Unless your money and livelihood is taken care of, nothing else matters. No spirituality, no love, no relationships: nothing

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money: making it, spending it, saving it, investing itOne cardinal issue that many of you may deal with is money.

I could bs around this, but I won’t.

If you have a money issue, that is the first thing you want to handle.

Why? Because when your livelihood is threatened, nothing else matters. Not even your health.

Maslow, a 20th century psychologist set up a pyramid-like hierarchy… and the base of the pyramid is the physical needs… unless your physical needs are met, you won’t be fully available to fulfill other needs.

The second level is safety needs. Until safety needs are met, you are not available to fulfill other needs like emotional needs, or self-actualization needs.

Which means that when you have a financial issue threatening your physical being, you need to deal with it.

Why am I talking about this? Because a lot of people, violating nature, try to become happy before they are financially safe, before the get the education, skill development, and such, to be able to make a living.

That is a major mistake, and it comes out on my calls…

People, to avoid being responsible for their own well-being, to continue feeling like a victim or their parents, society, their spouse, etc. put their attention and therefore their efforts into dealing with irrelevant stuff… instead of buckling down and dealing with the real issue: they are not carrying their own weight, they are not clear about what they have to offer for money, who their clients are, etc.

They don’t think of putting in an honest day’s work for a day’s pay… instead they try to get out of where they are.

This is like being stuck on the highway with an empty gas tank, stopping people to ask for a tooth-pick… instead of help getting to a gas station…

Are you stupid or something?

You need to set your priorities straight and start dealing with issues that are tough but mandatory.

You may need to learn, a lot, you may need to change a lot, but unless you start, it will never happen.

Most of you need basic level training, and a serious attitude adjustment, according to my experience with my students.

You will want to listen to high level trainings, buy high level courses, but you are building on mud and quicksand: you have an issue with the basics, and that is what you want to attend to.

On my free webinars, lately, I’ve been looking into what you need so you can make money… and attempt to set you straight on the basic mindset issues. I tell tough things to attendees… I am a no sugar-coating type of coach.

If you are ready to hear some tough coaching, you are invited to attend.

By the way, this article was triggered by a blog on Medical Device Marketing I just finished reading, written by a marketing coach… He helps people sell medical equipment better… but it doesn’t matter what is what you are selling, your time, your expertise, products… whether you are a realtor or a healer, an accountant or a pharmacist, the principles are the same… and you owe it to yourself to get better at making money… so you can graduate to the higher concerns of a person… instead of just pretending to avoid having to deal with the tough stuff.

If you need energetic help, the HOE long range and the Harmonize are excellent supports to help you deal with what you have been trying to ignore.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Unless your money and livelihood is taken care of, nothing else matters. No spirituality, no love, no relationships: nothing”

  1. Isn’t that the truth!

    Wallace Wattles deals with this very effectively in “The Science of Getting Rich” and of course Maslow applies here too. You need money to free yourself for higher self-development and even more money to be able to contribute significantly to the community.

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