Epigenetics… the path of human evolution: from human to human being

How I use the energy that I download during the Days of Power

After I moved out of my parents’ home, I met this guy who became my boy friend. My first boy friend.

He was a philosophy student, son of a well known philosopher.

I didn’t understand a word they were talking. When I typed up his thesis I bastardized some of the words, because I had no idea they weren’t typos. They didn’t look like, they weren’t regular words.

Here I am 46 years later, and if you asked me what profession I have, I would have to tell you that I am closest to being a philosopher. Boggles the mind.

Wrapping my mind around another person’s concept of things is still very tricky for me.

It is a lot like wrapping a ball with flat sheets… It gets unwrapped easier than it gets wrapped.

Unless you have some sticky surfaces it won’t happen… Just like gift wrapping… You are either good at it or you aren’t.

Normally this is really hard for me.

But on the days, a few days after i download the energy, I can do it better. It’s almost as if I had grown and extra set of hands to hold the wrapper and the ball together.

Most people start understanding, start incorporating anything new, or anything hard, at a little corner that looks they can get it.

I have seen people, beginner architecture students even, draw a square and say: this is the entrance hall.

What comes out of this method is nothing similar to what I would call “wrapping your mind around it”.

Understanding is holographic. It is fuzzy in the beginning but no parts are missing. And gets sharper with every new attempt at understanding.

It takes discipline and trust. Because you have to be flying blind, feeling blind, most of the time.

Depending on your TLB score, you can tolerate that, or you can’t.

I have students who are not even willing to exercise the “muscle” of flying blind. And then I have students who are surprisingly good at it, and eventually succeed.

I have a student who took his TLB 1 to TLB 30… The exercise he did was the Amish Horse Training Method converging into A is A…

With your present view of the world, you should do more things, you should understand more things, and you try, and nothing changes, but more importantly YOU don’t change.

Going from TLB1 to TLB30 is an epigenetic shift… you are now genetically different.

To become more, to be able to do what you currently cannot do, cannot be accomplished with packing in more knowledge into your brain… it requires you to BECOME a new person who can do it.

Your genes have to shift. And only persistent “hammering away” at some basic tasks will do it.

This is my methodology.

I tried turning on capacities, but like anything you don’t have to work for: you don’t appreciate. Those capacities turn off… I was heartbroken when I found this out.

Epigenetic shift can be in becoming more equipped with intangible capacities, becoming more equipped with intellectual capacities, and it can be physical.

When my brain discovered that it was limping because one side had these big holes in it, it shook itself like a dog shaking out the water, and unified itself.

That was an epigenetic shift. If I were cloned, the clone would have a unified, physically unified brain.

Epigenetic means physical changes. Inheritable.

Knowledge is not inheritable, but genes… hell yeah.

Now, I am not in childbearing age… and maybe you aren’t either.

I am starting to see, that epigenetic changes can be attractive and cause a person to model after it. Wife, husband, maybe even a child can say: I want that… and if the person know what happened, what caused the epigenetic shift, they can transfer the practice that leads to the change. And the second generation may even get it faster.

Not enough data yet, but my hunch is that the second generation, wives, husbands, don’t have to work on the capacity as hard as the first one, because most of the inner work is already done for them.

Why? How?

The first generation, the ones that learn directly from me, have to go through a lot of doubt, or a lot of trust. Either way, they don’t know where they are going.

But the second generation sees what the result looks like, and they don’t have to deal with trust issues… That is why they can accomplish the same epigenetic shift faster.

Imagine you are a fish that moved to dry land. You now walk. Go back and get your wife… and your wife sees that you can live outside of water… so she comes, and learns walking a lot faster than you have.

My brain likes that it’s dyslexic. It has more brain cells in certain areas than a “normal” brain, and my brain likes it.

One could suspect that dyslexia is an epigenetic shift. Life’s experiments with human brains.

When you look at a “normal” human, you want to weep.

I saw an article yesterday on how trees are trying to adjust to the changing environment in this Global Warming. I was especially tuned into the fact that more and more insects can live, and feed on the trees, and destroy them.

More and more insects live on and in humans too.

The “normal” human brain cannot wrap their minds around Global Warming.

When people with “normal” brain all die off, the ones with the brains that have gone through epigenetic shifts will live.

Because “normal” means inattentive, entitled, near sighed, reward focused, unthinking, robotic, unaware, unwilling to do any work… really.

Normal is the bunch of frogs that slowly get cooked… because they can’t or won’t notice the rising temperatures. Until it’s too late.

Without epigenetic shift, without a change on the gene level happens, you are “normal” and honestly, quite stupid. Blind. Locked into your fixed vantage point.

And remember, the number one capacity that separates the ones that live a winning life and a “normal” life is their ability to see. Without that there is nothing…

But that seeing needs to be developed… and luckily it can be… through epigenetic shift.

“Not just anyone can do that”

I heard that phrase in a marketing article. It’s about understanding what your customers want, what would talk to them, what google wants to understand that you are connecting to what your customers are not so well-equipped to search for, and serve up your website.

If that was too complicated, that is exactly what that above sentence refers to: it takes a lot of skills, a lot of acquired skills to even grasp the meaning of the sentence, let alone doing it and doing it well.

This is what I work on with my marketing client, and it’s fun to teach, and makes one stand out head and shoulder above others, because learning those skills without having a teacher is near impossible.

One of the duping memes we’ve been forcefed is “you can do anything you put your mind to”.

I didn’t know that meme until I came to the United States and was exposed to thousands upon thousands of success memes, especially through the Network Marketing wannabes…

Or some sophisticates, like Tai Lopez, may add, “…as long as it is physically possible”. Tai has found that flying, as in flapping your wings like a bird, was not possible for him. But pretty much everything seems possible to him…

So what does it take to be someone who can say “not just anyone can do that”

Your vantage point is the key

Nothing changes until you change where you are looking from.

99% “how much you think of yourself” means that you can only look at everything through your own needs, through your own concerns. The only things you think are important.

No chance for love. No chance for caring. No chance for compassion.

Because everything is about you.


A coach’s job is to move you around, so your vantage point can move. And point out that you can look… look from different places.

If you manage to see and you manage to connect the seeing different with the different vantage point, you’ll move there even by yourself. First tentatively, then intentionally.

And eventually you can live from there…

And watch as life unfolds differently.

It is a gradual process, many moving parts. Depending on your main occupation, you’ll need to get used to it… Many occupations deal with “after the fact” scenarios, and never teach you to deal with moving elements.

Business, investing, relationships, your health… all need you to be able to see that when one aspect changes, everything needs to be reshuffled, re-organized.

That is a capacity, that developing it is an epigenetic shift… and a big one at that.

Because evolution is hard, only a minuscule number of people participate in it… it is not mainstream… Mainstream always consider that it is someone else’s job…

Anyway, this article is getting long…

If you got anything out of it, anything useful sounding, would you share it with me? Please?

PS: I found an old note… the beginning of an article I never wrote…

I wrote this 18 months ago…

To my surprise, no one is asking how can a gene for certain capacities can be turned on and turned off.

In addition, no one has questioned how can an activated capacity passed on to other people, or change people who you are your blood relations.

So this is going to be an unsolicited article… don’t read it if you are not interested. And ponder what kind of person you are if you are interested, and yet didn’t ask. What capacity is turned off… or alternatively, what “capacity” is protecting you from asking intelligent questions?

I first encountered the word epigenetic or epigenetic shift in a Neal Stephenson novel, Seveneves, and intuitively knew, immediately, that I work in that field… causing epigenetic shift, energetically.

Then I did zero research. I just knew what it was… and that’s that.

But today I spent the whole day researching… quite enjoyable. And to my surprise, not having a clue before, and knowing a lot… I haven’t changed my mind that the energies, activating capacities, work on the epigenetic level. Wow. I know more, but what I know is just understanding the mechanism by which the energy creates an effect.

I have learned a lot in those 18 months. And a lot of epigenetic shifts happened to a few people around me.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Epigenetics… the path of human evolution: from human to human being”

  1. Sophie, what I got from this article is that persistent hammering on a task is a way to raise my TLB score, and that it’s natural that it’s going to be fuzzy at the beginning, but that’s no reason to quit.

    I’ve been studying philosophy, as an experiment of sorts, and I recently got a text to work with as a homework, where my experience is a bit like what you described here — I don’t understand half the words. But I’m starting to see that as I look some of them up, and re-read the paragraphs, some of the things are getting a little clearer.

    So the thing for me to do is to go through the whole text again… and again, if I must.

  2. Miko, rote repetition may not cause clarity. But it may.
    Your TLB score won’t go higher from rote repetition… sticking with it in not necessarily rote repetition.
    Try to explain to someone what you are reading… even if it is a recorder… as you struggle to say what you got, clarity often follows… or at least you’ll see where your mind is fixed and doesn’t allow seeing.
    The more different ways you try to consider that it is you who is not looking rightly, the higher your TLB may become… If you do this regularly. One swallow doesn’t mean it’s spring…

  3. I learned what a TLB score is for the first time and I now am drawn to raise it since I know mine must be low.

  4. Yes, raising the TLB score is one of the most effective things anyone can do. Surprisingly self-trust and tlb score go hand in hand: you create a track record of being able to effectively deal with life, and both go up together, tlb score and self-trust.

    Welcome to the site.

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