The truth about probiotics – Updated

OK, this is going to be mostly good news… Update is at the end…

They want you to take probiotics forever.

But in my experience, you will need probiotics to establish a perfect match flora for the food list you eat.

Or, when for whatever reason, you make quick and substantial changes in your eating habits.

digestive systemEach macro nutrient, carbs, fats, proteins, and fiber (vegetables!) needs a different kind of bacteria.

It takes about a month or two to perfect your intestinal flora to match what you are eating.

It also takes refraining from foods that have hidden antibiotics: milk, beef, because the antibiotics also kill your useful bacteria.

Anything that has to do with beef is messed up, by the way. Beef gets sick on the kinds of food farmers feed them, so they need to combat it with large doses of antibiotics. But the antibiotics are in the flesh, and in the milk. 1

So if you still eat beef and drink milk, or eat cheeses, you’ll probably need a lot of probiotics, matching the money you spent on milk and meat… It is just what works.

When your food is not digested because of the missing bacteria, then you “self-poison”… resulting in bad breath, bad skin, bad hair, bad teeth, bad floated feeling in your belly. And low energy. And depression. And listlessness. No motivation. Dull brain… barely subsisting on expensive food.

But if and when you follow your food list, settle into a routine, then your bacterial flora in your gut is humming along, happy, and doing its job.

I haven’t had to take any probiotics for six weeks now, but I will take some today… this sinus condition is a warning sign that I whacked out my inner balance.

Now that I am looking, this, not needing probiotics, muscle test saying “no” to probiotics, coincides with the time when I started to order my lamb online. Because American lamb producers put antibiotics into lamb… sicher ist sicher…(German) just to make sure.

So if you are buying American lamb, you’ll need to continue taking your probiotics. Now, that makes American lamb very expensive. But at least you’ll be well.

The most important difference is the disappearance of brain fog. Stupidity. Slowness.

I hate those, don’t you?

What else harms your bacteria?

Yeast, of course. Candida Albicans.

If you don’t remove the stuff Candida lives on, the Candida will outcrowd the good bacteria, that actually digest your food, and you are sh-t out of luck… you are up sh-t’s creek without a paddle.

The fallacy is, the myth is that Candida likes all kinds of sugar. And it’s a myth because it is not true.

It likes fructose. It likes gluten… or carbs that have gluten. It likes cow’s milk.

It likes everything that is unnatural, that weakens your immune system by making it complacent to food that is not fit for human consumption.

So Candida is an organism, like cancer, that moves in when your immune system is overloaded by your bad actions, your bad behavior.


Stupid as the stupid does…

Candida is a lot like memes. It talks. I can hear it. Correction: I could hear it for 60 years… It tells you what you should eat. Sugar. Milk. Bread…

I have, knock on wood, successfully reduced my Candida population to carrying only a few votes… It is still talking, but it is easier to resist.

I still buy sugar free candy… but not enough for the Candida to explode its population.

And that is the last thing that I may consider dropping… the sugar free candy.

PS: I can hear your wheels turning and your mind saying: I see. now I don’t have to pay her for my food list, I just follow some of her recommendations, and I’ll be fine.

And stupid as the stupid does… As i have said before…

Why? Because it is a system.

You miss important parts, because you have no idea what is important… and the whole thing doesn’t work.

I am so tempted to put here names of people who I know have done that… but privacy is important. So I won’t do it. But you know who you are.

OK, 12 more hours of my special offer

Take advantage if you can afford it.

PS: The truth value of this article is 30%. Why so low? Because it is incomplete.

Here is a link to an article with a truth value of 10%
Most of the stuff I read today on the internet is less than 5% truth value… 🙁

Update: I took my probiotics just when I was ready to click “publish” about 20 minutes ago? The sinus trouble is already clearing up. Muscle test says it is because of the probiotics… Boggles the mind!

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