Getting to the bottom of the iceberg… It is like the One Ring that controls all

I had an impromptu (unplanned) conversation with a long time client yesterday. Unfortunately my recorder decided to run out of battery… so I didn’t record it.

This woman is one example of the perfect client for me.

So what is a perfect client? A perfect client is one who is able and willing to do what they need to do to fulfill on my promise to them.

“My aim is to take you to a place where you are able to be well and stay well, make money and keep on making money, and feel good about yourself and keep feeling good about yourself”

Joel Salatin said: “I don’t mind carrying a man, but I don’t want them dragging their feet!”

Given all you’ve been indoctrinated by society through its representatives: parents, siblings, teachers, friends, you will need to be carried through sticky points. With energies, with words, with spotting, with coaching…

  • You need to build a life that can be meaningful.
  • You need to get to your Self that can guide you.
  • You need to get clear what you accept and what you don’t.
  • What YOU are about, what purpose you choose for your life.
  • A purpose that lights you up, and makes no one and nothing wrong at the same time.

If you think you can do it on your own, think again.

Some people cannot find coaches… like myself. So they get coaching the way they can.

My way of getting coaching is being a coach… I habitually coach from the Tree of Life, a knowledge base gives me knowledge that has been previously unavailable to me. One could say I channel, because I say things I didn’t know. That is my coaching. That is how I get coaching for myself.

Reading a book, an article, is one thing when you read it alone. It is quite another thing when you read it “with” someone…

Here is an example: I’ve read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged three times. I watched Ayn Rand’s interviews countless times. I had no guidance: I read the book alone.

I was reading it from a height of the branches… using a tree-analogy.

Months after I finished reading it the third time, and I was teaching the Amish Horse Training Method, and the memes, the world of memes, it dawned on me to get Aristotle’s writings. And then get a book on logical fallacies. 1

And yesterday, in my conversation with the client who is reading the book for the first time, it came out, out of the blue, clearly.

  • What was the root level of Ayn Rand’s novel, the roots that create producers.
  • The roots that create guiltless people.
  • The roots that when you can return to the roots, I can keep my promises to you, because you can finally see where you’ve been making the mistake.

“My aim is to take you to a place where you are able to be well and stay well, make money and keep on making money, and feel good about yourself and keep feeling good about yourself”

What is so interesting to me is this: in every single interview I watched, this, it is this root level what Ayn Rand talks about. I watched tens of these, over and over, for years… but I never understood why she was talking about that.

Millions of copies of Atlas Shrugged sold over the years.

Muscle test says: no one has, not one person, has gotten what is the root level. Because the world is so busy looking at the pretty branches, at the pretty leaves, and the tasty fruit… and at not the roots.

If you look, every single part of life, every single question, every single feeling you feel can be looked at, examined, looking from the roots, and be altered, without you ever having to DO different.

The quality of your life, the quality of your answers, solutions to life’s problems all come from how you look at life. From the root level. But that, the root level, is invisible, just like water is invisible for the fish.

If I can help you change the root level, the invisible, then you can change your life.

Otherwise nothing much can change.

A lemon tree will never bear juicy peaches.

You can do tons of stuff on the level of the branches, the leaves, the fruit: mind movies, energy healing, incantations, and the ton of stuff you have done and you are doing now.

But nothing changes. Nothing CAN change. Because if the root level remains the same, everything will remain the same.

In my coaching program, where you and me both participate, we are changing the roots.

Plants are integratedWe use a tool that doesn’t even know about roots… The 67 Steps Program… what roots?! and yet, we get to the roots, and our life is changing. Our health is changing. Our mood and attitude, our outlook is changing.

Amazing to watch.

Nothing is more satisfying than starting to feel your power. Your power to call it.

You watch people. Everyone is  talking but nothing changes for them. No matter who you watch, it is true about everyone.

They are into surviving… looking good and making it. Wretched. Soul-less.

But you are starting to live out the full human experience. Because you are attending to the roots.

Here is an example of what is possible by attending to the roots:

I had some shipping orders to prepare today.
I was sluggish, reluctant, didn’t want to do it.

I suspected that there was a root mischief at play… something that none of us can excuse ourselves from.

This was a great opportunity to see if what I am saying works.

What I found at the root is that I am not only afraid that I am an impostor, I am sure I am. After all who do I think I am?! Regardless the results, regardless all evidence pointing to this not being true, the root level of every human is “there is something wrong with you”. The original sin. The guilt creating memes.

Once I saw that, I immediately snapped out of it, and my mood turned around, I finished the order and now I am well.

Got to the root. The root was a meme… and it had nothing to do with reality.

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  1. Logical fallacies are methods of explaining something in an invalid, meme way…

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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5 thoughts on “Getting to the bottom of the iceberg… It is like the One Ring that controls all”

  1. When we uproot negative energies and patterns at their source, the freedom experienced is joyful!

  2. I just hope that you stopped to actually getting it, not just appreciate it for a second. Because it is the answer to your prayers… the distinction that makes you who you are, fully, and proud, and really take s-h-i-t from no one. I saw your google wall…

  3. One more thing Felicia… you have a real talent in spotting really good stuff… now use it to raise yourself above 200… that is where you are now. At 200. You can go higher with what this article is saying.

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