“They” want you to hope for a miracle… magic, windfall…

“They” 1 want you to hope for a miracle… magic, windfall…

And you have been compliant. You buy magical supplements. Start magical diets. Go to magical healers. Buy magical courses.

Magic bullet. You have a storehouse of those.

I recommended to a new client that she sells it to people who still want a magic bullet. She didn’t say yes. I guess she still hopes that one day they will magically start working.

I got a deep insight in this kind of thinking when i read the otherwise worthless long book by Laura Knight-Jadczyk. OK, it is not worthless to me, actually they were worth their weight in gold… they are worthless to you. The woman has insight, but mixes it with crap… I took the insights, if you read her stuff, you’ll probably eat the crap.

Anyway, what i got is the historical roots of magical thinking.

Most bad things come as a surprise. Cannot be explained. Good things, on the other hand, normally come as a result of something you can see. A process.

The meme’s job is to reverse this truth… and suggest that you can make good things happen. The gods will reward you, type of thinking. Which is the underlying b.s. of the law of attraction.

My next door neighbor is a born again Christian. Part of a sect that tries to live like the Hebrews lived 2000 years ago. Tries to explain teachings with today’s mind, with Christian thinking, with magical thinking. They think that this makes them Israelites, the chosen people.

No understanding of laws, rules, nature, history, inner, outer… none of that.

Her results are obviously consistent with having high hopes and letdown. Hope that it will work, reality that it won’t.

I now habitually send her the Heaven on Earth energy bundle across the two driveways… until she feels like a person again. Several times a day. Four-five doses… Until I feel like a person myself… lol.

I would call people stupid, naive, but that is not the point. The point is that they can’t see the water they swim in, the air they breathe… even if they have the sechel 2 the brains to get that they are mislead by memes.

This is what it is. I could be grieving over that… or I can say: A is A. I work with who wants to work with me.

Can we turn the tide? Probably cannot. What we can do is create a microcosm, a local heaven. A one-person heaven. And move from there.

When you look at humanity… like an ocean, there are bright spots… the local heaven people. About 20 worldwide. Not bad. It was eight a couple of weeks ago.

Eyes are opening. I am happy with this result. If we can grow at this rate, it will be hundreds by the end of the year.

OK, with that hopeful note… let me quote an email I got from one of MY teachers this morning:

What would happen if you stopped brushing your teeth, forever, starting today?

I don’t think you’d wait very long to see what happened… it’s something that you do because you know the downside of not doing it (bad breath and you lose your teeth) and it’s not that big of a deal to just brush your teeth really quick…

But, Warren Buffet says something like, you can’t put in nine times the effort and have a baby in one month instead of nine months…

So, in the same way you know it’s not possible to skip brushing your teeth for 6 months and then try to make up all that time, you probably also know that clicking “the one button” to set automatic, offsite backups on your WordPress is something you should NOT wait on… do it today…

And here comes the link to Get X… his product… Just substitute his products with mine… We are using his thinking to teach you something… OK?

For most people MY starting product is the Water Energizer®. Hydrating your cells pulls you out of the stinginess of survival, the stinginess of scarcity… and allows you to take on more of life… and not whimper.

Once your cell hydration is at least at 30%… you can start looking at the next stage…

You are now head and shoulder out of the water… not under it.

Here, MY teacher again:

Think about it. To brush your teeth, do you have to go to dentist school? Heck no… you were just given instructions as a kid on how to move this toothbrush thing against your teeth…

You also don’t need to know how to be a mechanic to drive a car, you just follow instructions. Move the steering wheel and push the right brakes, gas pedal, buttons and levers.

You don’t need to know how it works, just the right “actions” to take…

In the same way that with X, you don’t need to know how to code or how those 1’s and 0’s are somehow transmitting across the internet, just what things to click and what buttons to push:

Obviously he is selling you a system of software for your websites… while I am selling you a system of tools for your life.

Obviously the tooth brushing analogy is only a half fit for what I teach: perfect in that it tells you that your work is never done. That you never reach and then you are done.

I wish your gurus knew that.

Because this is true for everyone. Entropy is a physical rule… saying that everything moves towards disorganization… inside and outside. Only diligent, consistent work to grow will allow you even to stay on the same level where you are.

True for me, true for you, true for your gurus.

If and when you live your life the way you live it, the way your gurus live it, your vibration goes down.

Your spiritual/intangible capacities go away, and you sink back to the muck and mire of magical thinking humanity.

The world of memes.

PS: People’s appetite is growing for supernatural shows on television/Netflix.

I remember when sixty years ago I read Jules Verne’s books. Many of those ideas that were fantastical in Verne’s age, were reality in my childhood.

Same with H. G. Wells…

Maybe even similar with the original Star Treks.

What is in common though in those “inventions” that became science… instead of science fiction is that they were founded in realities… not fantasies.

Today’s shows are probably the same way: 50% or so preview of what is to come, and 50% b.s.

You can’t tell the difference between the two. How do I know? I just have to look at your life, at your buying decisions.

Magical thinking through and through.

It’s actually interesting to see how the principle “context is decisive” plays out.

My context is, for nearly everything I watch or read is this: You can learn from everything. Sometimes how not to do things… but that is valid learning too.

You watch things mindlessly, for entertainment. Or you watch things and you say: bull… and groan.

I am reading a book on magic and witches right now. I was groaning for about 250 pages… not for the same reason: I didn’t like the ornery language, I didn’t think it added anything.

I am near the end now. I’ve learned a lot. This is a prime example of having learned what is not likely, not realistic, probably cannot happen. My truth value rose as a result. By 2 percentage points.

Because everything you haven’t even thought about lowers your truth value. Not good news, is it?

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  1. whoever is perpetuating the memes

  2. Yiddish word, meaning brains… and here is a Yiddish saying you should learn, I mean it: “It is better to have tuchus than sechel”, tuchus meaning “arse” to sit on… i.e. persistence. But only in the right order… you have tuchus but no sechel? tragedy! You have sechel but no tuchus? another tragedy.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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5 thoughts on ““They” want you to hope for a miracle… magic, windfall…”

  1. Nope, never ever going to sell my crappie, junk magic bullets of empty promises. Can’t live with myself knowing I sold junk to the unsuspecting. Don’t like being duped and will not be responsible for duping others. I am burning up whatever can be burned and recycling whatever can be put in the recycling bin and trashing the rest.

  2. This is so good, thank you!
    So much magical thinking bs, not only in spiritual communities but overall. As I get older that pattern becomes more apparent to me. That I hoped for a windfall: the next program that could -change my mindset- and then magically I will be richer & happier. Anyone who seems to have a more stable life around me are consistent in their actions. Those things all led to predictable results which created a stable life.

  3. Even Tesla admitted to the existence of “real magic”. There are dimensions we can access through creative process that give rise to solutions we never thought possible by application of pure reason. Science is a solid foundation for the current consesnus reality. It helps us stay sane and practical, but if not checked, takes on the charactaristics of an oppressive quasi-religion.
    On some level Harry Potter and the Ministry of Magic is real; just ask billionaire JK Rowling who was a fledgling writer on the dole, until she imagined a young boy with round spectacles outside the window of her train. She began an imaginary conversation with him, and the rest is epic.
    Come on you dry skeptics, you know you love the books.

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