Who am I? looking through the filter: who you have become…

The particular filter I am looking through here, answering this question, is the Jim Rohn “you need to change who you are” who.

I cannot see it all, and I can tell you, it is not yet who I need to be so I can have all I want, but I am getting closer.

One of the fundamental shifts in the who is how I relate to doing and results.

I used to be a “jump into conclusions” type of gal… and I can tell you, that is an incredibly ineffective way to be, it leads to a life that is like a roller coaster.

It’s from feast to famine, in terms of mood.

And now that I am up in my years, I find mood more important than most everything else. It might be different for you.

So, in this regard, who I have become is this experimenting person.

Now, let me explain the difference between what you think experimenting is (trying) and what it really is.

I have learned that the invisible has the cause for everything, but we have no direct access to the invisible. Even my expertise in muscle testing isn’t going to make the invisible visible…

Instead, muscle testing gives me new things to test. Poke the box. Throw pebbles into the invisible water, watching the ripples.

Here is an experiment I have run:

Hair loss… Muscle test says: tin deficiency is causing hair loss.

  • Increased my oral tin. Great improvement. Added tin through skin… sudden increase of hair loss.
  • Increased further my oral tin: more hair loss.

Hm. Interesting.

By the way, this “hm, interesting” is the sign of a true experimenter. No instances of “yaay” and no instances of “I am bummed out” ever.

Why? Because those are the hallmarks of the “I am really trying to get something here…” person, which is definitely a path to doom. 1

I can say, that I don’t have any students who have caught the “experimenter” bug…

The “normal” relationship to things, to results, to nearly anything is: “I am an object in the world of objects”

A world view where things are viewed as solid, whether they are objects, people, behaviors, feelings, results… anything.

When the “meme” says: everything is energy… obviously with this world view, it is considered an object too… I don’t know if you can see how ridiculous or funny that view is.

Things, situations, etc. aren’t just “IS”, they are SOLID… permanent, unchanging inside that world view.

When the meme says: “the only thing that is constant is change” 2 someone with the “I am an object in the world of objects” world view, cannot even understand what the meme is saying. They hear noise.

Result: ineffectiveness, forcing, frustration, suffering.

Animals don’t do that… Animals allow the world to be the way it is, this moment and the next moment… they don’t expect it to stay the same.

Humans are going in the wrong direction, going in the direction of becoming extinct.

In the Starting Point Measurements this is really clear for the individual.

The mindspeak of this inflexibility, of this rigidity is “everything is the same as everything else, except that not always”…

It’s a world view. As delusional as if you considered a rock an apple, and tried to eat it!

Totally off and your number one job is, if you EVER want to change your life experience, is to wake up and start seeing your own world view and how it’s off.

People who had hopes but didn’t even consider changing their world view are the people who complain to me and about me.

They have a fixed view of how I should help them, and I am non-compliant… I do what I do, not what they expect me to do.

And, of course, everyone else in their lives, including themselves.

They never manage to see that it is their “map of reality” that is off.

Now, truth be told, this is all of us… not just one or two or 10%.

My map of reality is off too. It’s 30% off.

Your map of reality may be 80% off. May be 98% off…

We Jews have a favorite saying: you are dreaming and wake up with your hand in the potty… maybe even sampling the potty… because in your dreams it is chocolate cream.

I know, I know, crass… But this is your life!

Your world view (your dream) tells you how it should be, and then reality tells you how it is. In your dreams you are effective, and beautiful, and thin, and energetic, and talented, and loved… In reality you are at odds with everything and everyone.

That is the sign that your map of reality is off… Not that reality is non-compliant… lol.

And if you are a couple, or a family, the off gets squared… you are off, your spouse is off… and misery and disappointments and displeasure is off the charts.

Because your spouse, your children are part of reality too… and you expect them to comply with your faulty map of reality.

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  1. Here is how one of my students put it

    “I started doing the steps again. And I think I found the Meme that made me stop. “I don’t get the principle” because I don’t have the big picture capacity. I will first get that capacity and than I can be effective with it. Which is not true. And I think this meme is the same in other things to. “Let me get this perfect first before I do the next step”. “Let me get the site perfect before I do the marketing etc”. Which is not how reality works. The reality is I get what I get NOW and I just get it going.”

    One of the principles of an experimenter is: “You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going”… which is a capacity that allows you to have a big mess, a big unfinished business, lots of plates spinning… and you are OK.

    Most people live with a preference for “fallen and broken plates” or alternatively “spinning one plate till it is finished”… but not how experimenters live and grow: lots of plates spinning, and none of them is finished.

    I have started to write another article that is very relevant here: I sound as if I always thought that i already know everything. Like an Oracle. The truth is exactly the opposite. I never know it all, I know some… but the plate is still spinning… the final answer is not forthcoming.

  2. If one understands that change is the only constant in life then one will more easily recognize what Heraclitus is saying in his ‘obscure’ writings when he claims such things as, “The way up and the way down are one and the same. Living and dead, waking and sleeping, young and old, are the same.”

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