Is this feeling mine? The most important use of muscle testing – updated

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I am sitting here by my computer feeling devastated. In despair. On the verge of crying.

I have no reason to feel this way. Things are OK, I am OK. WTF! right?

So I muscle test. Is this mine? No. Is this coming from my next door neighbor? yes/no

OK? it is coming from there and from somewhere else? right? yes.

Is it an energy blast? A broadcast? Yes. We both got caught up in that. With the major difference, that I can tell, because of muscle testing, that it is not mine. So she remains in despair and i am free.

The human mind is a meaning making, story spinning machine.

You spew a feeling on the human, and their mind will find or fabricates a reason why the human feels that way… But it doesn’t stop there: the human will take it further. Make it a lot worse… And I think that that is the goal of the Dark Side.

Stop doing what they were doing
Start doing something else… to escape, like playing a computer game, eating, etc.
Call someone on the phone
Yell at someone
Try to fix the feeling.
and on and on and on…

If you find yourself doing this ‘reacting to the feeling’ dance, you are not alone. Occasionally I am doing it too.

And if and when you do this dance, I can also promise that you that you do very little useful things in your day.

All because you cannot tell if something is yours or not.

If you muscle tested and found that it wasn’t yours, you could safely ignore the feeling… If we used water analogy, you would be wet but not soaking wet… or forced to swim.

You would be largely immune to, uneffected by the “evil” or “Dark Side” influences.

I have been observing this emotion transmission for years. I used to be taken off my path and be jerked around like a ragdoll by it.

Muscle testing the question: is this feeling mine? has saved my business, saved my life.

And it can save your life too…

Now… of course, like with anything, any “medicine” if you don’t take it, it won’t do much good, will it?

I have a few ex students who are excellent at muscle testing, and yet are miserable.

How come?

Because they think that you can tell without muscle testing, they don’t even bother to muscle test. They are sure it is theirs… their minds justify, brings up proof… and there goes their life.

So if you are one of those arrogant people who already know everything, stop reading: this is not for you.

But if you cared about your life, if you were free of those horrid feelings, and would do something useful with your life… then maybe this is the right thing for you.

I’d like to offer you my Muscle Testing Course, version 2,

…that, in the coming months, will get an infusion of videos. Techniques specific to the new findings, memes, voices, and this emotional energy transmission.

I will do at least one live webinar each month, where I deliver the technique, and answer questions.

If you already own Version 1 of the muscletesting course: do nothing, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the webinars. Or if you can’t come to the live webinars, I’ll put the recordings into the members’ area.

If you paid $7 for the barebones course, you can get a $7 refund when you buy version 1… before the deadline.

I’ll have the first webinar on Saturday, November 4. Afternoon, my time (New York).

You can submit your questions in writing if you can’t come to the call.

And with the new videos, I am raising the price of the course: it is only fair!

If you want to be grandfathered into the old price, you’ll have to buy the course before November 4…

Version 2’s price will be 66% higher.

PS: I just got this video from a reader… and it is very apropos

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

5 thoughts on “Is this feeling mine? The most important use of muscle testing – updated”

  1. Just purchased and am so looking forward to this course. Thank you, Sophie!

  2. First off, thank you for your purchase. Second: My recommendation is that you start the course… there are eight or nine, or who knows how many videos in the original course, and you can get a headstart. Concentrate on learning the Theta State… which is the first level of connecting to Source. When you are in Theta state your ego and your mind are muted… and your muscle test can be accurate. It is relatively easy to enter Theta State, but just like walking and chewing gum requires coordination, muscle testing while in Theta state is wicked difficult… a lot like learning to ride the bicycle (thank you Wendy for this analogy)… you don’t get it until you do.

    Before I learned to connect to Source, my muscle testing was about 50% accurate… as accurate as flipping a coin.

  3. Yes, I will start and get a headstart then. Please direct me to the videos.

  4. Helen, are you telling me that I made a mistake recommending this course to you because you are not even able to find from the registration email, the videos? Or you hven’t tried? Or are you telling me you didn’t get your registration email? Depending on your answer, I refund your purchase or let you have it.

    Please know that if you need handholding, then the work I teach isn’t a good match for you.
    I’ll resend your registration email

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