The spirit only wants that there be flying

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I am sitting here, working… but my mind wanders to the movie August Rush.

I hear the Catholic church’s call for whatever they do at 6 pm… and today I hum with it, I hear it as music. And I remember that I used to hear it as noise.

This brings me to August Rush.

I think, most likely it’s a corny movie. And yet, it is one of the movies I go back to with regularity. And weep.

And I just got what about that movie, August Rush is talking to me.

Yesterday I spent a good half of my day planning to end my life.

When I asked: do I make a difference, which is just another way to ask the stupid Tai Lopez funeral test question that irritates the hell out of me: will anyone weep when I die.

And the obvious, to me, answer is: no one… or not really.

This moody, hopeless state lasted until I had a thought: what if needing to make a difference is a meme?

What if life is not about what other people say about me, but what I say about me and my life?

What if this meme is much like the meme of “love your neighbor as yourself” and is stupid? Because why would you love your neighbor… your neighbor can be an axe murderer, or your mother in law… or Donald Trump… ugh.

Or it so happens, I have a born again Christian for a neighbor, who thinks trying to live like the Bible say to live make her a child of God, an Israelite?

What if my job is what I say my job is, and then I can take life as it comes. If people like me… good. If people don’t like me… also good. If people can raise their vibration up with my guidance… good. If they can’t… that is also good.

With this idea that this is a meme pulling my strings… frees me up. I am no excited. I now have some energy. I am even starting to do some house work: pick up some clothes that are all over the place.

Yay, life is beautiful.

Oh, back to August Rush…

Why I like it so much.

Remember, August Rush is this little boy, discarded son of two musicians. And she does music. She does music for the love of music.

She also knows that music will bring his parents to him: it has to. And it does.

For me it is not about the parents, it is about the love of music, and the faith that that is enough, that you don’t have to do anything else. You don’t have to scramble to gain other people’s likes or agreement or approval.

Life is about you living with what you have living the best life possible.

Me living with what I have… the love of flying. The love of teaching to fly. The love of truth. The love of health. Teaching. If anyone hears it: good. If no one hears it: also good.

The important thing is to get the music that wants to be created be created.

The wind doesn’t care, the sun doesn’t care, so why should I care if anyone appreciates it.

I watch students of mine being heavily invested in being approved of, liked, in being right, and they are not flying.

The ones that do: they learned the attitude from me, that the music needs to get out. Eventually it will be heard… or not.

Your job is to play it.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

1 thought on “The spirit only wants that there be flying”

  1. Sophie, I got up today at 10 am. I never get up at 10 am. I thought, “Well, I’m awake.” So I started cooking a big pot of barley (let’s see if it’s still on my list…). Then I cooked up some lamb burgers, and then some mushrooms. I put some towels in the dryer from last night. I shaved, and ate and did all my normal morning stuff. Then I stopped for a moment, and sat down to work on a drawing that I had started last night. I erased the pencil lines beneath the ink lines, and I mixed up a bit of wash and added some shade and some shadow.

    This is only part of what you mean to me: That I might have a normal, engaged, healthy, and balanced life one day. Today, even. I think the energy you downloaded the other day really affected me in a very powerful way. I feel a little more awake, a little more capable, and a little more willing to do my work.

    Thank you, Sophie. Thank you.

    You continually make a difference in my life. Yes, even when I hate you. Even when I can’t or won’t follow directions. And especially when you give me another chance, after giving up on me as hopeless.

    You matter to me. You matter to me.

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