Still think memes are innocent?

I have been talking about the memes… and it seems that I haven’t spoken clearly the point.

So let me take a stab at it, and I’ll try until it’s so clear that most people will get it.

A meme is a though form. Words. Some rule, some principle, some saying that says something about how the world works, how you should be, and what is good and bad.

The Tree of Knowledge houses the memes. They live their incestuous life there and they come from there to infect you.

None of the knowledge you have came from your own experience, your own experience which would be the Tree of Life… You got infected with all the knowledge. And the first pieces of “knowledge” decided what other memes to allow, what not allow. 1

You are born without any knowledge. When you are born you are innocent from any memes. But not for long.

You soon learn that you are not ok the way you are, and you start pretending, fixing, maneuvering, so you can get what your body says you need: be fed, be touched, be cleaned, be safe.

Your parents’ knowledge of anything is made up, almost completely, of memes… how they are supposed to be, how you are supposed to be, how it is supposed to be.

Rules invented by someone. If it doesn’t work, it is always your fault, the rule is never questioned. 2

Life comes with Life’s rules, but these new rules, the memes, are different. They clash with Life’s rules, and they keep you limited, dependent, stupid, unthinking, robotic.

Memes are everything that you hold true.

Keeping you uneducated is part of this game.

If you can’t tell what is real, what is Life’s rules, then you’ll never say no to the memes.

The memes are created by people to keep you enslaved.

All memes. Of all ages.

According to my muscle testing the creation of memes is an organized, conscious activity to keep 98% of the population down. It began in earnest about 7,000 years ago and has never stopped.

I’ve read books on how to do it, how to create memes to create cults that buy what you have… It’s easy.

How? The cult creator needs to “tune into” and use already existing memes, and create a few new ones. 3

Because everything has memes about it. Rules, and the opposite rule.

If you read articles, advise, you can clearly see that one authoritative advice is the opposite of another authoritative advice.

Confusion, unclarity is the key. You need to keep your opponent standing on one leg if you want to control them.

And in this game of memes, that opponent standing on one leg is you. The unthinking, unaware, unconscious 98%.

Billionaires read book that helps them separate physical laws from memes. They read and think and read and think.

What keeps them out of the 98 percent is this activity, not what you see that they do. What you see that they do is the tip of the iceberg. The underwater part of the iceberg is activity to increase awareness, increase a sense of what is real and what is made up.

Tai teaches a saying by Jeff Bezos (, one of these billionaires, a saying “we’ll innovate ourself out of our problems.”

You can only truly appreciate this saying if you understand that all problems, all issues, all boundaries, all rules, are memes.

The job is to be able to tell the difference.

It’s not easy. It takes considerable brain power, and EDUCATION, which is more and more lacking in the world.

I just finished a second reading of an amazing collection of short stories by Jhumpa Lahiri

In one of those short stories an Indian girl born in the USA tries to read up on Pakistan in the library. Her teacher “catches” her, and sends her back to what she is supposed to do: learn ad nausea about the American Civil War… not what she is interested in, what would give her a sense of self, and a sense of say in the matter of her own life.

Intellect killed. Stand back in line. Toe the line. Don’t follow your curiosity…

Result: you know nothing that you can use to maneuver your life, to achieve the good life, the life worth living.

Instead you are “playing” in a game you don’t know the rules of, and no participant can and will agree on the rules of the game.

You are at odds with your body, your spouse, your parents, your bosses, and your teachers.

Because each tunes into the broadcast of memes according to their temperament, their happenstance circumstances, their horoscope, their soul correction, so finding someone who you can share the same rules with is rare and is considered a reason to celebrate.

You call such a person a soul-mate.

In my conversations with my one marketing/business coaching client, I am doing the work, both for him and for myself, really learning to distinguish between real and made up realities.

You may call it “innovate ourselves out of the made up problems”, but the words don’t express what is really happening.

It’s interesting that Kabbalah seems to be, again, shine here.

Kabbalah says that the solid walls you see that separate you from the fulfillment you seek, are just sheets hanging. Not real.

Of course there are real walls. There is a physical reality, with rules and laws.

And to question that is another move “they” added to the mix of memes.

The goal is to confuse you enough so that you always do the wrong thing.

And when something works, you have theories why it worked, but you don’t know.

So what can you do now, that I told you that you are uneducated and consider what is not real real?

I don’t know. I tell you what I have done… Or what I am doing… Because I am in no way intelligent yet.

I am quite educated… 21 years of formal education, and many more informal.

And yet… if I didn’t have muscle testing while connected to Source, I would not be able to tell reality from mirage apart.

Can I teach you to do the same?

let me measure your vibrationYes. I do it in my muscle testing course.

And if there are enough people interested, I am willing to tack a monthly webinar, question and answer, for buyers of that course… so you can be sure you are getting what you need to get.

The secret has two main parts: 1. test while in Theta mode… a brain wave, that is actually easy to get into.
2. ask the right questions.

The technical part is the easy part… it takes practice and self-trust, but it is actually easy.

I am testing different ways to ensure that you actually register after you pay.

This is a completely different site than all the other membership you have, activators, or subscriber site… so you need to register.

Did you make up a rule that all your purchases are at the same place? lol

It’s not MY rule… and it is not THE rule either. There are no rules… All rules are memes. Keeping you frustrated and stupid.


  1. People on the autistic spectrum don’t behave like the memes expect… their brain is slightly different, and therefore it is easier to make a person on the autistic spectrum to be an outlier, which is what I am trying to do with you. The opposite of an outlier is a hapless slave. Unconscious, unaware, uneducated, unthinking… the perfect result of this culture of memes. Human being can only grow from aware, conscious, curious, and constructively thinking to discern…
  2. Osho had a hunch that religion, nationality, ethnicity are all memes, but his thinking didn’t go to the root, didn’t go deep enough… Partially, I say, because he was interested in creating his own cult, and he succeeded.

    And cults are a prime visible manifestation of this meme-world.

    Bad Osho… bad bad bad… lol

  3. My student and I are working on creating memes to replace the memes in his clientele’s brain. He is interested in installing ethnic pride in his followers… Is that bad? It can be. Is that good? It can be.

    All memes are invented. Reality doesn’t support any of them. They are tales.

    Some tales create behaviors that make you feel good. Being part of a group and be proud of who you are is healthy. Most of us are not proud of who we are… and that feels alienation, isolation, and loneliness.

    So creating something that you can be part of, that you can identify with, can be good. It all depends on the intention of the meme-creator.

    Extreme anything, extreme right, extreme Islam, extreme communism… what is your favorite extreme? Trump?

    How you know it’s extreme because the adherent feels it their right to kill dissenters, or people not agreeing with their ideology…

    Here you go: ideology is a collection of memes…

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