Is it clear? Are you clear? Yes! we say enthusiastically and we lie.

Clarity is one of the things we ALWAYS lie about. It’s like the speed limit… or not thinking about sex. It is a built in landmine to make sure we are never in integrity.

We view clarity if it were a black and white phenomenon.

And we talk about clarity as if it were knowable.

Clarity is one of those words…

You don’t know until you do.

So why talk about it if it is so tricky?

Because, in my experience, clarity or the illusion of clarity is what fails most people in attaining the good life: health, wealth, love and fulfillment.

I never contemplated this word before 1999. I first encountered lack of clarity as a distinction in Axiology.

If I remember after so many years of this area of study, 1 awareness, accuracy, clarity were the three main capacities through which people were evaluated, and the results were eerily predictive of success, or happiness, of health, of wealth, of fulfillment.


I, myself, mostly lacked and still lack clarity. So I have been working on clarity. I measured top ten in awareness and accuracy of judgment. But the lack of clarity prevented me from doing much good with my life.

Now, you may be lacking in all areas, or you aren’t…

Regardless, I want to talk about clarity because I have been gaining ground there and I find myself feeling maybe even hopeful? Wow.

Don’t be mistaken, we are all somewhere on the continuum between wretched to fully self-realized. A human’s job is to do that journey. That is maybe the best use of a life.

Life doesn’t have a purpose, per se, intrinsically, but it does have, maybe, a good use and a poor use?

Anyway, back to clarity:

Clarity can be in any area of life. In perception. A degree to which what you see is what is there. And to see all that is there.

I see well for a near-sighted person. I fill out what I actually see with memories, I guess… And that is where clarity is most visible as lacking:

I was about eight or nine years old.

After a recess, I was walking towards my seat, and saw there something that looked like a bread crumb. I was always hungry at that age. So I reached down and picked it up. On its way to my mouth I saw that it was a thumbtack.

My classmates put it on my seat… They were disappointed that I saw it before I sat into it.

What they didn’t know is that I saw was a bread crumb… I never told them.

But it tells a whole story about me and clarity.

So in spite of things going for me, including my tenacity, I was hardly what you call happy and successful.

And my axiology chart showed it clearly.

Given that what gives you your actions is what you see (the occurring world), your misdirected actions, your jumps, your procrastination… anything relating to your results or the lack of them, has clarity as partial or full cause.

And so many things to be aware of, discern accurately, and be clear about, don’t you think?

I am working with my client/student on marketing, on building a business. I insist on talking at least once a week.

Why? Because one of the things that happens in each of those calls is a slew of things to become aware of, a slew of things to start to recognize accurately and interpret accurately, and last: becoming clear about what the heck we are doing, what the heck we intend to do, and why.

If you are a rudderless boat floating on the ocean… if that is how your life is, please know that to one degree or another, all humans are like you.

When I look at the three people I most often look at, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Jeff Bezos, and look at them from this vantage point: awareness, accuracy, and clarity, I see all three aspects being cultivated by them, all three being increased, both in the macro and in the micro…

I have the most details about Jeff Bezos because I’ve read his unauthorized biography, and I haven’t read that much about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs…

Jeff Bezos’ process to increase clarity

Jeff Bezos manages a huge empire. Lots of projects, a mad scientist laboratory. 2

Small teams of five to seven (I might be wrong about the number), always testing, always coming up with ideas and concepts for something new.

The system he’s introduced is that each new idea needs to be submitted in writing. 4-6 pages of clear, succinct, and complete plan.


You would be hard-pressed to come up with five sentences about what you do, what you did, what you plan to do.

And you may even FEEL that you are clear, that you have a plan, that you have a direction, that you are ready to move.


Clarity is not a feeling, not a sense, not an “inner” thing.

Your clarity shows only when you write it down, when you present it to someone who doesn’t know what you are talking about, or when you attempt to implement what you think you are clear about.

And when I watch you and see you wanting to go from thought to action, I don’t see you getting clearer. I don’t see you having strategies to increase your clarity.

You may read and re-read for clarity, but your filters won’t allow you to see more… no increase of clarity will result.

I write for clarity. I maybe even speak for clarity, but speaking is more useful for me to increase my awareness…

A lot of speaking may give me the illusion of clarity, but the proof of a pudding is eating it: when I try to take the action I was sooo clear about… I find out, I wasn’t clear at all.

Going from blind to seeing is a long and arduous path…

The blinders, the cultural filters, the right and the wrong, the emotional resistance to finding out anything bad about yourself, your unwillingness to give things time, your unwillingness to feel uncomfortable, all work against you.

