The two types of truth testing… are you asking the body or the soul?

Yesterday I accidentally was lead to a year and a half old article of mine. I was stunned. I didn’t remember writing that article. It was the best article I have ever published… 100% channeled.

It was about the difference between asking-your-body type of muscle testing, and the asking-Source type of muscle testing. 1

Every nutritionist, chiropractor, etc. ask your body.

But asking your body is asking the selfish gene… the self interest of the selfish gene and your self interest are rarely the same.

In my muscle testing program I teach you to ask Source, not your body.

The difference is dramatic. Your body is reactive… Source is proactive. Source sees the big picture, both in width and in depth… your body doesn’t.

If you are interested in real health, if you are interested in actions that lead you to making more of yourself than you are, asking your body, the genes, is not going to help you.

The genes are interested in survival, while you, I hope, are interested in thriving.

Next Sunday (November 12) I’ll start a series of interactive webinars to deepen your relationship to asking Source.

The current course is good, but this distinction isn’t part of it. Or more precisely speaking: sometimes you ask the body and sometimes you ask Source, and therefore your results will be uneven.

Here are a few examples:

Some of my clients want to move, or considering moving.

The body is interested in your comfort. In your survival. Source is interested in what you deep within you are interested. Often that is to become all you can be.

Some of my clients want to decide if they should stay with the person with whom they live. The body is interested on what is safe. But your soul may be interested in growing. The two interests are different.

You want to know who to ask… your body or Source that is working with your soul.

I habitually ask Source, but sometimes, without having this distinction, I’ve been asking my body… and the body doesn’t know anything about long term, or tomorrow. The body only knows about now.

When I make your 90 essential profile, I ask about what you miss to become all you can become.
Same when I do your food chart.

But when you ask your body, it answers “right now” and knows nothing about the future.

So you owe it to yourself to learn both types of muscle testing.

One of the biggest issues of people is hearing all those voices in their heads that pretend to be themselves, and pretend to know everything, doubt everything, etc.

Being able to know which voice is yours is one of the most amazing and new experiences for most people.

To know who you are, and to trust yourself.

When you learn muscle testing both ways, you’ll be able to spend a lot more time in your own company, in the company of your real self.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with you. The whole sense of there is something wrong with you comes from you listening to the voices that say that there is something wrong with you.

When you find the real you, you’ll see that what I am saying is true. There is nothing wrong with you.

Even if you make mistakes, or do stupid things, those are mistakes and stupid things you can learn from. By staying firmly rooted in who you are.

And, by the way, you can schedule to do it any time. But this time, you can do it for less money. And for the next few weeks, you can benefit from live calls… with me. You can ask me to verify what you find, if you are doing it right, etc.

So, if you can wing it, $30 to start, do it now.

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  1. Or what most people do: jump on any and all personality tests to find out about themselves… Don’t you think that is weird?

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