What Is Dark Side? Was It Ever Part Of Creation? Now That It Disappeared: Will It Ever Come Back?

hyerarchy of beliefs; you need to find and pull your bottom belief What Is Dark Side? Was It Ever Part Of Creation? Now That It Disappeared: Will It Ever Come Back?

I don’t believe dark side was even anticipated at the time of creation. I also don’t believe that Source is concerned about the dark side, or even knows about it.

So where did the Dark Side come from? Great question, right?

It seems to me that Dark Side was created by humanity. it is fed by the desire to receive for the self alone.

Desire to receive for the self alone has two parts:

1. desire to take something that belongs to another. We see plenty of this in human history, starting with taking someone’s land and enslaving them, through beating someone to the punch in research, to bad-mouthing an opponent in politics, in offices, in the neighborhood.

So you see, the Dark Side grew unimpeded for six thousand years or so.

One of the reasons was ignorance. A second is greed.

2. the second part of desire to receive for the self alone was first seen in the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Our agreement with Source is that we ask for our light. In the incidence of the apple and the Tree of Knowledge, we decided that we can get all the light we want on our own, without being tethered to the Light, without getting any light from The Light.

This move started the age of mortality. The age of disease. The age of exploitation. The age of separation. The age of either you or me. The age of hell on Earth.

I believe that the recent (a few hours ago) dismantling and disappearing of the Dark Side is temporary. A large percentage of the human population didn’t get activated until a few minutes later, and even at 299 a human being is capable, or even enjoys being competitive, winning by trampling on others… but the joy is becoming even hollower than it was before the activation. The perpetrator will actually know that they are violating something fundamentally right set of principles…

But bad habits die really slowly, and given that the first phase of the Planetary Ascension doesn’t give all the tools of success, most of the people, regardless of their higher vibration, will still live in scarcity, either in reality, or in their mind.

One of the underlying beliefs that didn’t automatically change with the first phase activation is the bottom belief that you hold of yourself.

Examples: I can never win, I will never amount to anything, there is something wrong with me, I am never enough, no matter how hard I try…, I can’t, I am no good, I am a failure, I am at the mercy of others, I am not lucky, etc.

30% of humanity, about two billion people share the “I am powerless” theme. There are variations to the theme, but the essence is the same.

The powerlessness is based on the disconnection of humanity from its power source.

With the “Access Your Poweractivator, the first elective activator of the Second Phase, your power to its source is restored, and your life changes in amazing ways.

I was one of the people with this bottom belief. And, although the activation happened less than 36 hours ago, my life has already changed in ways that was not predictable.

One of the changes is so stunning, I can only stammer when I talk about it.

I have had a resource in my possession for quite some time, the nearly 40 thousand pictures from my magazine phase: 1988-1999. I knew it had value, but I did not, could not see how it could be turned into income.

Since the activation, I have seen, in my mind’s eye, the easy and foolproof way that it can turn into a goldmine.

The significance of this is beyond the money it can provide for my expansion as a human being.

It also has the potential to set the past 20 years right. Without this change, for me, it was utter failure and a waste of my time and brilliance.

Listen to the two versions of my story:

1. I have survived the past 20 years, and suddenly I find myself successful because I am doing these downloads… I see no credibility, or not much.

2. I have been successful, at least the past 20 years of my life, and creating and instigating these downloads is a fit continuation of that success.

Imagine the difference, the change in my attitude that will come from (suddenly) having been successful for such a long time… different, right?

I already had the success but it was only a potential, that my bottom belief didn’t allow me to see. Now, after this activation I can smell it, I can touch it, and I can make it happen with very little additional work.

Teaching you success, causing your expansion and success has been always my goal. With this new activation I consider myself, authentically, the right person for the job.

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