Sound healing… Vibrational Review. How to know if something works or not?

“Healing” modality: sound healing to make yourself coherent. The truth value of this presentation on the video is 4%. Anything with less than 30-40% truth value is c.r.a.p.

One of the mistakes that is typical is believing something is true, or the right thing to do. And never look again… until much later, when it all comes down crashing…

We all do it… some more some less.

I record every call I have. And I make it available online for the other party.

I record, I process the call, I upload the mp3 file, and I post the link to it. This last step is where I get sloppy… and a typo there means: the audio won’t play.

I did that yesterday, and last week, and the week before. At least once a week. Even though I know it’s an icky spot…

If we look at life, and life well done, we can see that most of life is like spinning plates. Unless you continuously attend to all the plates, unless you know how to do it, calmly, without hurry, without an agenda, just as a matter of course, plates fall and crush.

One of these plates is knowing if something is true or not. If something is right or not. If something is effective or not.

A have a new client who spent a lot of money on some energy products that are not only ineffective, but in fact harmful.

For example a coaster to put under your bottle of water or cup… to raise the water’s vibration.

She sent me pictures, and the water with the coaster got 30 points lower… in just a matter of minutes.

This video, TED talk in fact, reminds me of that.

Someone’s good idea, the fact that they believe in it, the fact that they can bring pseudo scientific proof to it, or that they mix their presentation with scientific sounding language, isn’t evidence that there is any truth in the statement, that the idea works.

I have spent some time reading Aristotle who teaches you to think. I have spent some time reading about logical fallacies… in fact 76 different ways that people use language to prove something that isn’t true.

Now, I know that you have never been taught to think. I know you don’t know how to decide if something is true or not. And to be sure, it is not easy.

So what do I suggest that you do?

Start testing things. I call it experimenting.

Have a hypothesis. Decide how you are going to know if it works or not. And set a deadline.

Experimenting is serious business. You create an experiment that is run for the right length of time with the right intensity.

Dabbling is not experimenting. Jumping into conclusions is not experimenting. Being dead sure is not experimenting.

Your life looks the way it looks because of how you do things.

  • A has a tendency to jump in with two feet, go all the way only to find out that it was never going to work.
  • B has a tendency to stick with something for years…
  • C has a tendency to change his mind more often than people change their underwear…

I am a tweaker. I do very short term experiments… short term before i see if it is worth tweaking…

And then a tweak… and tweak… and tweak.

I like tiny tweaks. My favorite is the trim-tabbing method Werner learned from Buckminster Fuller, and I learned from Werner.

Some experiment run just a week or two can cost you your health.

Some 10 years ago I ran an experiment that packed 30 lbs on me in a week. I never got quite well after that. I still have some of that fat around my organs. Because in one week i caused irreparable damage.

I am not flawless… I am not without mistakes, I can’t claim that I don’t do stupid things.

But I think I wake up faster than most.

If you want to copy something… model something… model that. Waking up faster.

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