What do I read, what do I watch so I can become all I can be, and pass it on to you?

One of the sources of what to read is the book-list of people that are light years ahead of me, like Charlie Munger, the billionaire. I’ve read science books because of his book list. Other ideas come from my own articles: like reading Sarah Singer and Blair Singer, whose books and videos are setting my world on fire right now. 1

Believe it or not, I spend the bulk of my time studying, reading, watching videos, testing, and writing articles. About 3-4 hours a week on eating, preparing stuff, hygiene, and food shopping. etc. and the rest on business per se.

The biggest challenge I have is to remember to generate income.

Having your own business means that nothing is automatic. None of the income. Which is both OK and not OK… remembering is the problem. None of my main activities will do the trick. To generate income you have to sell… on my level of business.

Some of the time I get hooked like you, and lose a day…

One of the best things I have ever done is start doing an inventory every day of what I did that day. It is incredibly easy to think I haven’t done anything, or be delusional and think I have done a lot of good stuff. It is especially easy to forget things, like that you have to sell stuff to generate income. And that you have to have stuff to sell… duh.

I do this inventory sitting at the edge of my bed.

I didn’t have my notebook there Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday… and I got hooked. I didn’t have my anchoring device, the inventory list that anchors me into reality. I could have gotten up and get it: my office is just at the other end of the apartment… but it was easier to say: I’ll do it tomorrow.

When you don’t anchor yourself in reality, you are easy prey for the voices, you are easy prey to getting hooked.

So I have returned the notepad back into my bedroom, and I am back on the track, unhooked.

OK, back to what do I read?

OK, the three books I am reading now are Sarah Singer’s Tap into Greatness, Blair Singer: the little voice, and Sam Walton’s Everything store.

For me, between reading something and being able to do anything useful with it sometimes takes weeks… turning words into useful stuff takes time. In between it percolates. I share it with clients and friends, I write about it, but it is still someone else’s words.

Something becomes useful when it becomes my word. Until then it is like food… I can regurgitate it… it hasn’t become my body yet.

Part 2:

My life is not smooth…

Smooth would mean that everything that I touch moves in the direction that I want it to move.

That is not how it is.

Remember the important saying I learned from T. Harv Eker who learned from who knows who…

When things are not working, there is something that you don’t know.

It doesn’t say: when something is wrong, learn how to fix it. But that is what you have been doing… right?

I am a little step ahead of you: when something isn’t working, I experiment, I get curious, and I avoid the temptation to try to fix it, or to even look for a solution. I resolve to stay curious. It is hard to resist the knee jerk reaction to want to fix it.

When something isn’t working… there is something I don’t know.

And some things are not working…

So now I am on a Blair Singer “binge”. Why Blair Singer? Because, it seems he has done an awful lot of the courses I have done, so he speaks a similar language to mine. He is Jewish, so we share something hidden, like a chemistry. And he also taught me personally, so I know him a little bit.

So I am watching his posted youtube videos, and I am getting answers to the questions I didn’t specifically have, but are all of the same vein: things I didn’t know that not knowing them made things not work. Not work for me. Where I pushed, and the thing moved into the wrong direction for me.

This next video shook my world. The video ‘Blair Singer explains the “Invisible to Power” Model’

Hey, I know a lot but not enough to already know the stuff I just learned. I am railing… I’ll watch it again and again. The video has a ton of distinctions that I’ve lacked, and another ton that I have never seen the way he teaches them. It’s a free video, but it’s so valuable that I would pay a few hundred bucks for the knowledge, if I had to.

The video, seemingly, is a sales training. But life is holographic. Every area of life is the repetition of the whole, or another part of your life.

The “how you do anything is how you do everything” is made crystal clear in this presentation: there is no avoiding it.

I can find it in my business, in my social connections, in my health…

The problem this video is pointing to is that I didn’t see what I was doing wrong that was the same in every area… the how of things.

Now I do. Now I can learn doing things “right” across all of my life.

It is still learning… until this morning I was unconsciously incompetent, now, after watching the video, I am consciously incompetent, I’ll have to go through consciously competent (a long process) to become unconsciously competent, where the knowledge actually starts to work really. 2

Part 3:

All efforts of mine are focused on bringing the finger to point at myself.

I want to keep my attention where I have all the power.

Of course and as a “writer” and coach I have to tell you things, but my attention is kept at my how and my what…

I get letters (emails), and comments, where people criticize me. And delight in the energy it gives them.

The energy you gain back from putting your attention on blaming, and putting others down is like a drug: its effects are fleeting, they have a side effect, and on the long run you got nothing.

It took me decades to successfully force my pointing fingers on my own self.

I want to save you time. When you catch yourself pointing, blaming, etc. others, get curious what in yourself that you cannot see, don’t look at, so you can return to your power. Please.

Someone today said: people cannot take the truth, you should give them something nicer.

I don’t give people hurtful, painful truth to hurt them. I give it to them because they asked for it.

When you look in the mirror, you want feedback so you can become all you can become.

The mirror is not responsible for your feelings. The mirror’s job is to show reality. Darn mirror, right?

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  1. Chances are that you don’t think a sales mastery video is relevant to you, because you think you are not in sales. We are all in sales, always. So chances are really good that you will skip this video… and you are going to be worse for it.
  2. Most of my readers stop at “somewhat consciously incompetent” level, where they get a whiff of what it would be like to be competent.

    Examples: the color exercise where no one took it far enough so they would get “distinction” from it. Not one person.

    Another example is the Amish Horse Training Method… ok, there are voices… now what?

    Yet another example is the “falling in love” exercise where you hug yourself and allow your two selves to sort it out… Did it once? You think it did anything?

    Not taking an essential missing skill to Unconscious Competence is the biggest difference between successful people and not successful people. Between rich people and poor people. Between happy people and unhappy people.

    I am not exaggerating.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “What do I read, what do I watch so I can become all I can be, and pass it on to you?”

  1. Sophie, this was a great article and great videos! I so needed that. A total shift to a new dimension of seeing things. Thank you!

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