What is a seeming? And why is it helpful to know?

One type of memes that you honor as the truth are called a seemings. It is that way… but if you can change the saying: “It seems to me that…” then it becomes a seeming.

Why turn something into a seeming?

Saying “It seems to me” starts turning on the capacity of responsibility.

Responsibility, the way the capacity sees it, is a privilege. It is a way to look at the world where your power is intact, and you have access to it. Access means: you can feel it, you can use it. Power for what? Power to be well, power to change something, move something, create something.

When you say “It seems to me” you suddenly take responsibility, to start the process, by saying that it is you who sees it that way, it may not be a fact.

I have found that every seeming is mostly a lie. Not 100%, mostly.

As you examine it through the “It seems to me” and look for what is yours an what is not yours, you always find things that you do that keep the seeming solid, intact, looking like the truth.

I shared about my seeming “I am alone” (and you must say it with a whiny voice, complaining, to get the gist of it” I am aloooooone… baah baah baah. where I discovered that I climb up to the lone pine tree to get away from people… to be alone. I do it. I want to do it. And the complaint is a lie.

I also shared about another of my seemings: “I am locked out of the good life” where I experienced putting up the bars between myself and the pictures of the party good life… and I realized that I don’t want to participate, because I don’t value that life. Hah… clarity is power.

I have a ton of seemings, and I have dealt with most of them. Dealing with them means: find the truth and find the lie. Own the truth and own the lie.

In the Playground we’ll deal with the seemings. We’ll also deal with how to put the past into the past… There is no set schedule… we’ll deal with what is coming up.

The goal is to remove what is between you and your power. The power to have a life you love and you live it powerfully.

I am very picky who I take into the program, because if you have proven to me that you want to, that you insist on holding onto what is in between… I won’t take you. You are a disruptive force, and rather than kick you out, I just won’t take you.

I also won’t take you if you are not willing to do work on your own.

The 53 invisibles, the 53 videos that show how the memes masquerade as the truth, is a prerequisite. You get a 50% discount on it if you are in the Playground…

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