Are you teachable?

you must become teachableI help people become the person who can have what they want to have. Will I be able to help you?

This is really the bottom line promise I have for you. But like every promise, it is conditional. Conditional on you… on you being teachable.

I am finding out that I can say one thing and you hear another.

Most people hear: Oh, I can read something, or use her product and I’ll become who I need to become so I can have what I want to have.

I didn’t realize until this morning when someone was generous enough to let me know.

Consider that this is like a sport. And consider that you have a picture how it is done in your head, so you are going to go it alone.

You buy my muscle testing course, for example, and you’ll do it alone. And, although you are scared, you do it and you do it and you do it, and success eludes you. Your muscle testing is not reliable.

You think I am a bad teacher. Hey… I might be. Because I am not a teacher, I am a trainer, a coach… a mentor.

The brilliance of the original Karate Kid movie eludes most people.

Muscle testing, connecting to Source, doing the Amish Horse Training Method, Distinguishing yourself from the memes… these are like karate.

If you already know how it’s done, I cannot train you. You’ll think you already know.

The kid, Daniel, has the expectation that he is going to be taught karate his way. And therefore he cannot, will not recognize the painting the fence, the wax-on wax off moves as teaching.

What is in the way, you ask? Arrogance.

Your attitude that you already know everything, except maybe some details.

Another aspect you can see your arrogance is that you’ll ask specific questions before you have even learned the first thing that you need to learn. And you honestly believe that my answers to your questions will prove useful and fill in the gap in your knowledge.

If you have a lot of questions to ask… you are too arrogant to be taught.

So how does one “BE”, not behave but “BE” so they can be taught?

I’ll give you some examples. If you have something similar in your life, then it will resonate.

The first thing I learned in my life I wasn’t taught. And that is language. I learned German before I learned Hungarian… because my parents spoke German when they wanted something to remain a private conversation.

Years later I saw why my German was pitiful: a French guy tried to imitate us in English. We often said: “It doesn’t matter.” He heard “thousand meter” and was convinced that that is what we said.

Not being taught, learning without being taught, result in many many many misunderstandings. Not only in language: in everything.

The first thing I learned through being taught was ballet. The teacher manually moved the leg, the ankle, the arms… No works, correction. Adjustment.

The second thing was learning to write letters, characters, the ABC. It wasn’t that I asked questions about the letter o, no. The teacher came around, and held my hand until it did the “o” right. And then checked with me, to make sure the correction stuck.

In my long life I went through the same process many many times: six languages, five sports, two musical instruments, singing, dancing, pantomime, public speaking, sewing, laying bricks, driving, lunges (lol), design, drafting, math, and the list is almost endless.

Every one of those “being taught” resulted in some level of mastery. Each time the master touched, mastery got closer.

I never considered myself beyond, or above being taught.

I may be arrogant on the outside, but I am definitely humble on the inside. I am a learning machine. I don’t think out what I have to do: I observe, or I ask for hands-on correction.

I am happiest when i find out that the result wasn’t coming because of some mistake or misunderstanding on my part. It strengthens my trust in the Universe. I love to be corrected.

So another way you know that you are too arrogant to be taught is that you are afraid of the feedback, you are afraid to find out that you are doing something ineffectively, that you misunderstood something.

The more precious your “I” is to you, the more you think about yourself, the more you want to protect your delusional self-image, the less you are able to learn: you are not teachable.

Thinking that you should already know things, thinking that you should be able to learn something “doingness” from words, is, of course, moronic.

No one can. No one will ever be able to learn that way.

Words are imprecise code… you mean one thing, say another, and another person hears something totally different.

If you base your life on verbal communications, your life is probably a royal mess.

OK, what am I saying?

I am saying that even though I teach you remotely, and I probably will never see you, my job is to adjust your doing, correct your doing, so you can eventually learn doing things the right way.

I don’t know any teacher who can do this remotely. I can do it better because I am an empath.

I especially shine in matters inner… the invisible.

A great example of “Words are inaccurate code… you mean one thing, say another, and another person hears something totally different.”

Theta healing.

The Theta healing lady made a video and posted it on youtube.

I watched it and tried to follow her words. No connection.

Then I showed the video to someone and put my headset on his head. So I only saw what she was doing… which was nothing on the outside.

But I felt it. I felt exactly what she was doing. And suddenly I could do it too.

And could even teach it, wait for it! BECAUSE I could tell you to do it, and catch where you misunderstand, and correct it right then and there.

Vianna’s students never, I repeat NEVER learned it because they tried to follow the words… So all the Theta Healers out there are all frauds.

One of my students was on my calls calls where I taught connecting to Source, and she was personally instructed, corrected, tweaked by me hundreds of times. She is masterful at connecting.

That is the only area where she brought humility to being taught.

Whenever words are involved, she is arrogant, and unteachable. Her vibration is, therefore, 100.

