October Special Sale!

Muscle Testing Services…

Nutritional deficiency measurements and health consults… Octoberfest pricing is valid for 7 days (Till October 9)

The nutritional deficiency list… testing you for the 90 essential nutrients. Regularly $100. Deficiencies change when you change your diet. It is a snapshot, in essence.
Octoberfest price includes a $50 discount.

Get both lists together. Regularly $150.
Octoberfest price includes a $50 discount.

Get the full live two conversation health assessment consultation. Regularly $400.
Octoberfest price includes a $50 discount.

Live Follow-up session: And if you have had your assessment, you can book a followup with the same discount. Regularly $150.
Octoberfest price includes a $50 discount.

Choosing the right version of a supplement:

Supplements are not all the same. Often it takes me half an hour to muscle test hundreds of a popular supplement with hundreds of different sellers, different packages.

Even simple one-ingredient minerals… they differ. Or what source of Vitamin C is compatible with your body? Or which Turmeric supplement will work for you?

If you buy based on your best guess, 90% of time time, or more, your choice is wrong. Dead wrong…

Why? Because your body is unique. and to pick what works with your body, given your genes, given your history, given your sensitivities, intolerances, allergies, is therefore unique.

You can choose to declare yourself a one-size-fit-all person and pay the price. Or pay me. If I can connect to you, then I can muscle test for you.

Here is a link to buy a supplement or food muscle testing.

The muscle testing service will be delivered as soon as you email me what exactly you want me to muscle test.

Best is to ask me to muscle test something you already picked, or two-three options where you want to decide which option to choose.

Supplements. Or a particular food. Best to show me a picture… attach the picture to your email to me.

This is not a substitute for the whole body examination…

PS: One thing I didn’t mention: when you buy your supplement list… aka your Nutrient Deficiency List, you can get me to muscle test three of those supplements if they are good for you. This is included in the price you pay.

Sometimes I have to test 20-30 pages on Amazon.com before I find a good match for you… Why? I have no idea. This is not about me knowing, this is about Source knowing. It is Source that answers the questions in my muscle testing, not my mind. Thank god.

This service is worth $30… $10 per item. That is what it costs if you just ask me… and you didn’t just buy this List… or Consultation.

PS: I expect to be busy for a week now… First come first serve. Please make sure you check your email. If I don’t have all the information I need, I’ll ask for the missing stuff in email.


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