Get out of your mind, the home of misery and lack of intelligence?

i can__t get ou of my mindAll those courses that teach mind power are teaching you something that doesn’t work.

The mind is a slow, clunky machine with only one purpose: to own you, to reduce you to its own slave.

I am not speaking against the mind: I am speaking against slavery.

You, the conscious you, the Witness, the Observer, the higher intelligence You is the boss… and every aspect of you is supposed to serve the will of that YOU… so what happened?

What happened is that your human enemy started to teach you that your mind is superior… blah blah blah.

So you started to abandon feelings, intuition, instinct, ego, soul, and retreated into the mind, where you don’t have a clue about reality, where you don’t know what’s going on, and where you can never call the shot, be happy, joyful, fulfilled, and all the stuff that life could be about… but yours isn’t.

So while one group of “teachers” teach you to put all your eggs in one basket: into the mind, the other group of teachers teach you to meditate so you can get out of the mind.

Meditation rarely teaches you anything useful: most people that I have tested, never get out of the mind.

And the ‘put all of yourself in the mind’ teachers are winning…

On a normal call, I measure the participants, how much of their time they spend in their mind.

The correlation between that number (a percentage) and their vibration, their happiness, their success in life and their chosen endeavor is too obvious to ignore.

The more time you spend in your mind the less happy, the less successful you are, and your vibration is low.

Your response speed to stimuli is slow, your responses are in-accurate, imprecise, your comprehension is low. In one word: you are not intelligent.

get me out of the prison of my mindThese findings are normal: most of humanity is miserable and unintelligent. Your doctor, your plumber, your car mechanic, your spouse, your kid, your spiritual teacher, your politician.

So what is there to do?

Until recently I was teaching a meditation technique that I hoped would work, but I have to admit: a spiritual practice that you need to take time for will never work for most people: your life is too full to take that much time out to meditate.

The best spiritual practices are the ones that you can do while doing other things.

So here is one, that you can do all the time, and the more you do the more powerful the “attention muscle” becomes.

Your attention is a non-verbal energy vector originating in your mid-back.

When you put your attention on something and refrain from labeling what you observe, you are directing your attention and you are out of the mind.

On the other hand, if you recognize what you are looking at, i.e. you are comparing it with what you already know, same, more, better, different, then you are in the mind.

Observation is neutral. No emotional component, neither positive, nor negative, it is just “is.”

You can just look around in your room, or while you are driving, and see stuff without recognizing it… It is there, but it is not a same/more/better/different than a previous thing… it is just there.

Same with people. Bring NO RECOGNITION to your glance, and you won’t be restricted by what you already know.

One of the most powerful exercises I learned some 30 years ago was to go home and bring a total blank state to my significant other… The result was staggering: he wasn’t at all the way I always had him… all the sugar coating fell off and I could see the jerk he was… I got rid of him. You could have the exact opposite: your jerk become suddenly a lovely human being: I would have preferred that version, but you don’t choose reality: reality is what it is.

Please start practicing this: no matter what level you are at… this will raise your vibration and increase your intelligence, your happiness, your satisfaction with life.

The more you do it the better the results.

And if you need energetic support, I have two activators that can be perfect: Get into the present and the “Nothing wrong/nothing to fixactivator.

It’s easier with the activators, but you don’t need them to do this spiritual practice.

The main job of the activators is to remind you, to nudge you to do it.

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