Cannot get from A to B? It’s not your fault! It’s the memes

Minerva and chocolate cake proofWhen people speak about beliefs that they want to get rid of, let’s say, belief about money, abundance, they always think that there are some personal beliefs there, that they are discreet, and that they can get rid of them.

Back in my times when I was doing Fourth Plane energies, “designer energies”, one of the moves I had is to make my hand sticky, and pull beliefs, also called thought forms, from myself and from clients.

It was a long process. Hard on the muscles…

I could see some of those beliefs… as I was pulling them, because beliefs, thought forms are energy fragments… as I said before, just like viruses are incomplete genes… gene fragments… no ability to reproduce without a host.

This way I was entertaining myself with what I “saw” because the the process was really tiresome.

So a few days ago when I was writing about the memes, which is yet another name for these beliefs, I asked Source if one can pull a specific belief… and the answer was No.

The visual of this whole “thought form, belief, meme mess” is on the top of  the real you, your Light, is covered up with black tar. For some people the light peeks through, some people are all black. No light can be seen or felt.

And with this visual it is clear that pulling an individual belief won’t make a difference. Because there are millions more where it came from. It’s a system.

It is called “fractal wrong”… which means wrong to the tiniest detail.

The same way “positive thinking” cannot make a difference. You recognize a belief… you declare it wrong belief, and to fix it, to make it right, you invent a sentence that turns that belief upside down. You think it, you say it, you write it… And it goes nowhere. Because it is a system. A fractal wrong.

Because unless you pull them all, you pulled nothing. Unless you changed them all, you changed nothing.

This is why the nature of insight is so weird… It doesn’t emerge gradually. It happens in big chunks… and over time. But yet, suddenly. A whole slab of tar needs to be removed altogether… the whole belief group is sticking together.

And you have no idea what the individual beliefs are, unless…

In the Amish Horse Training Method I ask you to hear everything that is said in your head as part of this belief system… And hear it as “not you”.

The more you practice hearing the voices while you are doing other things, the more of those beliefs (voices, memes) can be looked at, ignored, or discounted.

For me doing this is already an unconscious competence, because I have been doing it for 30 years.

Some of those voices still sound like they are true. They sound as if they had the authority to tell me what to do. And some of that I still obey to my own detriment.

And some of these I hear for the first time, and a whole new world opens up…

This is what happened this morning.

I play Freecell every time I need to ponder something. I have to do something physical to think… I can walk, I can cook, I can play Freecell. What I can’t do is do nothing… my mind wonders.

I don’t always need to know what I need to think through, I just need to feel that there is something to think through. And I obey.

This morning, as I was working on solving some complex marketing idea, my hands and my mind were playing Freecell.

And at some point it struck me: no matter how well you set up a win, you still have to move the cards yourself if you want to hear the satisfying sound of victory. See the flying of the cards… and then the note: you won. 1

I once had a friend, who was also a coach, and a client… She was ten years older than me. She was a perpetual “I am going to be found out” person… She had never succeeded at anything, she had never done anything well. She never took the effort. EVER.

So she wasn’t happy. She also played Freecell, and was very excited from that sound, from the cards flying when the game was won. She wanted that sense of success in every area of her life.

What she didn’t see is this: it is not enough to set something up to succeed… you need to do the work till the end.

  • If you are writing a paper, you have to spell-check it, format it, add illustrations, and sell it.
  • If you create an ad, you have to place it, you have to tweak it, you have to make it a winner… but you also have to make sure that the customer loves what they bought, that it is delivered fast and secure, that they will get an email from you…
  • If you make art or craft, you have to sell it to capture value, or it is simply stuff gathering dust.

Many of us have a belief system that says: it is enough to be brilliant. Only losers work.

Inside this belief system work is a four letter word. Anyone who works is dumb, and a sucker. And don’t be a sucker is a big belief in that belief system.

So people who have this… not everybody, in my experience. Only certain cultural segments of the population, a certain self-concept…

People who grew up with this belief system won’t want to work through something, won’t want to finish anything, only start things and hope. And in life they earn money with piecework… something two-bit, selling their time, driving, making typed documents, book-keeping, etc. Nothing that requires sustained effort to bloom and then bring fruits. Short term.

It may have a lot to do with soul-correction as well, but the connection is not clear there.

What they cannot see, given all the tar (beliefs) in the way, that unless you take something all the way, it won’t go on its own.

  • People who have the million dollar ideas…
  • People who don’t do market research
  • People who never find out if what they invented will be unique, and in demand… or not
  • People who think that building a relationship ends at the marriage vow.

If you look, you can see.

  • People who think they understood… and therefore they know
  • People who will do an exercise and happily announce: I did it.
  • People who never amount to much…

In my coaching program this is the biggest obstacle. Until you can see it, you cannot see it.

A belief system is invisible to the person who is “tarred” by it.

And it takes a long time of looking from all different angles and with all different steps of the 67 steps to see it… if ever.

  • The bigger your desire number, the more likely that you are infected with this belief system.
  • The higher your number of “you think of yourself” the more likely that you are infected with this belief system.
  • The higher your inauthenticity number the more likely that you are hiding the gap between who you want to be and who you are.

Those numbers and this article should, maybe, hasten the seeing of the belief system… The memes.

Every single meme masquerades as a rule and a law… But only natural laws, laws of physics that are actually laws.

The rest are human constructs… made up. Including moral laws, or what is smart and what isn’t. Or what skin color should be better. Or what god should be accepted. When to drink water… Good and evil.

All Tree of Knowledge, all memes. Made up. Like Positive Thinking, Like the “Law” of attraction, like marriage, like children should love their parents.

At this point you have no choice in the matter.

My job is to give you a choice. My recommendation is that you choose a life of responsibility, integrity, and distinctions. A life that works. A life that is worth living…

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  1. Different versions of the game have sound, flying cards, trumpets… the whole shebang of celebrating how smart you are… lol

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  1. what are you agreeing to? the title? that it is not your fault?

    it’s both courteous and dangerous to speak in full sentences… I see you never got your Starting Point Measurements…

    What made you suddenly resurface after 4 years being away?

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