Reframing: How old are you being?

Raising your vibration, raising your coherence is your job. With my help. The helping is my job.

I am experiencing a blissful period in my work.

  • I personally experience seeing things from a higher place and in a richer way.
  • I also experience that suddenly more of my students are getting coherent than normal… than before.

Someone said: when you succeed you celebrate, when you fail you ponder.

But a really successful person ponders, no matter what.

So I am pondering.

The first thing I saw today is that the students that interact with me more, allow me to trimtab-alter 1 the direction, the path they normally would go all the way, those students are growing more coherent.

Putting on blinders and going all the way, to find out that there is no cheese, seems to be the unmitigated way humans act. All humans? Roughly all humans. Few exceptions. Billionaires, for example.

The only difference between individuals is how far they go blindly before they look around, check reality, or before they discuss what they are doing, what they are thinking with someone.

The behavior of stubborn refusal to check reality, stubborn refusal to get help has an calendar age associated with it.

I have mentioned different evolutionary/calendar ages. How different capacities evolve at different stages, at a different age for the child.

Wanting to do it without any help is the evolutionary stage of a 3-year old. Most people are stuck at that age, in this regard.

What else is there at three years of age? Suddenly there is the birth of the precious “I” that gets devalued, feels devalued by finding out or allowing others to know that you don’t know everything.

It’s ridiculous if you consider a three-year old child. Obviously they know mighty little. They cannot even tie their own shoelaces!

But when you look at yourself doing the 3-year old dance, you don’t laugh. You should. It is funny. Obscene. Sad. And now it is obvious why you are not winning…

Most students interact with me as a 3-year old, protecting their precious “I”. Even their questions come from that protection, or proving that they are smart… or whatever they fancy themselves.

But recently I have gotten a new breed of students who consider their relationships with me differently. They are in partnership with me. Partnership of sorts.

It’s more work for me, and it is more results for them.

My fiercely independent students, the 3-year old, don’t get much more than if they did the 67 steps program on their own. They are overpaying me at $15 a week.

The new breed of students consider doing the 67 steps as a give and take, research project. They get $50-$150 of my time each week, and it shows. It shows on their results.

Can I keep down my rates? For now, yes. I am so happy.

On the long run? I don’t know. I hope I can.

One of the reasons is that while they are learning, they are also teaching me and Source.

I definitely could not do this work in a vacuum, and for years that was the biggest hindrance. For years it was my good idea… too little feedback.

We have come a long way, baby.

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