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Oh no! This video software that used to work doesn’t work any more. I cried out… This can happen to anyone. Technology changes so rapidly, keeping pace with it is both expensive and time consuming.

Sometimes there is an upgrade. Nowadays upgrades cost money… or the software developer simply abandoned you… and you are stranded with a software that doesn’t work any more.

I have been teaching what I teach for seven years. Teach people a world view that has been tested and true, and includes the invisible. This world view is sharply different from the accepted norms… but it works, instead of just being a nice theory like what psychologists and philosophers teach. Or even Landmark Education… or the Kabbalah Centre… or any of the gurus.

I store many hundreds of recordings of webinars in the cloud. Occasionally someone pays for access to one of them, and then I find out that suddenly my website doesn’t display my videos any more. The code is there… but no video is showing… 🙁

It takes 3-4 minutes to find a video on my cloud storage and put it on the website in a new way. So I fixed that one video this guy bought access to, and while I was at it, I fixed another 100 videos… I still have more than 100 connection, healing, energy transmission videos to fix, but I did fix 53 videos of the Invisible that where I teach about the invisible world that determines the visible.

Just like the roots health determine the tree’s health, the invisible, the root level of the world is bigger, and all powerful with rules of its own…

In Kabbalah, they call The Invisible the 99% reality. And when you know the 99% reality, your actions in the 1% reality will be accurate, astute, and effective. One of the Kabbalistic distinctions is the seed level of your business. Depending on the seed level, the business will be… just like in the plant world. Crafting a seed level that will create a successful business that will support you for a long time is impossible without knowing The Invisible. The dynamic. The distinctions. The “rules” of the invisible.

The 53 videos of the invisible

I can now make these resurrected 53 videos available… These 53 videos (webinar recordings) originally sold for hundreds of dollars, and now they are only gathering dust… no one is benefiting from them.

I am looking at Tai Lopez 67 steps program. He is selling his 67 videos for $67.

I have 53 videos that teach you 53 of the invisible elements of the 99% reality that is the seed level of your life…

Imitating Tai Lopez, I will sell my videos for one dollar per video. You can just watch them, or if you are smart and ambitious, ask me to coach you as well. I paid many tens of thousands of dollars to learn what’s in them, tested them for decades. They are true and tried principles… but without coaching they are not as readily useful as they are with coaching. Why? Because coaching makes them directly applicable to your thinking, to your mindset, to your life.

You could just learn what you can from them or learn the personal application with coaching. How they apply to you. How they apply to your health, money, relationships. It is up to you.

If you are in the 67 steps, you get the videos for free and can do them in addition to the 67 steps, or switch to these videos… if you wish. They are worth at least $530… And I will coach you in them. I am giving them to my coaching clients for free, because knowing the invisible with accelerate their progress by far.

In the 67 steps Tai is making you look at life and at principles of the world. The 53 videos make you see the underlying invisible world that operates it.

Unless you know how the invisible works your life will be still full of land mines, invisible land mines… and the land mines can trip you up.

Both Tai’s program and The 53 Invisibles are most useful when you get help to apply them to your own life, to your own person.

One of the distinctions that both programs work with is your personality.

Tai considers it fixed, even if you can learn to be more social, or more practical… like Casanova’s chameleon.
But in the 53 Invisibles, you learn how personality really got developed. Personality shows up in its roots… and you can see that the personality you put together is not innate at all… in fact it was put together by an upset young person.

For example, one of my “personality traits” is that I am quick thinking. It was put together when i was called stupid as a kid. But being a quick thinker is a lie, and to me it is like a straitjacket… because by nature I am slow and deep. Not quick and witty.

So people interact with the personality, and I am suffering behind the façade, because I now have to dance to that same drummer… cannot just be myself. Slow and deep. But when I know, I can be both… I can choose.

In the Playground we use just two of the 53 invisibles that reveal the underground workings of the human psyche. Those two distinctions will remove from you most of what is not you, most of what is not true about you and about life. Yt will brighten your outlook. It will allow you to make decisions from who you are, and allow you to live a life you love, instead of being kept hostage to the world that wants you to be miserable. You’ll end up with yourself… And you’ll know who you really are.

In the 67 steps coaching, you get to be exposed to the many facets of the world that will make you sophisticated and almost certain to succeed, and see wider and deeper to see more and more accurately.

But without knowing the invisible dynamic, the invisible rules of life that are there for everyone… the good life, fulfillment, joy, and real health is nearly impossible. Tai doesn’t have it, and neither do fully the billionaires and PhD’s he consulted to put his 67 steps together.

In the Muscle Testing Course you learn to probe All-knowledge to help you make choices. Choices that are in alignment with your best interest, in the area of Health, Wealth. Maybe even validate deeper choices, so you can stick with them.

As you see, I have been keeping these videos from you, because I didn’t know how to sell them to you. And i still don’t… 🙁 But you need them!

So what am I going to do?

I am making the 53 videos on the invisible available at half price for people in the Muscle Testing Course and in the Playground.

Of course coaching is additional, unless you are already a coaching client.

The rest of you… You are, probably, not interested anyway.

But if I am wrong about you, “The 53 Invisibles” videos are $53 for you, or $53 plus $15/week if you want coaching with that.

And every time someone asks questions that are not answered in any of my courses, I’ll add a video or audio… so we get a more and more complete map of what’s in the Invisible… in the 99% of reality, so you can live your life powerfully.

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