How to avoid getting hooked… At least most of the time

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It was about 10 years ago. I was getting somewhat better by drinking energized water. Not well, mind you, better. My skin was clearing up, and I had less occurrences of narcolepsy, where I would fall asleep in the middle of speaking, or driving.

I was way up in Colorado. It was a seminar by Marshall Thurber. I was already muscle testing my food… and most everything they had there tested “no” for me.

One of the “celebrity guests” at the seminar was Bill Harris. He is an excellent marketer, the marketer of Holosync. I was a diligent Holosync user… so I was excited seeing him there.

On the last day he and I started to talk (I think I was stalking him) and it came to the topic of water… I started to share about energized water.

He got really upset, and self-righteous, saying that it was bullshit, water is water is water.

I never used Holosync again. I use Bill’s emails to see what I should avoid. Like Mary Morrissey, whose program he is pushing today.

So this article is going to be about the invisible… and inside that invisible, a little bit about Mary Morrissey.

There is a lot we can learn… not from Bill and Mary, but in spite of them marketeers.

Abraham Lincoln said, according to Tai: I learn from everyone I meet. Mostly what not to do.

I can’t find the original quote. But i can tell you, wiser words have not been said.

When you stop resisting what someone says, you can actually look and see why and how it is stupid or wise…

When you resist, the energy of resistance makes that untruth part become you: your now new makeup… and it will be harder and harder to stop and look.

Most of the memes that are currently destroy my mood, my well-being, my ability to take effective action were at some point something I resisted.

So, with that attitude: “I am not resisting, I am curious”, I listened to Mary Morrissey’s first video in her marketing campaign to sell seats in her new course, Dreambuilder.

A “hook them and fleece them” project.

Hook, line and sinker

You need to avoid getting hooked by resistance to be able see it.

These marketing projects are designed to use all the psychological hot-buttons that create an automatic response. Commitment and consistency… is what is used in this first video by Mary Morrissey.

You commit to participate in a little conversation… and that opens you up to do another one and another one, and in the end shell out whatever you’ll need to shell out to participate in the course.

By that time you won’t question Mary’s integrity: after all you are not there for Mary. You are there for what Mary’s videos made you dream of.

Mary’s story, by the way, is not true, or at least not the way she presents it. 5

The world is a sorry place. There is the Transformational Council… with low vibration people… marketeers. Consulting the UN, consulting with the Dalai Lama, consulting with Nelson Mandela… should be someone you can learn from, right?

NO. I mean, just like Abraham Lincoln said or could have said: you can learn from everyone. Mostly what not to do.

  • Mary Morrissey is like that… Truth value of her teaching: 7%, personal vibration: 130. Not someone from whom I hope to learn something good and useful.
  • Bill Harris: truth value: 3%, Personal vibration: 100… ugh. not a fun place to be.

Bill Harris and his Holosync was also in the business of selling the invisible… maybe that is why he was so skeptical about the water… maybe he himself never believed that Holosync really worked. Hm. interesting.

I have found that if I remember to turn on curiosity 6 I don’t get hooked. It is even so in conversations, in the grocery store, watching a movie, or having my website software refuse me entrance. I have been experimenting with this curiosity for quite a while, and it works like gangbusters.

You don’t want to get hooked. Why? The moment you are hooked, someone else has the upper hand, and you are on a greased slide to being duped, used, abused, taken advantage of, lied to, etc.

Not my kind of fun, so I prefer not to go there.

I even do the same thing with the voices (remember the Amish Horse Training Method: the voices that spew memes?): I get curious. For example, yesterday I was all sunshiny and happy… then halfway through the day I became somber… then I was bummed out and could not go to sleep…

Truth be told, I was hooked…

It’s been becoming obvious to me that the state of my relationships is the way it is (not so good, lol) because of how I speak.

I speak as if I had the truth. Like an Oracle. or as one of my students used to say: Like a know-it-all…

OK, it’s a style. I do not believe that I know it all, and I am not certain that I am right, or in the possession of the truth, but I do see what I see… and I deliver my thoughts in an unappetizing style. I haven’t been able to change that. 7

So providence came to support me… 🙁 I put my foot in my mouth: I say things that are based on the truth but not on what I heard.

Yesterday someone asked if we ever have reggae music in my dance exercise class. I started into a “lecture” about ragtime… I love ragtime.

