Powerful, Powerless, Linchpin, Cornerstone, Your Reactive Mind, Phase Two

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powerless like a dry leave in the wind In this article I am going to teach you what it is going to take to take you through Phase Two of the Planetary Ascension. I am going to show you what will be the pivotal points to take you from where you are, to where you desire to be. It’s going to be new, so fasten your seat belts, please.

The first thing we’ll need to talk about, how come that the Original Design activation doesn’t include everything that you need to have all your desires fulfilled. It would be fair, wouldn’t it?

Unfortunately the Original Design is not dealing with your individuality.

What do I mean by that?

As you were born (and even before that) you gathered a lot of experiences that you dealt with, however you dealt with it.

The bad news is, for the most part, and most of you, dealt with the experiences that life offered you in a poor way.

Why? For one main reasons:

Something happened. It threatened your survival. Your vantage point was too close to what was happening, and the experience activated your reactive mind… and your reactive mind is designed to make the best decision given the little data it received. Then, once, and if you survived, it makes a rule out of it.

Example: I was left in the street when I was two by my mother. I whispered, I weeped, and I decided that there is something wrong with me and nobody wants me, and I went limp.

From the point of you of a child that age left in the street, the conclusion makes sense.

The reactive mind decided that this is the way to survive being left, thinking that I am not good enough, thinking that I am not lovable, thinking that nobody wants me.

If you look at my life you see that decision playing out perfectly: In situations like that I have no voice, I have no power, I have no other option but to go limp.

I live in an expensive apartment where the landlord yells at me. The stove went bad a year or so ago. The dishwaser went bad 3 months ago. And the landlord visits the basements every week and turns my hot water to tepid…

Wimp, you say? You are right! It is all driven by the reactive mind that doesn’t know anything other than repeating what it decided at age 2.

If you poke deeper into this behavior, you will find another hidden “truth,” namely “I don’t deserve anything.”

And even deeper than that you will find “powerless.”

What does powerless mean? It is a simple state: it is the state of being at the mercy of others, or circumstances, of being like a leaf blown in the wind. Of being an effect instead of being a cause.

It is so ubiquitous that if I didn’t point it out you would miss it.

It is a result of our entire culture, where we are not given power by our parents, our caretakers, our teachers, our bosses, our spouses. Then we pass it on to our children.

What would it look like to be powerful?

A person who is powerful can look at what life gives them, without loss of power, without wanting to run or jump into a premature conclusion, take time to see the big picture, the pros and the cons, and make a choice from there.

Rare as a diamond…

What would that look like in my case? It would be writing a certified letter to the landlord letting him know that it is unaccaptable to continue paying the high rent, unless he replaces the bad appliances, and stops interfering with the temperature of my water.

Repeat this letter once a month, until it is done.

Would I threaten him? No. Why not? Because threatening, getting angry come from powerlessness.

Would I occupy my mind finding justifications that I deserve better, that he is wrong, that I’ll just leave, that I’ll just won’t pay the rent? No. those are also the sign of powerlessness.

Looking for options, any kind of reaction, even response are coming from powerlessness… why? because you are not behaving like Cause.

Babe Ruth Called the shot. he was powerful. he then took what he got. Instead, I am going to own that I have been powerless and take responsibility for what already happened. I will know that I am within my legal rights, and that he knows it too. I am going to call the shot, every inch of the way. Like Babe Ruth. Then he took what he got. More strikeouts than most, but also more home-runs.

Now let’s go back to the general idea:

If I look at what this “powerless” is, it is like the cornerstone, like a linchpin, that holds my entire waste of a life together.

Changing any of the feelings or behaviors above it will not produce profound results. Deserving, I am good enough, I am loved don’t have any staying power, unless we pull the plug and remove the powerlessness.

But how do you do that?

You do it by connecting directly to Source and you command Source to pull that mechanism.

If you know how to connect. If you know how to command.

In my experience you have the capacity but you don’t have a habit of doing that.

In the meantime I will do it with you…

In a day or two I will record an audio that will help you connect and help you command.

Why not today? Because I need to command it for myself first… other wise it is an inauthentic teaching.

I will command Source to pull my linchpin, my powerlessness, and then in a day or two, when I see it working, I will know I had found the right words, and I’ll record the audio.

Patience, my friend, is powerful.

In this article I taught you what it will take to live a life by your own design, where you have all your desires fulfilled. I taught you that there is a linchpin emotion that blocks you from having what you want. I taught you that that linchpin can be found and disappeared.

I taught you that you can be powerful with just a 3-minute connection to Source. But what it takes to do that is to know powerless, intimately.

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