Human Nature And The Activation

knowing-doingOriginally this article was published in August of 2011. I did a planetary activator then, and this article is about the aftermath… quite disappointing.

What makes this article timely is that the behavior it’s about hasn’t change. You learn new things and you don’t use them. You continue behaving the way you always behaved… as if nothing happened.

What you forget is this: your capacities don’t tell you what to do, you tell yourself what to do, and then you are able to do them with new capacities, successfully.

My Avatar State Audios, my articles, my coaching tells you, shows you what to do, but it is you who needs to decide to do that new thing, and actually do it.

You can take the horse to the water, but you can’t force it to drink… It is entirely up to you.

So, here is the original article:

horse to water


Boys Pushing & Pulling Stubborn Mule

knowledge-think-actI have been puzzling over the profound indifference mixed with resentment 1 over the Planetary Activation of The Original Design.

As I have said in other blog posts of mine, this activation effects every human being and every country on earth that accepted the activation.

At present there are a handful of Central European countries that have not accepted, and they muscle-test for Dark Side Dominance.

But what about the rest of the people, some 7 billion people? Why aren’t they grateful, why aren’t they rejoicing? Isn’t this what they wanted?

An increased capacity to be empowered, and win in life, in relationships, in career, in health, in money… all areas of life are effected by your capacities!

And finally I am feeling and hearing answers:

Lots of people identify themselves with their struggles. They struggle for something, but mostly they struggle against something.

If suddenly their struggle succeeded, they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves.

Their entire nervous system is set to animosity, protecting, attacking.

I think this is why the phrase was coined: be careful what you wish for! You may get it.

knowledge-think-actPeople don’t want to get what they want. Hm. They want to continue wanting. They seem to be more interested in staying where they have been than being propelled to a higher place.

And that, in spite of the fact that people spend millions, maybe billions of dollars on buying ineffective products and programs, that use up their life but don’t deliver.

Go figure.

Anyway, the rules have been, that a brave human can ask for the activation of humanity, and I did it.

Too bad… too late. You are done.

Now, if you have any sense (do you?!) then start practicing your new capacities! Your higher intelligence. Your new ability to be considerate, to be caring, to be able to do no harm. To use your life for what it was given to you, to become an Expanding Human Being.

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  1. remember, I am an empath… so far no one has had the courage to tell me in my face! Thank God! lol

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar