The truth will set you free, says the meme. Is it true? does it really?

I sometimes get lucky. A generous person lets me know exactly what are the sentiments that dominate my readers.

Right now I have this special offer for health muscle testing.

Two things special about it:

  • 1. I let you in and I’ll measure you, without you having to talk to me. And from my point of view: without ME having to talk to YOU… Less time, less emotional load on me.It’s also that you can get your measurements and put them aside… no accountability to me. I won’t call you on it. You are off the hook.
  • 2. I have a big discount. For the first time. And maybe the last.

Now, let me show you what this reader wrote to me this morning:

I have been dreading to sign up for your testing offers…

or better: to get the results. It’s kinda silly. The getting off milk has been intense and still is a challenge, going to the grocery store – there’s still a part of me that craves bread and pasta and cake and cookies and chocolate and cheese and yoghurt and fruit and carrots and whatever… and it feels like signing up for a death sentence.

Now at least I can pretend to not know… but then I’d have a list, black on white…. non-negotiable.

Ha, yes, there is a part that wants to negotiate with source. Yea, but what if… hey universe, can’t you just change my genetics, like, rewrite this line of code, and in turn, I’ll pay you with whatever seems appropriate to me, so I can cheat and cut corners? Boohoo, it’s already so hard!

So today is the last day of your offer.

I’ve been mulling over the options…

In your last article you have your learning to muscle test offer. And right now, I’d opt for the food and the nutrient deficiency lists plus the muscle testing course.

What is your take on that combo?

As you can see, fear is the dominant sentiment.

Now wanting to find out… It’s treated as if it were a cancer test…

But what would the mood be if there were no memes? Non-negotiable is a meme. Having to, needing to, wanting to, shoulds are all memes.

It’s all memes in your head.

When you can hear all those memes, but you hear them as noise, you start to hear the silence.

I have been experimenting if this is true.

syracuse UniversityI live in a university neighborhood. Every Saturday is a party day, party night. Cheering, music, drum circle, drunk kids screaming.

I can hear it. I live on the top of a hill with a view of the University. 20 thousand students.

I used to be sleepless till 2-3 am on Saturdays… but I have learned to make room for the noise and to hear the silence.

The same is true with the memes. You need to make room for it… because they won’t shut up. Guaranteed.

The memes that tell you that you are wrong, how you should be instead, all the restrictions and rules and domination and avoid domination: it is all the result of memes.

The truth is: you can get your measurements, black on white. And day: ok, I see it. And I choose to do what I have been doing… Really. No police out there… it is just the memes that tell you that that is wrong. Or that you are wasting your money.

Ultimately the information you get is worth the money you paid for it, even if you do nothing with it.

If you use it, if you install it as a set of rules you set for yourself, then it is worth 100-1000 times more than what you pay for it.

Some of the details I discovered lately, are worth to me… worth to me to be alive.

With the complaints I had and now I don’t have, the quality of my life went from zero to 60 on a scale of 1-100.

I am still old. I still have irreversible damage here and there. But life is not worthless.

Had I got those lists 30 years ago, they would be worth to me, now, millions. Literally. Because all that time when I was “not well”, bummed out, drunk on milk, restricted in my movements, out with sinus infection, banned from places for my behavior, spending days shopping, or on the phone obsessively… Do you think that I could have made millions instead? I do.

My available intelligence rose by 30 points because of the dietary changes.

For many of you, this would mean becoming NORMAL again. For many of you this would mean having genius available to you. And for some of you this would mean being able to start your journey up on the Tree of Life… that leads to Human Being, the next evolutionary level for humans. For the few.

It will be still work… but possible.

You cannot be unwell, and raise your vibration.

If I didn’t know that, I would not say it.

I watch people who go back and forth on dumb and normal… and it is all because of what they eat.

I’ve drank ice tea with sugar had a taco

…and a ton of nuts and a frittata. And a KitKat. My water set up some screwed up, my healthy food is almost gone and I’m basically in a horrible horrible mood and pissed off at the world. I’m actually pissed off at myself for not being more responsible and making sure I have the things I need to take care of my self. I’m 55 and I’m seeing just how immature I am and how I blame everything on it doesn’t matter who just as long as I blame someone other than who is responsible for it…Myself.
I’m more pathetic than I thought.

The same client was brilliant a week ago.

It is easier to see this on another person than on yourself.

Your results will show. Your results don’t lie. If your results are not smooth, if they are fraught with your mistakes, impatience, hurry, expectations, forcing, you should look at your diet and you’ll find the culprit.

If you have your food list. If you don’t… you won’t know what hit you!

And if you also have muscle testing, the ability, you can even go into detail…

I had a few sleepless nights and horrid sinus symptoms.

I found out, through muscle testing, that both were caused by eating a big bowl of cauliflowers. And sugar free chocolate… 2

I would have never figured that out. But, you see, life, the human body, is a lot more complicated than the articles you read suggest.

The mechanism, says muscle test, is the cauliflower effecting the Thyroid. The Thyroid effecting how I use energy. And it caused weight gain too, and the sinuses, and the restlessness.

The gas… ugh.

But unless you know what causes what, you are going to fix what is not wrong, because that is what you think might be wrong.

I refrained from fixing… instead I muscle tested and observed.

Curiosity instead of frustration. Works for me.

The truth, the knowledge of truth will set you free. Free to be yourself, free to take effective action… or not. But at least you’ll know what you are doing.


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  1. Soy emulsifier... soy is not on my food list! And neither are cauliflowers... sound so innocent, doesn't it?
  2. Soy emulsifier… soy is not on my food list! And neither are cauliflowers… sound so innocent, doesn’t it?

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