Your life-success score is low… how do you raise it?

Your starting point measurements tell me the whole story that you are.

And the picture of putting all those starting point measurements also tells me how humanity as a whole is doing.

Pitiful. But why?

Most people think that what they do when they are at their best, when they go to church in their best church-going outfit, is who they are.

Or the all smiles pictures they post on social media.

What you do, who you are, what you listen to 90% of the time gives you the success you have.

The actions you do day in and day out. Not the holidays, not the carefully orchestrated events. The ordinary. The 90%.

This is so in every area of your life: Health, wealth, love and happiness.

Hoping that what you do in 10% of your life will make you deserve what you want makes you really one of the billions of Zombies chasing mirages.

How does designing life for the 90% look?

Example: I carefully keep my indiscretions with food to less than 10%. This way I can be healthy and experiment. This way I can be healthy and indulge inside those 10%.

Here is an experiment I did or really am doing: I bought a new “grain” on Friday and tested it yesterday. Teff. The world’s smallest seeds, they come from Ethiopia. Bob’s Teff flour I bought. I wanted Sorghum, but they didn’t have it.

I made porridge from it, water, salt, and added some ghee.

I ate a little bit… and then got sick.

I was standing over the toilet bowl poised to vomit… but in the end I didn’t.

My body finally calmed down.

Will I be able to eat teff porridge in the future? We don’t know that. This is part of my 10% to test certain foods. Just the thought of it makes my stomach rumble. The selfish gene doesn’t want anything new… lol.

Your integrity is low, you lie to yourself.

One of the reasons your success score is so low is because your integrity is low, or for some of you non-existent.

You think of getting somewhere on time. Or such trifles is integrity.

But integrity, unless the 90% of your life is taking you to the best life possible, is going to be low. Integrity is between you and you… and if you don’t take care of yourself, you are cheating yourself.

Zombies chasing mirages cannot, don’t have integrity. Mirages are mirages, and the chasing takes you away from the best life possible.

If you start a business or course with no foundation, no guidance, no understanding… you are going to fail, guaranteed. No integrity.

Unless you start increasing the number of hours where your activity, your attitude, your state of being takes you closer to the good life, you are kidding yourself: nothing is going to get better. You are putting on airs. You are putting on a show. You are pretending.

And one of the biggest issues I see is this: you don’t know yourself. You think that being smart, buying a book, buying a course will automatically take you to where the book/course promises to take people.

But you have no foundation to expect that. Your map of reality and reality don’t match, and what you read you misunderstand. What you hear you misunderstand. And you don’t know it.

Unless you have a guide who can correct you, every step of the way, the astuteness level you have will determine your results… You cannot, will not be astute under the level of 1500… That is measure #10 of the starting point measurements.  1 Astute means that you can see things for what they are. You Have a lot of knowledge, skills, tried and true.

So given that your astuteness level is low, 2 here is the biggest issue: Who is going to guide you in your actions? In your attitude? In your being?

What you know, the level of knowledge you have has gotten your where you are now, in all areas of life. Using the same level of knowledge will only improve where you are if you get someone to guide you, mentor you, coach you.

Having someone to model after , especially if you can do it through a lot of clarifying one-on-one conversations. If you model their outside behavior that you probably misunderstood,  nothing good will happen.

One of the things you’ll need to know about me, is that I have had tons of mentors, and I have had tons of models…

OK, my story of modeling, mentors, etc.

I am an empath. I had two models as a child, a mother and a father.

My mother was an internally conflicted person: the natural dislike of me fought inside her with the desire to be a good mother, the two polarities were jerking her hither and tither.

Modeling after her is like modeling after a crazy person…

Her unpredictable behavior was why I was a good fit for ACOA… alcoholics behave the way she did. She didn’t drink. No one drank in my environment.

Psychiatrists call this phenomenon “double bind”, and in most cases it leads the schizophrenia, because the mind refuses to deal with confusion and escapes into a world of its own.

Because I am an empath, I escaped that predicament. I felt her internal struggle. But I did model after her: the person with an unbalanced mind.

In biology they call this imprinting… the baby animal imprints on a mother figure, and follows it around, learns how to be. I saw a youtube video about an orphaned calf who imprinted on the dog that nursed her/him, and now behaves like a dog.

An animated movie I really liked about a pig that imprinted on a sheep dog, the movie: Babe. Watch it

Being like my mother leads to the opposite of the good life. It has taken me all my life to remove the imprinting, and I succeeded to the degree I have. 6% of my behavior is still my mother’s.

I also imprinted on my father… Seeing my father do what he did, he was successful, I recognize 30% of my behavior coming from my father.

I was lucky that I had teachers who took a liking to me… and acted as mentors.

I have been learning ways of being from books. Many books. I am an avid reader, 2-3-4 books a week.

I learned courage from books. I learned loyalty from books. I learned most everything that is good about me from books and maybe movies.

By hanging out with people in the books… books that have three-dimensional characters. I am saying this, because I just spent a few days reading two Raymond Chandler novels that did not have any three dimensional characters, only funny words. Ugh. 3

I remember most of the characters I have emulated. The first one was a Chinese orphan boy, Iron Bull… I read it around 1955, by a German writer. Then from a Russian movie a black boy Russian sailors fished out of the ocean, and Christened Maxim.

It seems all my heroes had one thing in common with me: they were alone. And they did what they had to do to grow so they can fulfill their mission in life.

In books you can pick your person to imprint after.

According to Tai Lopez, who quotes from the Selfish Gene 4 the human brain evolved to be a simulating machine, a learning machine.

Simulating is actually a very involved process… it is not mind-imagination. Simulating creates muscle memory. If your mental processes don’t, then you are just stirring the s-it; what you are doing is daydreaming, not simulating.

In simulation your muscles move. Your emotions are tested. Just like sitting in the cockpit of an airplane you are flying. No daydreaming, no imagination. You are doing it.

One of the characters I learned from in Stanislaw Lem‘s novels is Pirx. A cadet. On a dangerous flight (simulation flight) a housefly gets into the cabin and creates a short circuit. In spite of that he manages to keep control of the machine and land it. When he gets out of the cockpit he sees that his classmates wrecked their machines… however you see that in simulation…

You can live a life where you learn from your own experience. Mostly you learn and fail and die… Learning from your own experience is expensive.

You can live a life where you learn from other people’s failures… much better.

And you can live a life where you simulate and read and take it home… meaning: you have failures in the thought experiments but get to the actions in life prepared.

Books, maybe even movies are simulation tools.

I have many favorite movies. One of them, The Legend of 1900 I saw when it was new.

I never knew that Tim Roth was playing the title character… but when I saw the Lie To Me on Netflix, I was so attracted to him…

His character, both in the movie and in the TV series, is simulation galore… for me.

Not because I want his life, but I want his joy, I want his “I don’t care” attitude. I want to be true to myself, like him. 5


Who you are is who you are 90% of the time. Who most of you are, are cooks in a kitchen of your life, in the kitchen that is incredibly well equipped, but has one, maybe two ingredients. So you order in.

That is who you are… 90% of the time.

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  1. 1. your vibration (1-1000):
    2. your overall intelligence, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, body, relationship, etc.:
    3. the number of spiritual capacities you have:
    4. your soul correction (your machine):
    5. do you have attachments?
    6. the level of your health (1-100):
    7. the level of your cell hydration (1-100):
    8. your relationship to feedback and instruction:
    9. The level of discomfort you are willing to allow w/o trying to fix it. This is your TLB score
    10. The size of your vocabulary: the number of words you can use accurately:
    11. To what degree you think of yourself:
    12. # of fixed mindset:
    13. Ambition:
    14. Desire:
    15. Degree of inauthenticity overall:
    16. Level of integrity 1-100:
    17. Recommendations:
  2. I haven’t had anyone who hit 1500 yet! Not even one!
  3. I can detect personal growth. Last time I read a Raymond Chandler novel, I didn’t have the concept “three dimensional character”, lol
  4. which I read but early on. I never caught this bit, but it’s important, but I quote it from where I found it
  5. I watched the movie The Legend of Nineteen Hundred, again after I wrote this. If you want to watch it… let me know. I loved it. More than the first time.

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