What is the technology of personal evolution…

I have said, in another article, that what is “normal” for a vehicle for the selfish gene (a human), is to move to and then stay in an ess.

Evolutionary stable strategy. Where life works relatively smoothly.

If you listen to the genes, you’ll live that way, you live in an ess.

Your job, your family, your health, your thinking are all in an ess… You don’t grow, you survive. You get up in the morning because you didn’t die the night before. It is probably boring, and you are probably sick, dumb, and poor. Or maybe not. It pretty much depends on what you start with.

That is how most people live, and it has a pull that is very strong.

You don’t rock the boat. You make do. You may do stupid things, and they likely take you downwards, towards gravity.

Now, it is obvious that this is not the path of creating epigenetic shifts toward living a life worth living. Not for me, not for the spirit, not for the soul. It is the ideal life for the selfish gene.

But Life wants more life, and the ess way of living results in less life.

Now, what do you do to evolve? Given the huge force ess has on you?

Bad news. There is no step by step way, there is no comfortable uphill slope, there is no staircase, no elevator, nothing like that. The way is not smooth.

The way to do it is to challenge the ess. Upset the apple cart. The more upset you cause, the more you open up the way to create a new ess. The old ess has to fall apart… 🙁 right?

Evolution happens when one ess falls to give way to the next ess to the next ess.

Evolution is a lot like climbing a rope or a pole: you pull with the arms, push with the legs, and the moment you stop doing that, you need to go back to the bottom to feel safe. 1

So evolution is not a walk in the park. Not for the body, not for the mind…

A year ago this time I decided that I was going to get fit. I wasn’t… I was weak, out of shape, 40 lbs overweight, and in pain.

One morning I woke up early and saw that maybe I wasn’t going to die soon enough, after all. And if I have to live, I’d rather live healthy than sick. And I knew that it was up to me.

I am convinced that 99% of my health is up tom my lifestyle choices, and my lifestyle, my choices are up to me… Or let me be precise: it is up to me and experimenting. Always moving toward a better outcome.

So I started to challenge myself physically, emotionally, and I started experimenting in earnest.

It was a long and hard year. I threw in the monkey wrench into every area of my life, a few experiments at a time. Eating, sleeping, thinking, housekeeping, shopping, social. What to shop. When to eat. how to make my food. Thousands of experiments, literally.

My last experiment was this past Saturday…

…when I walked to a grocery store at the bottom of the hill, and walk back home. 2

This long walk was probably the biggest upset of the ess… it was so upsetting, that my vibration dropped 80-90 points, which is a lot. I have been resting longer, reading novels instead of non-fiction, recovering.

The name of the upset is “challenge”. It can be mental, it can be emotional, and it can be physical, as in my case.

  • I had a call yesterday with a friend and it was a potential turning point for both of us: it was very challenging.
  • I have a call with my marketing client every week, and it is a potential evolutionary epigenetic event.

Can you do this?

Your TLB needs to be higher than 1… and every time you challenge yourself and don’t go back to ess, your TLB grows.

You can see why the TLB is crucial. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. And a challenge enough to cause an epigenetic shift is really tough.

Your TLB will tell you how to hold it.

If you complain… then you’ll go back to TLB 1, and may not try again. Or you’ll call me names. Or quit.

It’s how you hold it… that is the most important. If you say: oogh, I am hurting. that is a good sign… then you are on your way… potentially.

Also: if you think that I am torturing you… then you’ll whine, lick your wounds, instead of seeing that I am doing my job.

It’s not fun for me either… by the way.

But if you hired me for the right reason, then eventually you’ll see that gratitude is the appropriate response…

And then we do the pull with the arms, push with the legs dance, and eventually you’ll start to see that you see the world from a higher vantage point, that new ways of being, new ways of acting become available to you.

It’s like coming out of a hole, into the light.

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  1. When I go “up” to download the Days of Power energy, there is no resting until I reach the “rim” where I can sit down. It’s like a new ess… I go through it in a few minutes, and it feels like hell, I am scared, I am burning up, I am tense, but once I am there, I can ease into a new ess. OK… this is how life will be from now on…
  2. I had a new experiment at least one every fortnight. The only mistake is dragging out an experiment. I did not make that mistake.

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