Only when you trust me that every single person is like you, regardless of where on the continuum they are… between wretched and self-realized, that you can start growing.

Wretched is how you feel if you expect yourself to be different than you are, expect yourself to know what you don’t know, expect yourself to be able to do what you cannot do. When you want reality to be not reality, not to be the way it is. Inside or outside. That is my definition of wretched.

Your vibration is a direct expression of where you are in this regard. On the wretchedness scale… doesn’t sound good, does it?

And, add to it, that often you find out that you were in a delusional state… lying to yourself, or blocking out all the areas of life where you weren’t all you hoped you would be, or all you pretended to be…

And then someone points it out to you… and what happens? You go backwards on the wretchedness–self-realization continuum.

Because reality stings…

Hey, we are all dependent on our perception, our awareness, our accuracy, and our clarity to create a map of reality that is at least similar to reality…

It’s not easy. But it’s important.

PS: Here is an email I got from a fellow coach, Terry Dean.

It’s brilliant, and although he never says the word “clarity”, the whole article is about clarity. Awareness. And accuracy. Read it. it’s good read.

I also identify with what he says what is his strength as a coach: being able to see what’s missing, and what is amiss… Amiss = not quite right; inappropriate or out of place.

  • He has a Mentoring Club, where he talks, and the members listen.
  • I have a coaching program that is daily individual conversations between me and the paying member.
  • Two different styles of coaching.
  • The result, alas, depends 100% on the person being coached.On their awareness, on their accuracy, and on their clarity.

OK… here is the email he sent:

Last week I was talking to one of my clients about his long-term business plans.

Where did he want to be 3 years from now?

He saw a multi-million dollar company that was continually growing (he is already coming close to the million dollar mark now).

But he didn’t want to be the manager. Keeping everyone going in the right direction needs to be someone else’s responsibility.

His role would be the mad scientist coming up with discoveries behind the scenes.

Because that’s what he does best.

That’s when he feels most free.

He’s that slightly disheveled guy who’s kept in the back room.

Wouldn’t want him allowed out, or he might scare the ‘normal’ people.

He can’t stand the day-to-day humdrum.

He’s all about testing and tracking…figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Try a totally new mixture. That’s how he creates breakthroughs.

And he’s happiest when he gets to do that without distraction.

My goal is help him get there. It means putting the right team members and systems in place to make it happen.

When you first start a business, pretty much any kind of business, you wear a ton of hats.

You’re in charge of the products, the marketing, the customer service, the planning, and what feels like a million other things.

That’s why you feel so overwhelmed.

It’s too much.

You feel that first measure of freedom though. This is your thing. No longer are you working to make someone else rich.

That initial excitement can carry you through until you gain some momentum.

But you need to discover what your personal gifts are as soon as possible.

Out of all the activities you’re doing, which ones fit your skill set?

There are some things you’ll struggle with. No matter how hard you try to improve, you’ll never be all that great. You need to eliminate, automate, or delegate those activities.

But there are other activities which just seem to come naturally to you.

Not only are you excellent at them, but they also energize you.

They fulfill you.

You’ve probably heard experts talk about how you need to concentrate on $1,000/hour work. Focus on what brings in the money.

But here’s what most of them never talk about.

What you’re passionate about and gifted to do may not be the same thing that floats my boat.

Over time I’ve discovered I have a talent for spotting the most critical issues that impact a client’s results…and helping them put together a simple focused plan to solve those problems.

I love taking a complex subject and boiling it down to the most important factors.

It’s what I do with my clients. It’s what I do in my products.

The more time I spend doing this, the more value I create for others.

Everyone will pile a bunch of ‘Should-Do’s’ on you. You should do this, that, and the other.

What you really need to do is find your natural talents. Then dedicate as much of your time toward them as possible. That’s where you’ll find freedom, fun, fulfillment, and finances.

In the Monthly Mentor Club, you get a bonus report called, “Six and Seven Figure Internet Lifestyles: Simple Lessons for Lifestyle Freedom From My Most Successful, Most Profitable, and Most Respected Clients.”

It talks about how my clients have created Internet Lifestyles they love.

And it gives you simple steps you can model. Your perfect lifestyle may not look like theirs, but you can follow some of the same systems to reach your goals.

Click here now if you want more freedom, fun, fulfillment, and finances…

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  1. I trained to be a Value Profile coach, or whatever they called it… this was a long time ago, and I haven’t done much with it since then…
  2. All my knowledge, all my information is second hand… I don’t know the man. I feel him… that is the only direct knowledge.

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