Can you connect to Source through imagining connecting?

I did the first session of the Muscle testing course, version 2 yesterday.

There was a lot of things to unlearn and relearn for the students, things can and do prevent one from being effective in life.

Tons of the memes, everything and its opposite, no clarity.

What is Source. Where is the knowledge coming from when we muscle test for the truth? Is truth stagnant, the same today as it was yesterday? Does anything remain the same as it was yesterday?

The most successful people on earth know that only physical laws, the laws of physics apply here, and you can deal with the rest as appearances. A mirage. Maya. Not solid.

That nothing happens until someone does something… The law of cause and effect.

Imagining is not doing… bummer, eh?

Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan 1997.

But some imaginings, imaginings that are supported with experience can be considered doing.

Here is a scenario that is worth going through slowly.

You are invited to do a basket throwing course with Michael Jordan.

You are like me: not a good ball thrower. Your shoulder is not your best body part.

But my question is: would you go to do the course with Michael Jordan?

Most of you probably says: no way. Unless I already can do what he is teaching, no, I am not going.

And you just told me everything I need to know about you. You probably limit your activities to what you can do: putting stuff in your mouth, or doing a repetitive job that you are comfortable with.

Some of you says: no way. I’ll learn from videos if I want to learn. Tons of good videos out there. And then watch the videos, and do it wrong… or just watch them… never amount to anything in basketball… or for that matter anywhere in life. I guarantee it.

So why go to the course to learn from Jordan?

Because teaching your body to do things in a certain way creates muscle memory. An experience. An experience that you can repeat, even if the ball will never hit the basket. And doing that muscle movement, even if you are in bed, starts to develop the muscles needed for throwing a ball the right way… so it has a chance to hit the basket.

And learning it from a master… priceless.

Why? Because you have a body that you actually don’t know how to use it. It needs to be taught everything. You are born as a potential for many things, but you’ll know how to do only the things you actually learned from people who are good at it.

Somehow the culture, human culture, left the body and moved into the mind.

The mind is an imagining/remembering machine with no physical component.

When you leave your body, you leave your roots, you leave your foundation, and anything that comes from being a physical being is cut off as a source or a resource.

People, you? are approaching spirituality through the mind… but no access… It is like trying to connect to the other side of the moon… directly.

Yesterday I asked a quasi spiritual question in the class and the only person whose answer was authoritative and useful is someone who has a six-pack, sculpted, beautiful… meaning she is very physical.

She went within, to her body, and she knew.

The rest of the class was off…

In spite of all appearances I am very physical. All feelings are physical, so empaths are physical, they approach the world through the body, their body.

I learned to connect through feeling someone who was connecting. Her words were b.s., a smokescreen. But she did connect to Source. I felt it.

I worked on helping people to connect. The videos, in the hands of people who are separated from their body, become words… and the essence is lost.

The essence is not the journey in connecting, but the actual “muscles” that move to produce the result of connecting.

If I described to you how to throw a ball the Michael Jordan way, you would interpret the words from your mind. And would never have the result: the muscle memory.

So if you are a mind person, half of the battle, maybe more than half, is to get you into the body.

Many of you have NEVER been in your body, or not really.

But to connect to Source you need to be.

As a sidenote: the problem with imagining things without actually having muscle memory of doing it, is that they seem easy, and that they seem instant.

Mind candy.

You imagining being an internet guru, having a customer, paying you, and you buying what you want, a new car, a set of new clothes.

You have muscle memory for spending the money, but not for making it!

You have muscle memory for being hugged and cherished, but not for what it takes: being with them through them ranting and raving, or being boring, or yelling at you. That you have the only kind of muscle memory that doesn’t lead to hugging… 🙁

Your TLB is likely a 1… hardship? f… that! learning something new? f… that! doing something now instead of whatever is easy? f… that!

So you have no experience of doing things, and you have no muscle memory that you can.

So you have no self-trust that you can.

Building muscle memory of doing something, even if it is a flop, is the attitude to life that leads to success.

Learning to throw the ball the Jordan way. Getting on stage and feel ugly, feel unattractive, or boring, or insignificant, and build muscle memory that in spite of those feelings you did it. Your muscles remember, so now you can do it again. Or practice it… and increase the muscle memory.

Anything you have no muscle memory of has to be learned with the muscles first.

I remember as a little girl pondering how one slaps another. So I practiced it? lol

I practiced a lot of things. Sports. Dance. Pantomime, Two musical instruments. Singing on stage. Building stuff. Sex. Consciously. As a way to create muscle memory.

Without all those, I don’t think I would have been able to connect in an instant through observing the actions one took: inside. Outside you see the b.s. Irrelevant, showy, doing nothing relevant.

pope blessing... just the appearance, no energyLike religious leaders, whatever they do with their hands or their heads. The inner movement, trust me, is not there. They are just doing the macarena… without being involved inwardly.

I have an exercise class every Tuesday. I watch people as they move their limbs, but their inside, just like in religion, are not dancing, just the limbs.

I dance with my insides in the class. And my limbs move from the inside out.

I want you to aspire to be like me.

Put on some music, and connect to it, inwardly, and allow the music to move your limbs.

Find out what “muscles” are inside you.

The main difficulty people have with connecting to Source is that they have no experience of their insides.

The eyes that turn the mind off. The attention that can move things. The inner gym you can exercise and build muscle memory with, so when you need to connect you can do that without the words, and the process map… much like Jordan doesn’t need to remember what to do first to throw a basket.

And if you participate in his class, you won’t either. The body will remember.

But it is a mighty good idea to be a self-starter in that.

The music and dancing from the inside out is a great preparation. The goal is to get out of the mind, and into the body.

Some empath students have NEVER been in their bodies either… When I asked them to dance, they dance with their minds. Not with the music.

You can play an instrument with your hands, and never be IN or WITH the music. This particular empath managed to do that.

I don’t think he ever got how important the body is.

I will have a class or two to help people… We used to call them calisthenics, we haven’t done that in many years.

But I have a hunch that unless you come to a class, you’ll never do it.

Am I right?

PS: What is in common for a body builder, a pantomimer (a mime), and connecting to Source?

All three of them need to isolate the individual muscles to be effective.

It’s easiest to see this through bodybuilding: Tons of people lift weight, but unless you can isolate the individual muscles, move them, use them separately, you will never have the body of a body builder.

The woman who I mentioned in the class having solid connection to wisdom and the beyond, is a bodybuilder of sorts…

When you have been able to isolate the micro movements from the gross macro movements, you are ready to do either of the three.

Luckily in order to be able to muscletest stuff while connected to Source, you need to connect only on the first level, and that only needs two muscles to be isolated. But isolated they need to be, or no connection. Sorry.


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