I have the least amount of interpretation, lies, bias, etc. this way.

I could talk about many of my experiments, but the two that belong here, for now, are

  • 1. weight… what about what I do that results in weight gain? What, when, how much?
  • 2. overall sense of well-being… what about what I do that results in a sense of wellness? What, when, how much?

For the past six-seven weeks my weight has been going up and going down.

Between Saturday and today I put on two pounds.

Here are the facts:

  • I have ordered and consumed a big piece of Paneer cheese. A2 milk cheese.
  • I have eaten a whole package of Andeuille sausages… pork.
  • I have consumed two heaped teaspoon of hemp-butter, I made it. Of organic hulled hemp.

All other things as what I eat normally. These above: the things I ate in addition to what I normally eat.

Now that I see it in front of me, black and white… it is a one-handed clap… Of course.

But what is it in particular? The quantity? The “what”? And I forgot to say that I became restless, hyper yesterday… I don’t like to be hyper.

So I muscle tested. Item by item I ask: Did this contribute to my weight gain?

Turns out that the guiltiest of all is the cheese. It contributed nothing other than its chewiness. No useful nutrients. Hm… Very interesting.

I won’t order it again.

And the sausage? Interestingly the sausage contributed nutrients that I would, otherwise consume in capsules. The nutrients are in the spices.

Some of those spices I’ve never heard of, I never use. And spices have trace minerals that are essential.

One of the things about humans is that they don’t understand nutrition.

Until the early 1900’s millions and millions of people died of scurvy directly, and diseases that they could not fight off with a weak immune system. Scurvy is vitamin C deficiency. The human body lacks an enzyme, most other animals have, to manufacture its own vitamin C.

And this is also the case with the 90 or so other essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and essential fatty acids. Our body cannot manufacture it.

The lack of just one of those nutrients makes you not well… in some significant way. Tin deficiency, a deficiency I am researching and testing, is a great example… Tin? There is not even a word for it in Hungarian! lol.

There are other ingredients that you may need, but those are not universally needed.

For example, having my heart in bad shape, muscle test says that I’d benefit from smooth muscles from animals… Chicken hearts, chicken gizzards, same from turkey. Why? I guess those have some missing stuff my heart could heal itself with. the heart is a smooth muscle.

I also crave brain, so next shopping trip I am buying sweetbread (that is a funny name for calf brain in American English). Obviously my brain wants to repair itself as well.

But what can you do if you can’t trust yourself to muscle test, and you can’t trust your knowledge and your senses to guide you truthfully?

Your first job, if you want to get well, is to

  • 1. have me test your nutritional deficiencies, and supplement the ones that come up deficient.
  • 2. Or alternatively spend a lot of money on Youngevity’s products that are not specific to you.
  • 3. Or buy the supplement of the day, and remain deficient.

This third is what most people choose. Why? Because they want to make their own decisions. Based on their gut feelings, their intuition, their mind… as long as they decided, it must be good.

Another area is where you insist on making your own gut feelings to run your life and decisions is what brand, what make to choose, when you buy your supplements.

I have found that you are nearly 100% of the time wrong.

And so am I, when I don’t muscle test… which happens occasionally.

I have found that my body rejects certain capsules… the capsule itself. Certain fillers. Certain powders that make capsules slide in and out of the machine easily.

Lately I have found that my body prefers tablets… boggles the mind. Every fiber of my being says: it must be wrong. But… I haven’t had heartburn since I accepted this and switched to tablets or self-filled capsules.

My sense is that it makes no sense… Which clearly shows me: my sense is wrong.

One reader asked me to elaborate why your intuition is wrong? I don’t know why… but here is another proof positive that it is wrong. Very wrong.

A reader, in spite of his knowledge, in spite of his session with me, still follows his “sense” and his health and hydration are stuck at 10%.

Most of what we know comes not from human science, but from soil science. From growing food in our garden.

Because no big corporation is making our soil scientists biased about the results of that research.

So, what should you do? What can you do? How can you get well in a world where misinformation is the rule?

As I have suggested above, you have three choices. Here, I’ll repeat it for you:

  • 1. have me test your nutritional deficiencies, and supplement the ones that come up deficient.
  • 2. Or alternatively spend a lot of money on Youngevity’s products that are not specific to you.
  • 3. Or buy the supplement of the day, and remain deficient.


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Sometimes I have to test 20-30 pages on before I find a good match for you… Why? I have no idea. This is not about me knowing, this is about Source knowing. It is Source that answers the questions in my muscle testing, not my mind. Thank god.

This service is worth $30… $10 per item. That is what it costs if you just ask me… and you didn’t just buy this List… or Consultation.

OK… heavy stuff… so here is a funny cartoon to break the heaviness

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