How many people playing the HOE will it take to eliminate negativity from the planet?

One of the major and effective tools to eliminate negativity from your life is the Heaven on Earth… and now, with the release of HOE (Heaven on Earth) Long Range… you can be 200 miles away from your audio source, and still get the effect 24 hours a day.

How does it work?

I have infused the energies of the 40 Bach Flower Remedies into an audio recording. And then I layered it with a powerful horizontal carrier that carries the energy of the Bach Flower Remedies (Bach Flower Energies) as far as 200 miles.

The Bach Flower Energies are homeopathic in nature, they extinguish the feeling or at least weaken them, the feelings that match their energy signature. So the Impatiens Bach Flower Remedy eliminates impatience, the Vine Bach Flower Remedy eliminates forcefulness… and so on.

No matter what emotion comes up, fear, guilt, shame, anxiety, depression, doubt, greed, it will meet its match in the HOE Long Range, and at least gets weakened, at best completely eliminated.


I need your help to figure out how many people would have to buy the HOE Long Range to cover all of the planet and raise the vibration of all the people?

The HOE Long Range has a radius of 200 miles… a diameter of 400 miles.

It effects every person that is in that area…

Can you help me figure out how many people would we need, evenly spaced, to cover the Earth and raise the vibration of the planet and eliminate negativity?

Please email me with your guess… OK? Or comment below…

Thank you.

PS: If you don’t know what HOE Long Range is, it’s here:

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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14 thoughts on “How many people playing the HOE will it take to eliminate negativity from the planet?”

  1. Based on the circumference of the world, which is 24,900 miles, I would say you need 12,450 people.

  2. first thought; only 29% of the planet is land, although some people will be on the water so spacing could be an issue there..

    each hoe energy should cover 125663 sq miles area calculated with the area of a circle

    the earth has a surface area of 196,935,000 sq miles

    therefore i get it to approx 1567 if they could be evenly spaced, though it would be circular area of transmission, so may require one extra in the middle, so 2000 may be more realistic

    a guess, but then there is still the issue of covering the water and even if just the land, it is all different shapes so would further affect the distribution.

  3. Misty, the HOE doesn’t make permanent changes, so the HOE would have to be transmitted… I don’t believe that the 100th monkey is any relevant here… besides, if you look, 7 billion people divided by 100 is still 70 million… the size of a big country. It is easier to actually touch the 2,000 people Will suggests… faster too.

  4. There are 1 billion plus people on Facebook alone. There are other social media outlets. Twitter, My Space, etc. Is there a way to post something on every persons page?? I don’t know, but it’s worth exploring…….
    Be it 144,000 , 24,000, or 2,000, that’s nothing compared to the number of people on social media. If each student alone were to post HOE on Facebook, and their personal results, I believe any of the above number would be attainable.

  5. another try: The diameter of equator is cca. 25,000 miles. Divided with 400 miles (range of HOE) equals 62.5 people/posts only for this circumference. Through each of 62.5 equator posts an imaginary half-circle (i.e. meridian) can be drawn from the North to the South pole. In this way you get 31.25 circles around both poles.
    The approximate circumference of each circle (pair of meridians) is (again) cca. 25,000 miles, so it too has 62.5 posts. And 31.25 * 62.5= 1953
    The biggest distance is on the equator (62.5) and the space between meridians gradually decreases towards poles… so, it probably would be less

  6. The area of Earth’s land surface is around 57,500,000 square miles.
    the area of a 200 mile circle is about 125,663 square miles.
    So, 57,500,000 / 125,663 = ~458 people.

  7. An issue i see with my calculation is the assumption of the transmissions being evenly spaced to cover the area, which is not likely.

  8. Me too. 2k seems like a good mountain to climb for a challenge. Count me in for the expedition!

    @Celeste: I doubt that there’s a way to post something on every persons page (they’d probably consider that spam anyway too, lol), but you can certainly buy commercials on facebook. I think it’s an interesting idea for touching the peak of the billion…

  9. bit late with contributing.. what about one long range per major city? probably only have to reach 100 major cities to affect the world?

  10. the problem I saw with my approach is this: playing the audio loud for other people’s sake is beyond what most people are willing to do. The selfish gene made people prefer not to do it.

    But yes, probably 100 major cities would dramatically affect the world.

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