Are my articles hard to understand?

I have been having a difficult time writing enough about any one topic to finish one article… Meaning I have six articles started, and can’t or won’t finish them.

What’s going on?

I am afraid.

That’s new FEARLESS Sophie, tell me more?

Some of the things that are being shown to me recently are polarizing. Dividing people. Will make some, maybe many people angry.

The truth hurts. And when something hurts, it is natural to go to victim mode, effect mode, and point a blaming finger at someone. At me.

So I have been cowardly, and have been sitting on the fence.

But today I think I’ll overcome the inertia, and say what there is to say.

OK, it’s about vibration, capacities, and what you can get or not get, what you can use, what is going to work for you or not, depending on your numbers. 1

Most of us live on a level and in a position in life where we are fairly competent.

Then, according to the Peter Principle, some of us are moved to a level where you are incompetent, especially in organizations, and you suffer.

You either become competent on your new level, or you keep on suffering.

To avoid being challenged we tend to remain at a place, in a position, where we are competent.

And yet, we want more from life, than the place, the position, our competency can give us.

We dream. We imagine. We watch people who have more, do more, and we want that.

To go from one level to the next level is arduous. It is much like going from elementary school level to college level without going through high school… four years in most countries.

But we don’t think that. We think we can put ourselves in a college classroom, and catch up.

I see that everywhere, with many of the people who I am in contact with, people I can observe.

Doing the work to raise your vibration is college level, maybe even graduate studies level work.

You are sitting in a college classroom with an elementary school education. Most of the things I say you miss. 90% minimum. Most of you miss it all.

You blame it on me… maybe. But I ask you a question: can you imagine a college professor teaching college level material effectively in high school? I can’t.

The program I use in my 67-steps coaching program, is the high school level education that you missed.

The more you think you have it, the less it can fill the gaps for you.

Just as in architecture there is no building the top floor before the foundation, there is no jumping in knowledge.

Unless the new piece has a chance to attach and be supported by already there knowledge. Here is what Charlie Munger has to say about it: “You may have noticed students who just try to remember and pound back what is remembered. Well, they fail in school and in life. You’ve got to hang experience on a latticework of models in your head.” — Charlie Munger (self-made billionaire entrepreneur and investor)

I missed a semester in architecture school due to being hospitalized, and I could never catch up. I was trying to build a career on a hole… But didn’t see how I could go back and do that semester and the ones after that again.

Because after you build the “latticework” to hold the knowledge, now you need to connect the knowledge with the latticework… I could not work (and pretend that I had the knowledge) and redo three years of studies.

The illness was in the beginning of the third year of the five year university education.

This is my only way to understand what it is like for you to be in my classes. The big difference is that you have me… and you can ask me to fill the gaps.

And gaps, OMG, are many.

  • I have weekly calls with my business coaching client. What I get out of it is learn the human condition, both for me and for Source.
  • I had a call yesterday with a client/friend. I assumed that she had no gaps, because her writing fooled me…
  • Then I had the opposite experience with a client who took what she got and began to fly with it.

Here is what she had to say:

Sophie , after we removed the attachment , things started moving lighting fast!!!
I started healing again and my energy work and intuitive healing just clicked back in and was able to do more in 4-5 weeks then the last 1 year. I even moved out of my super toxic environment and found a cozy place to finish my work and the resources came to do it.
I am so grateful it is amazing, if my numbers were the best you had seen in last year and I was that blocked, I can not imagine what I can do now it will be wonderful . Thank you so much .
I realized I could cut cords to people also , scary thing about this is after I would cut a cord to the guy I was living with within minutes they feel it and come back and try to reattach , it is so creepy to see .

I remember on your website you have a group call or something , can I participate ?
I know you have podcast , what else can I participate in that is not so expensive right now that you offer. I am super charged and I know I can heal myself and raise my vibration!!!

In my Starting Point Measurement I try to communicate something… maybe.

I am trying to place you accurately so you can benefit from what I have to offer. Like school placement. Some students go to the accelerated class, others to the normal class, others to the slow class.

You should do your studies where you can be competent. And do the work so you can be raised to the next level, where you may have to struggle a little bit, but you can keep up. It’s just the next level of discomfort.

Some of my articles are on the level of a PhD program. “Normal” articles, the ones that get shared by millions of readers, are on the level of a 10 year old. elementary school.

But nothing written on that level will make a difference for you. It will just make you more stuck.

