Any method that teaches you to heal another is a scam. Access Bars, Access Consciousness? Ugh, ugly.

Wow wow, Sophie, that is a big audacious generalization, isn’t it?

Yes and no. The truth value of that statement is 12%. If you are new here, I am using muscle testing while I am connected to Source. 1

So let’s tweak this statement a little:

  • you cannot heal another. Truth value: 70%
    Interesting. Let’s see another statement:
  • You cannot teach what you do, because what makes it work is in the invisible: cannot be taught. Truth value: 90%
  • People want to have power over others. To be superior to them. Truth value: 93%
  • The illusion that you are healing someone puts them below you…Truth value: 97%

Wow… I have always wondered why people who are unsuccessful at learning anything want to turn around and teach, coach, guide others… Now we know. Desire for the self alone… the only evil there is.

In my years I have learned, practiced on myself and others, and discarded many “healing” modalities.

It would be more precise to say: scamming modalities.

One of the biggest issues with modalities is this: instead of the person saying: it’s a hypothesis, they say: it is the truth.

  • I don’t know where it began, but I can see its roots in my own ancestry, I am Jewish. Teaching selflessness…
  • I see it even more in Christianity: it is said that Jesus was happy and peaceful, and a healer is because… fill in the blanks… I think one of the biggest frauds perpetrated on Christians is that because he loved his neighbor as himself.

This is how you know that he was a myth. A fabrication. Because what he supposedly did is against nature. Against Life.

So millions of Christians went on, through millennia, to kill millions of people in the name of love.

Love is supposedly a healing energy… but all those millions, billions of Christians are not on the vibrational level of love. Not one of those. Not one of their saints. Because you cannot teach loving. It is not teachable.

You can reach it, you can become it, but no one can teach it to you.

I know I allowed some hate and scorn slip into my writing… Because that is what is authentically there: hate and scorn. And anger.

Nothing wrong with anger. Anger is anger.

If you find anything wrong with my anger, you are now primed to be scammed, you are now a potential recruit to a cult, because you don’t want to live in reality: you want to live in a make-believe reality.

Where you heal, where you are powerful, where the world is your oyster. While you feel what you feel, but say what you say… and there is nothing in common between the two.

And what about the “originators” of the cults? Do they heal? Do they love?

After muscle testing thousands of gurus, teachers, authors, healers, I can tell you: they all are like you. They sell the dream of having power over others, and they don’t tell you that they are wretched too.

I do know some authentic dudes, authentic to some degree at least, and what they are authentic about is their pretenses, their “shit”.

If you have to hold your “shit” together, you are not authentic.

And the number one condition for joy, peace, and happiness is authenticity. Telling the truth about your “shit”.

What “Jesus” didn’t do, and neither your garden variety of guru, healer, teacher, doesn’t do.

OK… I am done ranting. Or at least I hope so.

This article was triggered by the hundreds of visitors, suddenly, who are now interested in my review of Access Consciousness, the Access Bars, and Gary Douglas.

I never know what happened that the pendulum swings from one guru to the other.

It was Natalie Ledwell for a few months, no it’s Gary Douglas, who is next?

The flood of buyers of scams will never end. Each program is just a different form, a different part of ugly emphasized.

  • With Natalie Ledwell’s Mind Movies, people’s desire to have it fall on their lap, get what they want and never deserved.
  • With Gary Douglas Access Consciousness, it’s superiority, the power over others… just like Scientology.

access barsThe front, as in any racket (as in racketeering, mobs, organized crime) there is a front and a back.

  • The front is innocent, maybe even beautiful. I want to give you something that you want.
  • In the back it is taking control of your mind, your bank account, your soul.

The Difference

  • Between a cow and a milkman is that the cow gives real milk.
  • Between genius and stupidity is that the former is handicapped.
  • Between lightning and electricity is that there is a charge for the latter.

Ultimately what it boils down to is this: stupid people cannot see that they are stupid, and therefore will go deeper and deeper, and also louder into it.

The healers, teachers, gurus are loud about what they teach: their students are even louder.

The cow gives real milk, the milkman: eh? sometimes. Maybe.

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  1. When I am connected, that connection is only possible if I am also disconnected from my mind, from ego. So the numbers don’t come from there, they come from All-Knowledge.

    You can also learn to muscle test: I have a muscle testing course. It has many videos to teach to connect, to teach to ask the right questions, to teach to interpret the answer.

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