Why is it a good idea to do the 67 steps over and over, instead of starting a new course

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I bought the 67 steps program at the beginning of February last year. I have averaged 5-6 steps a week.

This week I answered two questions that I have probably been asked nine times before… and a whole new reality opened up for me.

I’ll tell you specifically what the questions and my answers were in a little bit, but first I’d like to look at this whole phenomenon of not hearing what we don’t hear.

You may never have experienced this, because you either didn’t repeat something frequently enough, or you are sleepwalking.

There is such a thing as top of the mind awareness.

What you hear. What you notice. About 10% of what is there. What is said. What you read. What you see.

The rest… as if it didn’t exist.

It’s tragic for a coach or a teacher, because they cannot build on what they already taught, because you didn’t even hear it.

It’s not that you heard it and forgot it. No. You never heard it.

I have tested this in every single workshop I have ever run… no variation in this… People can’t tell you what you said, or use it to answer a related question.

Physiologically they hear it. I can ask you to repeat what I said, and you can repeat it without ever having heard it… like a parrot. But a minute later there is nothing there.

Why? Because for anything to be heard you need to have the latticework to attach it to. And latticework you have for only the 10% of things that are top of the mind. Plus the confirmation bias.

The rest, the 90% sounds to you like gobbledygook, senseless garbled sounds.

If it is a question, like in my case, the mind says: I know. And doesn’t even allow you to look. Or if it does, it looks in the area of the 10%, not deeper, not wider, not really.

The mind isn’t interested in anything. It isn’t interested in change, it isn’t interested in you becoming more.

So it filters out anything that would cause you to grow. Or alternatively, interprets everything as something you already know, and promptly forgets the original words.

Result: you never learn anything.

I have past students who are not students for this reason.

So, returning to the two questions, what were they?

One question was:

if you had to pick one activity you want to do every day, without prompting, without having to, needing to, or should, what would that be?

Look at every pillar of the good life, health, wealth, love and fulfillment.

For me,
–in wealth it is writing,
–in health: eating only what works for my body and keeps my energy high,
–in love: going to a fun class once a week, and have 4-5 conversations a week that are intellectual, and stimulating, and
–in fulfillment: see some results in my clients.

The next question came in the next step, where Tai talks about re-imagining your life.

He asked: if you could re-imagine your life in all four areas of life: what would it look like?

You can see that it’s essentially the same question, plus. Plus: how would you go about having that in your life.

I saw that if writing articles could lead to publishing them as books… that could bring me lots of clients to choose from.
I saw that I could have those stimulating conversations all or most with clients… and I probably would have more fulfillment as a result. Also more income.

Same amount of work… just more fulfilling in every area.

What’s missing?

Ultimately, if and when i look, what is missing is something I have been unwilling to do myself. That is being my own editor, compile the books, put them on Amazon, market them, etc. But I could hire an editor and a promoter.

I could make them partners in that I don’t need any income from the books, I only need the books to drive potential clients my way. Potential clients I can talk to and decide if I can make a difference with them.

How do you find partners like that?

I don’t know. At this point I am just formulating this project… talking.

Listen/express is the first stage of a project. Listen inward, listen outward, and express inward, express outward.

Real expression is enrolling. Obviously I am nowhere near conquering that beast… no one has volunteered, no one has raised their hands saying: please pick me.

Why would that be?

–One reason is that the person needs to be able to grok, grasp what I am saying, and yet have no ego. Rare.
–Another reason is that the person needs to be able to see the big picture, wide and deep… so they can see that there is a learning curve, that there is no pay, but down the line there can be a lot of pay.

The person needs to have investment mentality: invest time, energy for a future payoff.

You can see that it is a rarity to find a person like that.

Today anyone who can write, wants to write their own blog. Even big name dudes steal something to say: I catch quite a few people who read my blog: within a weak they come up with their version of a topic… but how they write it is talking to the top 10% of the mind.

Hm. Interesting.

My first inclination is to scream… lol.

Anyway, I am continuing expressing, and expressing some more.

And trust that some of the upcoming 67 steps will give me some clues on how to express better.

Now, what happens if you read something you have read before with the filter: I have read this before? Do you think you’ll get more than you got the first time? I don’t think so.

Jeff Bezos read Sam Walton’s book  so many times, it was falling apart. I just finished reading it for the second time… it is a book one should read 10-20-30 times. Why? Because it has depth. Way beyond the top 10%.

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