The path to raising your vibration, to earn your vibration, to become a Human Being – Part 2:

If you haven’t, please read Part 1 of this article first. It will make more sense… it will set the context.

raise-your-vibration-2The missing godliness are called virtues.

Living virtuously is a daily struggle, a daily battle. No one, no matter how high their vibration, is ever done. Not a Buddha, not a Jesus, not anyone.

The two problems I see in this “business” of raising your vibration:

  1. You want happiness, joy, fulfillment, the exact way you want pleasure: food, sex, the breeze on your face. You don’t want to earn it, you just want to get it. You may want to buy it, but happiness, joy, fulfillment is not something you can buy. But there are plenty of gurus, doctors, healers, teachers, that will accommodate your slothful desire:

    virtuesThey will give you tools to stay the same and feel better for a moment, but nothing changes: you don’t change.It’s the ideal repeat business for these practitioners. They make sure they don’t teach you anything that will make you independent of them, so that you need their services again and again. So you pay, and pay, and pay… but you are still wretched, you will die wretched, without doing the work of the Soul.In my vibrational reviews I consider that deceitfulness as a main part of the evaluation.
  2. When I ask you what’s off about you, you can see maybe one or two things, off godliness. And given that you can’t see, you can’t do, you can’t correct.Here is an example: wrongful pride. It is very hard to see. Your mother said: don’t brag, bragging is wrong. But you want to be proud. Proud of who you are, proud of your results, instinctively you see that it’s important to your sense of Self and your fulfillment. You don’t know how to look, where to look, but if you looked for signs of instant gratification, and if you looked for comparison (it makes you look better than others!) you would see the “wrong” in bragging. Whereas you could be proud of who you are, without comparison… and that would be just pride, not wrongful pride.But little by little you stop putting out any effort, you make your charm, your luck, your friends, your parents, your parents’ money “earn” you the pride you so crave.The problem: you can’t see that all it earns you is misery instead of what you craved: a sense of self, a sense of pride in who you are.You can’t find the problem, but you are miserable. So you either continue, hoping that one day the stuff that didn’t give you anything you really wanted will make you happy. You do the same thing, expecting a different result.Or, alternatively, you denounce possessions, pride, etc. and become a monk. Or a professional do-gooder.

    But your actions are based of a lack of understanding of what is the issue.

    You can’t be proud of something that doesn’t really belong to you. When I look, only the effort to overcome is what belongs to you… not the results. The results, the “Light” comes from the beyond, and boasting about that Light earns you lasting misery. 1

I feel that this little lesson won’t get you much clarity. What you need is energetic activators that will serve like the mirrors that force you to see the back of your head.

You see, you can’t catch what you can’t see.

The reason I had to spend years with each virtue because I could not see how I was violating them.

Being like everyone else is normal. Being able to see how you are not godly, clearly, specifically and astutely, precisely seeing it, is out of the ordinary. Extraordinary. It doesn’t come easy. You don’t learn it in school, you don’t learn it in church. Why? Because your teachers don’t know themselves.

They can’t teach what they can’t see. They will teach their interpretation of it, which is not the thing itself.

You need to start with one virtue, and learn it. Learn to see it everywhere. And then learn the “proper” the godly way to be in that circumstance.

Because of the nature of reality, because of the nature of time, your feedback will not be instant, but your vibration rising: that will be real. You will get naturally more intelligent, more astute. As you rise on the vibrational scale, the work of distinguishing and conquering where you are off godliness will be much easier.

In the business of transformation, in the business of healing, in the business of self-improvement, the proof of your effectiveness, the proof that you are not a fake, not a fraud, that you give people what you promised is that your students, clients, customers won’t need you on the same level any more.

Some 30 years ago, I had a business where the way I defined my possible success was that there will be no more need for my services. Much like cancer research: if they are successful, they go out of business. Much like diets: if the diet is successful, then you won’t need it any more. You are just slim…

To date I have created three tools that when you use them, you won’t need to come back to me any longer… unless you are ready to go to the next level.

They are

  1. the Water Energizer audio and
  2. the Heaven on Earth audio. Until now you had to buy the Energized Water from me, and you had to buy the Heaven on Earth from me… Now you can make your own, you can even make enough to sell them to others. I don’t mind, I actually want you to.
  3. The third tool is the Harmonize Your Vibration. It’s the first Avatar State Activator I created, and as results show, it works without your conscious involvement, it actually raises your vibration as it runs in the background.

These three tools can take you to the level where you are able to actually start doing the Soul’s work on yourself: the respectable vibration of 200. You can maintain that level, and be reasonably well adjusted and successful.

kim.rope_.climb-702209Or you can decide to climb higher…

From that level on you need to do the work with the specific activators, but you need to actually do the work.

The specific activators force you to pay attention, to recognize and to control your “evil inclinations.”

With the specific activators you can start, in earnest, climbing the Tree of Life, and raise your vibration to where you want it, where you are willing to have it.

This is what I have been doing, and this is what people that went before me did.

This is the only way that doesn’t have a shadow side. Crash after a high. Remorse after the glee.

The phases of transformation are these:

  1. seeing the ugly in you, in your behavior, in your inclinations
  2. telling the truth about them, preferably to another
  3. grieve about it.
  4. find ways to resist the ugly and ungodly
  5. achieve victory over the inclination

Rinse and repeat… Do it again… It doesn’t end. But this is the work. This is the path to raising your vibration.

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  1. I have written about this before, in an article about money, jinxing…

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “The path to raising your vibration, to earn your vibration, to become a Human Being – Part 2:”

  1. Sophie,
    You could very well be the answer to my prayers. The good thing is that I don’t feel that warm glow of salvation and surrender when I think of you. I think,” Oh God, Sophie is gonna call me out on my crap and my not having done my homework.”

    Nothing has been easy so far and it’s probably been too easy. I’m still looking at the giant knot of my life waiting in font of me to be untied. I guess I put all the knots in, and I can take them out.

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