Followup on the “how to model yourself after successful people” articles

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If you haven’t read the articles, here are the links: your success score article and the modeling article from earlier today

I watched the 1995 movie Babe again this afternoon. I wept… again. I was deeply moved. By what, you ask?

Question: did you watch this movie? Did you stop to learn something?

what were the states Babe was in? What was his dominant state of being?

What could you model yourself after Bebe? Your actions, your attitude, your world view, that would make you a happier and more successful person?

I bet these are questions you never think to ask yourself.

If you did, you would probably teach me, or teach thousands… because you would be as rare as most successful people are.

But you can start any time. And you might be blind now, but your eyes would open up and would start to see, then you would start to feel, and then you would be able to simulate, and learn and become a terrific human being.

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