Reframing: our tool for creating

You’ve heard of the expression: like a deer caught in the headlights syndrome: frozen, seeing the world one way with no escape route.

Most people live their whole lives in that state: see the world in a fixed way.

To one degree or another we are all are like that.

The more of your life is lived in that state, the more powerless you feel, the less options, the less choices you see.

You can examine any two people with different results in life and you’ll see that they are stuck in one view of the world, but their view is different.

Obviously, having new choices, having new options, having different actions available to you is a good thing if you want to have a life worth living.

People who feel out of control, people who feel that they don’t have a say in what happens to them, are people with depression.

We could generalize that depression is a life experience where you feel that you cannot change your life. I’ve been there.

It’s not fun. It’s a binary state: to be or not to be, to kill or to remain stuck forever.

The experience of no choice.

Now, people coming out of depression is proof that you don’t have to be stuck in that binary view.

The most important albeit invisible factor is the frame.

Everything you see in life is in a particular frame. It’s the content. The name of the frame is obvious once you think through the idea, that what you see is in a frame.

I remember when i was first introduced to this concept, I took a sheet of paper, and cut out a 4×6 hole in it. And carried the sheet with the hole with me.

Because the first step is to get that everything is seen through the hole in the sheet.

Most people fancy themselves seeing the whole picture, but no one ever does. Even if you have a cone of vision of 180 degrees, there is still a frame. Invisible to the naked eye, unless you know it is there.

So that is why this was the first step. Because carrying the sheet with the 4×6 hole in it forced me to consider that i am looking at my world through a frame…

Even the expression: my world, wouldn’t make sense if there were no frame.

Your world is different from the world, your reality is different from reality… and the difference is the frame.

When my students get the distinction A is A, that can become their dominant frame.

You’ll never look at the world and not have a frame. 1

By the way, the distinctions I harp on all the time are frames. Not ordinary frames, but frames nevertheless. More about that type of frames later.

In Quantum Physics, specifically in the Schrodiger’s cat experiment, which I won’t explain… you can research it.

The meme: You create your own reality,  is a lie. You don’t create… you see your own reality, unaware that the frame created it.

The meme becomes truer when you have the wherewithal, the capacity, the skill, the consciousness to look at reality through different frames until you find one that you can call “I want to create this!” and then you do.

40 of the 160 spiritual capacities is involved in and with frames. 25%.

Your vibration, the quality of your life, the sphere and the size of your influence all depend on to what degree you master the capacities and the skills involved with seeing and creating frames.

But the first step, ultimately, is to get that you always look through a frame, and it is created by memes, voices, and not you.

So if you feel out of control, maybe even depressed to one degree or another, cynical, resigned, stuck, start with carrying a paper frame with yourself, like I did, and look at things at least a couple of times a day through it, literally. Look at things, especially at things that you wish they were different.

You’ll find that the voices you learned to hear in the Amish Horse Training method, the memes you’ve been learning to see, are the words in the  name of the frame… i.e. the method of creating a frame is words.

Words create frames.

The frames can be empowering, freeing, giving new choices, or not.

One of the most empowering frames I have ever looked through is “A is A.” Even if saying “A is A” creates a sudden an unexpected pain in your chest or in your stomach.

A is A, as a frame, is invented. And empowering.

PS: I have a lot of examples, that i can write another article about? Do you want it? Or can you just start doing the work? Let me know.

Some of the examples are mine. Others are my students’.

One of my favorite reframing is calling my weekly Tuesday class either the party class, or the dance class. I start getting excited already the night before, whereas exercise would not make me excited. And even less would the official name of the class: preventing falls for old people. F… that! lol. I’d rather frame it for what it can be: party time! Dancing! The only time in my week where I can be silly…

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  1. See Quantum Physics that explains that the observer is part of what they observe, influence what they see.

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