When I got home I looked for some reggae music on youtube, only to find out that I misheard the question…

I love ragtime. it is my kind of music… reggae… not that much.

I had sh*t on my face. Humbling. 8

Here I am, a day later, bringing curiosity to it, but for a whole day I felt stupid: not my favorite feeling.

This incidence was like the pebble that starts an avalanche… when you feel stupid about something, it is as if the sun disappeared… I suddenly felt alone. I wondered if anyone loved me. And in the end I barely slept last night.

Expensive mistake. A little curiosity could have saved the day… lol.

On a different note: I am a coach, I have coaching clients, I have conversations, because nothing useful ever comes out of talking to myself.

So I have clients who show me stuff that I need to see. Every conversation is a feedback. I charge so little for my coaching because I get “paid” with the stuff that gets revealed.

I also need to pay my bills, but if that were more important to me, I would charge a lot of money for my coaching.

With that said, this explains why I don’t want to work with certain people: they don’t pay me with insights.

I am selfish, what can i say?

OK, with that said: I got two big “payments” today.

1. I realized that although I talk a lot about trimtabbing, I have never seen the actual movement, the result of trimtabbing: the turning.

As you embark on a course to change yourself, all the changes need to be turning points. The change is turning. Not trimming, not chipping away at a big block of marble. No. It is actually turning the big oceanliner that is heading towards the iceberg! It is. but you cannot simply steer an oceanliner away from the iceberg… You need to maneuver with tiny turns, that is what trimtabbing is.

I have written many articles about turning points.

Here is another one story of a turning point: Some ten years ago, in a moment of clarity, I saw that I am alone in the world, and no one is coming to rescue me.

I was shocked. I was stunned.

My whole life previous to this was based on a level of irresponsibility of the child: mother is going to rescue me.

It felt cold. It felt lonely. But I saw that I could grow into that new space, into the space of a woman alone, fully responsible for everything that happens to her… good, bad, or indifferent.

Life has never been the same. An awful lot of pouting, and being personally offended, and grieving fell away.

It created a new direction for my oceanliner… away from the field of iceberg I had been skirting all my life.

No drama. Hm. Interesting.

2. Mother of my newly discovered autistic daughter who is also an empath is trying to control her feelings, her attitude, her behavior, to positively effect her relationship with her autistic daughter.

On the surface it makes a lot of sense to do what she is doing. But as we know what is visible will never do much of anything.

All the power comes from the invisible. The part of the pie that you didn’t know that you didn’t know. DKDK.

So what is there mainly? The voices, the memes.

You want a big shift in the visible? Get busy with the invisible! The voices, the memes.

Did you think I am just talking about that to talk? Really? That is how you know me?

NO! I am pushing you to do the Amish Horse Training Method, the method of hearing the voices as voices, so you can start finding your own voice! Apart from all the noise of the voices.

Same with the memes. Unless you know what meme is moving you, you are a ship without a rudder… heading towards the iceberg!

I could be personally offended that you don’t listen to me, that you don’t trust me. But you know what? The voices in your head are louder than my voice…

So until you pull a few really loud voices, you will never hear what I say.

I am OK with that. Not everybody will… You get what you deserve… in action. Hearing the same old same old, or hearing something revolutionary and lifesaving.

For me it is all in a day’s work.

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  1. The story she tells where she was 19 and had fatal kidney disease that was going to kill her in another few weeks when a woman she didn't know visited her in the hospital and gave her the secret method where you can talk your way out of a fatal disease... and she is here to tell the story and teach you the method... Hey, amazing story... but it's a story nevertheless. But you are not asking questions any more... you are hooked. Desire trap, I say. Hook, line, and sinker
  2. it needs to be consciously turned on! as a default we are all jaded, and not curious.
  3. I don't see what is the meme driving the style... yet
  4. Starting to see the shadow of the meme!
  5. The story she tells where she was 19 and had fatal kidney disease that was going to kill her in another few weeks when a woman she didn’t know visited her in the hospital and gave her the secret method where you can talk your way out of a fatal disease… and she is here to tell the story and teach you the method… Hey, amazing story… but it’s a story nevertheless. But you are not asking questions any more… you are hooked. Desire trap, I say. Hook, line, and sinker
  6. it needs to be consciously turned on! as a default we are all jaded, and not curious.
  7. I don’t see what is the meme driving the style… yet
  8. Starting to see the shadow of the meme!

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