Reframing… She is a person! OMG.

Refraiming, or looking at things in a different context is one of the tools you have available to you when you raise your vibration.

Ultimately, the most accurate description or definition of higher vibration is that the vibration number expresses the height from where you look at events, ideas…

  • The higher you are the less personal it becomes.
  • The higher you are the less the desire trap will rob you of being able to see that A is A…
  • The higher you are the more options you see.
  • The higher you are the more you can see what bigger thing you can accomplish while you are taking care of things…
  • And of course the higher you are the more ready you are to look at things through different frames and actually see something different.

Some of these new frames, when you first get to look through them, are dramatic. Upsetting. Revolutionary.

The new frame I’d like you to try on is, that everyone is a person.

  • Your mother is a person.
  • Your father is a person.
  • YOU are a person.
  • Your son is a person.
  • Your boss, your co-worker, your client… a person, a person, a person.
  • Donald Trump is a person.
  • Melania Trump, Putin, the axe murderer, the FBI agent… person, person, person.


How we normally look, the frame we habitually use, is job, role, designation.

But when you start looking through the “he is a person, OMG…” filter, it is rattling. It is disorienting. 1

I first looked through this frame by accident, back in 1992.

My mother, then 72 years old, came to visit me.

I had a business to run, so I had a guy, and employee of mine, who drove her to places when I was working.

On day she called on the phone. She was in the Woodbridge Mall, and she lost all her money.

She misplaced her cash and dropped it.

I experienced the switch of frames right there on the phone.

What an asshole… I thought mortified about my mother. Poor thing… I thought with sympathy about the person, who also happened to be the woman who gave birth to me 45 years earlier.

The rest of her stay was almost pleasant. I shifted my frame, but I don’t think she did. For her I was still just her daughter… ugh.

But your frame is more important than theirs… What gave me my life the rest of her stay is this person who lost her money, who suddenly was my charge, and it was my job to take care of her, make her stay enjoyable.

She loved America, by the way. She died a few years later. When she died I cried. I saw that I could have had a relationship with that person. And I experienced loss that I didn’t.

PS: When I lived in Israel I had a chance to vote once. I voted for Shulamit Aloni’s Human Rights Movement. Looking back I can see that it is about giving everyone the right to be a person… As weird as it is, we don’t… We label people and then interact with the label.

This new frame will surprise you, and maybe will change your life. Let me know how it is working.

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  1. I said in another article, that one of my shortcomings was that I wasn’t kind to people. When I am able to look through this filter, I can actually be kind. Compassionate. Charitable. The ways I could not be when I looked through the standard frame.

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