The methodology of making the invisible visible

All mischief and all power comes from the invisible. Invisible to you, and maybe invisible to society.

It’s not hidden. It is just not obvious to the untrained eyes. What your eyes need is training and guidance.

My methodology, observing life through many distinctions, is a winning one.

It drives up, and makes visible what has thus far been invisible.

Racket, frame, memes, voices, states… the distinctions are all opportunities to see another aspect of the invisible, and gain control over yourself, so you can start moving in the direction of the good life, whatever good life is for you.

For example, your soul correction. It is a distinction to look through and see some formerly invisible stuff.

Every soul correction, it seems, has a center issue or issues. Hindering behaviors.

What behaviors am I talking about?

If the purpose of life is to create more life, then certain behaviors, attitudes support that and others don’t.

If we look at your life, what we see is different aspects, depending on what “frame” we look through.

When you work with a microscope, in order to be able to see different things, you need to use stain (another word for die), or some other contrasting method, because sometimes everything looks the same as everything else. The result is obviously visible pattern, and clear differentiation. 1

That is actually the “normal” condition of humans, to see everything undistinguished from everything else. And undifferentiated mess.

The human conditions: Everything is the same as everything else, except that not always

And some stuff in that mess of undifferentiated stuff, if it were recognized as distinct, could be addressed, grown or shrunk, and the result would be a completely different quality of life.

Intelligent methodologies, intelligent modalities deal with this first. Most modalities I have reviewed are not intelligent. Maybe none… I can’t remember any that was intelligent.

The methodology that is similar to the microscope users’, the methodology that makes one thing stand out in the undifferentiated mess, is the methodology I employ in causing seeing, causing growth, and causing people to have power in creating a life they can love.

I tell you, it is not easy. I may not be smart enough to pull it off for everyone. But as I am working with a handful of people, one-on-one, they say things that work like the stain on the slide under the microscope, and I suddenly see something that has been hidden in plain sight. And then I can stop them, make them look, and start to see what they had never seen before. Seeing it, owning it, not resisting it, is their access to break out of a pattern that has kept them hostage.

It’s been happening with increasing frequency and I am starting to see, observe, analyze, test, double test, muscle test… lol. It’s really working.

It started in earnest about a week ago, before that it was more like an event. But a week ago it started to become a pattern, quite predictable. I started to see a typical way, a typcal attitude a client uses, unawares, to move away from more life…

I see some commonality with soul correction. It requires more certainty, but for now here are some examples:

My soul correction, is Forget Thyself

Forget Thyself: superiority, excluding.
Silent Partner: generosity and arrogance
Sexual Energy: resistance and narrow cone of vision/eyes shut forcefully
Finish What You Start: lying and fear
Building Bridges: vagueness???
Memories: Knowing and victimhood
Fatal Attraction: being limited, rigid, and fearful

I haven’t done this analysis of the soul corrections thoroughly yet. But as we are starting to bring some discussion into the world view of “everything is a meme”, I suddenly start to see things that thus far have been hidden in plain sight.

Your starting point measurements show the data, but interpreting them is a bitch… lol.

Hundreds of behaviors, hundreds of attitudes block you from being all you can be. Some of them are vibration-related. Meaning: you are anchored on a low vibration by the attitude. Small mindedness, comfort-seeking, insisting on a rule, fear.

Some behaviors appear to you as the way to win… and of course you should notice that you are not winning… “The attitude cannot be the issue…” the mind says, so you continue doing the same thing the same way, expecting a different result.

The methodology I am using and teaching: looking through distinctions, sheds light on those unproductive fallacious attitudes. Fallacious means erroneous, false, untrue, wrong, incorrect, flawed, inaccurate, mistaken, misinformed, misguided. 2

You are the last one to notice, because the fallacious attitude looks for you like reality, the way things are.

For example, if your life is based on the conviction that life is wrong, you are wrong, people are wrong, and the thing to do with what is wrong is to resist it, ignore it, or forcefully fix it… your life will be wretched.

You’ll pay mucho money to help you fix it better, unsuccessfully, and it never occurs to you that life is the way life is, people are the way people are, and you are the way you are.

Wrong doesn’t exist in reality. Wrong comes from a meme… wrong comes from a comparison. Wrong comes from you thinking that life, people, you should be the way you consider it proper and good.

Let me repeat it: there is nothing ever wrong in life or with people. Things are the way things are. And they should be that way. Why? Because they are that way.

A is A. A is never B… and it should not be B. If it were, we would live in chaos. But A is always A.

But, listen up!,

the moment you can say and mean that A is A, that nothing is wrong with it. It is the way it is. Then you don’t get fixated by it. You can look wider and deeper and further, and see that there is a whole world outside of the A… and you can use it as a valid starting point to go anywhere.

A stands for life, for people, for you being the way you are.

Something really magical happens when you can consider that A is A.

A guy who used to come to my exercise class died last week. Given that the class is for older folks, this rattles some cages. Solemnity, blah blah blah. The mood was quite subdued…

I said to myself. A is A, I’ll look at it later. A fun class isn’t the place to do it.

At the end of the class this guy and me danced… I asked how old he was. He said 90. 90 years old. Everyone in my family died before they reached 80. And this guy, at 90, is dancing like a young person.

When you can see that A is A, (the guy who died was 67,) you can suddenly see that this other guy is dancing at 90. And that may be your future, if you so choose. What age your parents died, what age the dead guy died at is now not in the picture. What is there is dancing at 90.

What gives you your mood, attitude, and ambition to eat right, to move, to laugh, to choose people who are fun, to choose fun is what you choose, not what you resist or obey.

The 90 year old guy was sticking to me like glue. Because I am fun, I have fun, I am someone he can look to share fun energy with. He is not only 90, he is a fun 90. And I bet this capacity to have fun have a lot to do with his longevity and his energy. Are you fun? For yourself?

A person who is having fun can live life the way it is… A is A. Nothing to fix. Nothing to resist. Nothing to ignore.

It ain’t nothing till you call it.

PS: As an experiment, I am offering a free strategy session, where both you and I can see if I can move you from where you are to where you’d like to be.

I cannot guarantee any results, because the results are not up to me. Not even up to my methodology. The results are up to you.

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  1. Xrays also use contrast methods, but they work slightly differently… not in the invisible, but in the covered up domain. That is not what we are doing.
  2. Distinctions act like the stain on the microscope slide

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