So what do I recommend?

Build a latticework of knowledge so you can hang new knowledge on that.

How do you do that? My hunch, reading books.

You see, I read the Peter Principle book in 1969, when the book came out. The series of books on Parkinson’s Law, Mrs. Parkinson’s Law, also business books, I read even before that.

I graduated from high school in 1966… I had a library of 3000 books, books I read. Cover to cover.

You cannot wait for life to teach you. You need to go for the knowledge where it is: in books.

Now, what should you do if you are like me: you missed a step in your studies?

You see, in the next thing I did after I quit architecture (publishing a magazine) I learned everything I could, before, and everything I could after I started.

And even though I have an almost complete MBA, I still didn’t have enough knowledge to strike it rich, and still don’t.

If you are dreaming of business success but you know mighty little… you are in the desire trap… that prevents you from learning.

I don’t like to work with people who have a high desire number. A high desire number acts as an added screen in your view that tells you a lie. That you can go from where you are to what you see… from elementary school to college.

And, of course, you won’t be interested in what I have to teach you.

I’ve had ex students like that. Who jumped into something only to fail. Miserably. Because they had no foundation from which to work.

The stupid “Trading Places” movie spewing a meme: you can do anything if you can just get close to it… bah humbug.

So you spend your hard earned money on dreams, instead of building a foundation from which you can go to the next level.

If you think the next level is not high enough, and many of you think that, you may not belong here.

PS: I just spent an hour watching (listening to) a video that sounded very scientific, but was really a sales video to dupe people into buying a subscription to a medical-sort-of newsletter for $79.

The truth value of their health statements was 10%. You make better decisions flipping a coin!

But I bet that they have sold millions of subscriptions, because they gave away a book of non-pharma (really? lol) cures that threatens older people.

Now, why does this belong here?

Because when you have no latticework to hang the new knowledge on, then you don’t have knowledge, you have mud. Hodge podge. 99% of youtube videos are like that. 99% of articles are like that. 70% of non-fiction books are like that. Even the ones that were written by PhD’s…. I am not exaggerating!

The world if full of dangerous half-knowledge, of dangerous dilettantes, all because everyone thinks that knowledge is cheap.

Building sound knowledge is neither easy nor cheap. But most importantly, it requires you to have the numbers that show that you can decide between b.s. and truth.

I hate to break it to you, but in the past year I have only tested two people whose numbers were high enough to be considered a maybe. The rest of them wasn’t even a maybe. The rest of you will need to do a lot of work to be able to tell truth from falsehood.

Now, can the muscletesting course help?

Of course it can. Can it help YOU?

Like every promise, this promise is conditional.

Nothing helps you without you putting out. Without you being ready. Without you doing the right things, after you understood correctly what is the right thing.

Is it worth the $90 even if it won’t work instantly like magic?

Yes. It is part of your education that you so sorely lack. 🙁

As usual, I will not only teach muscle testing, I am laying a foundation.

I have bought a muscle testing course some 12 years ago. It was $350, and it was a 10 minute video.

Because that is how long it takes to teach you just the muscle testing.

This course is, so far, eight videos, and I am planning on at least six hour-long webinars in addition.

For $90. Obviously I am not doing it for the money.

So why am I doing it?

Because I cannot take uneducated, unteachable people to the Promised Land: human beingness

So, I hope that 1~2 people from the course will show the “muscle” – no pun intended – to be trained further. That is why I am giving away my time and knowledge for next to nothing.

PPS: I have just muscle tested some of the popular “laws” and most of them are not laws at all. They are unproven hypotheses. In another word: b.s.

Muscle testing saved the day again.

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  1. When I measure your Starting Point Measurements, I give you a recommendation. It is not cookie cutter… I actually look what would be a step that you can take. Occasionally I say: I don’t recommend anything. That is a bad sign… :-(

    Most often I recommend that clients raise their cell hydration. Because struggling to survive on the cellular level will make anyone dull, reactive, maybe even stupid. So causing yourself to come out of scarcity, out of survival will make you smarter, calmer, and easier to teach. I never go beyond that… a good half of the people that buy the Water Energizer audio do not do the work necessary to raise their cell hydration. So they already drop the ball there.

    Also, a large percentage of people buy something else… they ignore my recommendation. Bad sign, if you ask me.

    So I get to see what you can and cannot do, what you will and will not do… early on.

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