  • Beingness is taught… and is high vibration. You can’t teach with words… and you can’t learn with words.
  • Arrogance is very low vibration. Words don’t teach… they make you arrogant.

Insisting to do things your way, without ever learning it the right way, is like drawing abstract without ever learning to draw correctly.

Picasso first learned drawing accurately, and then he invented his famous distortions…

All winning sports stars are forced, every day, to attend to the foundation: doing things right, the form, the essence.

YOU insist that you don’t need that. You insist that you can just learn from some random questions, and will never have to adhere to the basics.

This is clearest with people who want to improve their health, without learning the basics, the rules, on which they can build.

When their health doesn’t improve, even though they bombard me with videos and questions galore, they get mad at me.

Here is a note from a “client” who never improved his health or his hydration.

“There has to be a sense of partnership for trust to be present. After our foods and supplements consultation I asked for some further clarification. It was a very specific and detailed list. I really wanted to know, so that I could do it right, and not proceed with partial information. I know that I have a tendency to cheat and find loopholes. You characterized my email as a “novel.” No other response was returned. I am left trying to manage my health and hydration with incomplete information. The sense of partnership is missing.

Of course I have to do my own work. I have to do the work. But if I don’t have all the information and clarification that I need, how I can I do it properly? Rightly or wrongly it sets up a sense of resentment in me. That you’re going to get to be right and I can only be wrong. It’s a very unpleasant dynamic. I would like to be contending with the world, with memes, with living and learning A=A, practicing the Amish Horse Training method, seeing the big picture, seeing the forest for the trees…that’s enough.

But there’s always this sense that you’ve got the gold, and I’m not worthy of it, and if I want access to what you have, I have to put up with some amount of abuse or neglect. It’s not healthy.”

I hope you can hear the self-righteous indignation, the blame, the pointing fingers, the arrogance.

His vibration is also 100. Arrogance. Unteachability. I am sure he thinks himself superior by changing “A is A” to A=A… do they mean the same? Not at all. But he will never know it.

It is as if a quarterback, when instructed to run around the field 30 times, instead spent all the time arguing with the coach… Asking questions, accuse, point fingers, and throw the game.

Watch your tendency for arrogance, and stop asking questions. Do what you understand you were instructed to do, and present it for critique, for adjustment, for correction.

IF you want to learn. IF you want to grow.

I have a student/friend who gives me daily feedback, and who is slowly growing. She is just as afraid as everyone else, her “I” is trembling in fear of being dethroned, or invalidated, or devalued.

But it doesn’t stop her from exposing herself to correction, adjustment, and thus grow.

She started out in May of this year. Her numbers were pitiful then. But little by little, she has clawed herself up to a place where her accurate vocabulary grew from 200 to 1000… meaning she will misunderstand five times less. The number of spiritual capacities also five times. Her arrogance got reduced to a quarter.

And there are a few basic moves she hasn’t even practiced in earnest. Her health was the primary concern. It grew five times. Her hydration is 50% now, it was 4% in May.

She, much like Daniel-San in the Karate Kid, is now able to tackle life on a whole new level. And she is only at the beginning of her journey: she hasn’t even practiced the Amish Horse Training Method or the Meme-catching in earnest.

Here is another way to look at what makes you unteachable.

Some meme, or group of memes has you in its grip. The meme says: if you don’t get it right the first time then you’ll die. Or if you need help then you are stupid. Or who knows what it says: I hope I’ll hear from you and you’ll fill me in. I don’t hear that meme…

I live my life as an experiment. And what is great about experiments is this: the result is the result. It is neither good, nor bad. It is an answer to a question.

There are no failed experiments, only experiments you failed to do.

When you make a commitment to the “strait and narrow” path of growing, like I have, your every action is an experiment.

Is it on the path? Is it off the path? Is it taking me nearer where I want to go?

Here is a surprise for you. Experimenting needs you to have generosity of spirit.

When you hope to hit a “home run” with your first attempt, you are simple ungenerous. Stingy.

And if you think that how you do anything is how you do everything, this means you are stingy everywhere.

You are stingy with your love. You’ll pretend a lot. You’ll do things dutifully… with Oak or Elm Bach flower attitude. You are no fun. Because being fun is, of course, generous.

I don’t know if you can see it, but the importance of spiritual or intangible capacities now just became essential to both life and to be taught.

Generosity, courage, seeing the big picture, all spiritual capacities. Unless you turn them on through risking to feel stupid, or risking to be annihilated, or risking to lose focus… you’ll never be teachable.

I’d like you to self-select and remove yourself.

You being here, reading what I write through your opinion, through your arrogance, through your “I hope it will rub off on me” attitude is harmful and is on the side of Evil.

So please go away.

I’d rather have a hundred people who will be taught, than thousands who just stand around, hoping.

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