Activation of The Original Design, Phase One For Planet Earth is Complete

I have been forced to take Saturdays and Sundays off, and I have been sleeping at least nine hours a night.

This is hard work. The hard part is the empathic part: physically experience all the emotions of all these people… it is very draining.

In addition I am hard at work finalizing the first elective activator. Even the name of the activator isn’t finalized, We, myself and the testers, are divided. These are still in the running… Personal Power, Living Powerfully, Eliminate powerlessness, Access to Power

Seven people are testing the activator, it is phenomenal. I will talk more about it in another article, but I want to talk about an unexpected side-effect I am still shaking my head about:

As I was doing the activation for the seventh person, my computer was misbehaving.

I muscle tested for Dark Side interference, and it tested positive.

I cloaked myself and the tester. I started the activation and felt an unusually strong feeling in my upper chest. I tested for Dark Side attachment and it tested positive. I removed it and continued the activation. The pressure was in my whole upper chest threatening to strangulate me. I downloaded Unconditional Love until I saturated the cloaked area… and tested for Dark Side presence.

I, unwittingly, captured Dark Side in the “tent” of the cloaking device, saturated it with Unconditional Love, and downloaded the whole activator to it.

This activator incidentally includes the whole code for the prohibition of Dark Side essence…

When the download was done, I muscle tested, and both the tester and Dark Side successfully received the activation.

Then I tested for Dark Side in the world, and it was 0%.

This may change, so I hurriedly downloaded all the countries that had not accepted the activation before.

The activation of Planet Earth is complete.

I am physically ill. I need a break.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar